A lot of people have been scammed when it comes to affiliate marketing training. I love the Internet and affiliate marketing I spend about most of my time doing it, but one of the reasons I do it is because I MAKE MONEY.That is all down to The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing – Wealthy Affiliate's training.

I was one of the lucky people Wealthy Affiliates was recommended to me by one of my university professor's I had a mad moment at the age of 55 I decided to go back to university. I got the correct training to progress to be a successful Internet marketer from day 1.Over the last eight years the training at  Wealthy Affiliate, has evolved almost beyond recognition. In the olden days it was little more than a keyword research site. As handy as that was that was not the whole picture. 

Even then though Wealthy Affiliate's understood the importance of choosing the right niche, and being happy enough and confident enough in that niche to own it.Today there is two distinct and separate training paths within Wealthy Affiliate, some people tackle both and some only one. 

The Wealthy Affiliate Boot camp 

The Wealthy affiliate boot camp teaches you how to make money by promoting Wealthy affiliate as a company and a brand. In the old days this was why most people joined and then stayed, you had to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate to promote it. Today you can be a starter or free member and still promote it, but to be fair to the people who pay $47.00 a month for the full training the commissions are only about a half of that of the full members. 

The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing – Wealthy Affiliate's

The complete commision structure is explained here Another great advantage to being a premium member is the fact that you have access to all the training and have a much greater understanding of the concept of Wealthy Affilaite's. The free week you can acess the training is not really enough time.It is sufficient time to know that you  want to be part of that community, most people work that out in the first few days, but the hundreds of training videos, webinatrs and all the other training cannot be absorbed in a week. 

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However the Internet marketing training at wealthy affiliate is not restricted to training to sell their own product that is only Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp, the rest of the training does not concern affiliate marketing per se. I have used the Internet marketing training to produce, create and sell my own products. Others have created product pages for Amazon. or even Amazon scores. Both sets of training whichever you choose to do come with the tools to ensure that you are successful online, you can have the use of the keyword tool which allows you to really hone in and focus on the problems within your niche.

Niches where there is inherent pain and urgency tend to be the most lucrative. The most profitable niches like self-help, health, weight loss, make money, debt reduction, and dating are all areas where people have a pain they are looking to solve and they want it done as quickly as possible. Pain and urgency is good to have in a niche.