The Ka-Ching Marketing Model- Money Falls Out of the Sky

The Ka-Ching Marketing Model- Money Falls Out of the Sky

Every week I get emails from people that make me want to tear my hair out. In essence, they say I’m not making any money from Internet marketing. All of these people should be making a full-time living. Everyone, of them, should have as much money as they want or need, yet they still fail! The Ka-Ching Marketing Model makers money fall out of the sky is their dream. Ironically if they did do it right, the money would fall out of the sky.

Why is this?

  • They buy into the reports they buy for seven dollars. These people think this gives them the holy grail of Internet marketing. Unfortunately, they don’t realise that in many cases, these people don’t know diddly squat about Internet marketing.
  • The ATM Internet marketing model is the way to go. You know what I mean you press a button, the machine goes Ka-Ching marketing model, and the money drops down, as if by magic. Aren’t these people too old to believe in fairies?
  • They follow courses that would have been state-of-the-art four years ago. Four years ago these courses would have been $1000 today they sell for buttons. The reason for this is the material is old and outdated and they don’t work.
  • If I had a penny for every person who is trying to make money by sticking up AdSense blog sites, I would never have to write another word.
  • They don’t try to make money, at least seriously until they are absolutely desperate. It breaks my heart how many emails I receive saying I can’t pay my mortgage, my wife’s lost her job, the kids have to go up chimneys et cetera! Because they are desperate, they snatch short-term quick fixes. In fact, you need to create a sustainable long-term business.
  • They are happy to spend three dollars, $5.00, $11 et cetera on crap software which doesn’t work. To make a sustainable online business, you need a system. That system needs a complete and entire checklist so that you do exactly the same things every time you set up a blog site. If you don’t do this, you will make an occasional few pennies here and there, but this isn’t a business this is a hobby.

Be One of The 5 Percent

It is a fact that 95% of Internet marketing wannabes end up failing. They never get out of the buying mode. They are fascinated by shiny object syndrome.
Yet another product has come on the market which offers a faster, more reliable blah blah blah solution. Suddenly they are off on another tangent.

Ironically there is a method which will make Their Dreams Come True

About 10 years ago I was studying psychology at the open University in the UK. Suddenly I realised that to get my psychology degree I needed 360 points. The compulsory psychology section gave me 320 points. I needed to study something else to make up the points.
I chose to study computer technology, and my university lecturers recommended a company called wealthy affiliates. When I joined up I did so for an eight-week course. I am still learning nearly ten years later.
Wealthy Affiliates has changed a great deal over the years. In the old days, it was a keyword research platform. Today it has evolved into one of the most sophisticated training platforms on the Internet.

The WA Way

Wealthy affiliates is a training programme for newbies and experienced marketers. They start at the very beginning. When I say they start at the very beginning I mean they work on the assumption that you don’t even know what affiliate marketing is.
All you need to know is that to succeed at Wealthy Affiliates you need to have the desire to make money online.The training walks you through every step of the way. However, the training is not the reason why would recommend it as the best teaching platform in the make money online niche.

The Hidden Bounty At Wealthy Affiliate’s

The real benefitThe real benefit the wealthy affiliates is the community. The community has thousands, in fact, tens of thousands of active members. Many of these members are active every single day of the year.

They are active in creating training. They are active in the live chat area. The members are serious about helping you.

Wealthy Affiliates have a pay it forward system called “The ambassadors.”

The ambassadors literally spend four or five hours a day helping people achieve their dreams. There are 25 ambassadors. Granted two of them are the owners but that leaves 23 other people spending at least four hours a day helping you.

It’s Not A Done For You System

Don’t be fooled by the amount of help available; it is not a done for you system. To succeed you have to put in the work yourself. It can be for some people a steep learning curve especially if they are beginners.

That is one of the reasons why the support of the whole community is so necessary. We all remember what it was like to start and not really know what was going on.

If you persevere through the first four or five months, you will begin to get the hang of it and start to earn a profit online. The beauty of this business model is that it is totally sustainable.

It has taught you a system. Every business needs a system. In essence, a system is a checklist it means that you can rinse and repeat and start the whole process again with a second business.

I have, to be honest here and say that not everybody succeeds. Some people can’t face the learning curve. However, if you are serious in your dream to make money, online this is the way forward. It is the real deal.

What I can tell you is this. Every single person who takes action and is proactive and ask questions do succeed. They have a success section inside the website, and there are many examples of people having their first 10k week and in some cases their first 10k day.

Wealthy Affiliates offer a free trial membership. There is no time limit on this test you can be a free member for as long as you like. If you choose to upgrade to get to the next stage of training, the cost is $49 a month.

Not everyone does that! There are plenty of members that stay on the free level. Why don’t you go over and check it out today and see how wealthy affiliates can benefit you.

Affiliate marketing does it live up to it’s claims?

Affiliate marketing does it live up to it’s claims?

Affiliate marketing does it live up to it's claims?

Affiliate marketing does it live up to it’s claims?

If you’re looking to make a ton of money online, then the best option for the most people is undoubtedly affiliate marketing. This is the online business model with the lowest barriers to entry that anyone can learn and everyone can master. At the same time, it is potentially one of the most profitable business models you can use online.  Certainly much more profitable than blogging for AdSense revenue or similar.

The Carrot Dangled On Facebook

And this is a hook that advertisers on Facebook often like to pursue. Chances are that you’ll have seen plenty of adverts for online money making schemes and ‘programs’. And no doubt 9/10 times, they’ll be based around affiliate marketing.

You’ll know these ads if you see them. They’re the ones where people talk to you from their private yacht and tell you how they make a 6-figure salary in just a few hours of work each week.

Likewise, you’ll have probably have seen the videos of online ‘billionaires’ talking about their money-making systems. They wear smart suits in very pimped-out offices. They’ve created a ‘digital empire’  using affiliate marketing techniques.  Now they’re rich and powerful and you probably want to be them…

But is this all true?

Can you really accomplish all that through affiliate marketing? Is it really that easy? Or is there more to it than that?

How Much Does an Affiliate Marketer Make?
First of all, let’s assess the claims about earnings. We don’t have to guess at this. During the 2014 Affiliate Summit over 1,800 affiliate marketers answered a survey describing everything from their methods to their earnings.

How much were they bringing in?

Well, only 46% earned less than $20K while 8% earned $50K-$100K and 12% earned $100K+. At the very least, this shows it’s certainly very possible to earn big money. The rest were around the middle, but note that 19% elected not to answer at all.

What’s also interesting here though is the sheer spread of earnings. Affiliate marketing is bringing in from $20K to $100K and beyond, which you just don’t find in traditional careers.

So what’s making the big difference here?

It’s the skill of the individual.

As an affiliate marketer, you’re self-employed and working alone. There’s no need to ‘climb the corporate ladder’ or to compete for promotions. You can get to the top overnight if you have the right skills because it’s all on you.

The Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle: What Does Affiliate Marketing Involve?

Perhaps the biggest draw of affiliate marketing though is not the money. Instead, for many people the appeal lies in the fact that this is a completely ‘passive’ business model. Once you’ve set everything up such as your sales funnel, your affiliate network account and your blog/sales page, then you can  be earning money while you’re sleeping.

When it balls down to anything, it’s the freedom that is important. Most people want a better lifestyle. Usually the common denominator that better lifestyle is freedom.

But again this can get twisted. This lifestyle is what you can achieve once you’re at the top of your game as an affiliate marketer – it doesn’t come overnight.

The Affiliate Marketing Myth

In fact, affiliate marketing is likely to initially involve a lot of work. The idea here is that you put in the work up front so that you can sew the seeds of your labor further down the line. To begin with, you need to be willing to put in a lot of hours for very little reward.

Specifically then, what does affiliate marketing involve?

If you’re reading this , then there’s a good chance you have a general idea but we’ll recap in a little more detail for those who do not.

The devil is In the Detail

Essentially, as an affiliate marketer, you sell products for commission. This means you’ll be finding products online and promoting them using your own affiliate link. If someone clicks on your link and then buys the product, you’ll get a cut of the profit. Often, affiliate marketing involves selling digital products and you can expect your cut to be as much as 50% all the way up to 100% of the RRP.

There’s no risk involved for you because you’re not creating the product and there’s nothing for you to ship or for you to store. All you have to do is sell but you earn more than the creator.

The art of Preselling

The hard part though is in doing that selling. This is where the ‘marketing’ part comes in and your job from here is to find yourself a large audience through a blog, through an e-mail campaign, through advertising or through social media; whichever tool you find the most effective.

This is why there’s no steep learning curve or barrier for entry for beginners. All you’re literally doing is making sure people see your affiliate link. There’s no product creation and no investment. You can get started tomorrow in minutes and it won’t cost you a penny.

If you’re a big blogger and you already have an audience of 10,000 readers a day then you’re going to find this very easy. All you need to do is put some very persuasive text on your website along with the link and you’ll start driving traffic. If this is your first attempt at affiliate marketing though, then you may well find this process a little more complex and little more hard going.
You now have two options:

  • Build your own audience
  • Advertise

(Actually, there are other methods and growth hacks you can use which we’ll come to later, but for now this will suffice.)

Advertising – Scary for Beginners

If you’re going to use the route of paid marketing, then that means you’re going likely going to be using PPC. This is ‘Pay Per Click’ and basically means that you pay for every person who clicks on an ad and thus gets sent to your site. The more you pay, the more visitors you get.

If you design your site well and you can really convince people to buy your products, then you should be able to convert a predictable amount of visitors into buyers. This in turn means you can work out your precise ROI. So if you pay a certain amount per visitor, and N percentage of those visitors earn you X amount of money, you can tell whether or not your strategy is profitable.

How Much Are Adverts

The amount you pay per click will depend on the amount of competition available for your ad. PPC ads work on a ‘bidding’ system, whereby the advertiser offering the most per click is the advertiser whose ad is most likely to show.

Meanwhile, even if your website is very effective at convincing people to buy, you’ll still only get 0.5%-10% of visitors converting. More often than not, you’ll be at the bottom end of that spectrum. So you’ll need your ad to be seen by about 1,000-2,000 people in order for you to get a single sale. This means you’ll be paying a relatively high amount for your ad to be seen 10,000 to 20,000 times for about 100 sales.

This is a formula that takes a lot of adjusting and you can expect to lose a certain amount of money before you get it right. With a good set-up, you can expect to spend $600 a day on PPC to make about $200 profit. That’s quite a big risk when you’re first starting out and for the first few months you probably will be operating at a loss (until you learn the right keywords to target, the right products to sell, the right sales pitch etc.).

Building an Audience The Wealthy Affiliate Way

If you don’t have that kind of money to play around with, then your only other option is to build your audience naturally over time.

change this

That means creating a blog and then using it to promote yourself through social media and to build up a mailing list full of subscribers. Again, you can’t expect your conversion rate to be all that high and you’re going to need about 10,000 views daily to make even close to a full time living.
Getting to this point is slow going. You can expect it to take at least a year before you’re on 600 visitors a day and while you’ll accumulate exponential growth at this point, it will still likely be a few years before you’re at 10,000.

Oh and at this point, affiliate marketing is anything but passive. At this stage, you’ll be investing huge amounts of time into writing a compelling blog that people will want to follow, emailing your subscribers and managing advertising campaigns.

It is very much possible to be highly successful at affiliate marketing. You definitely can earn hundreds of thousands from it and once you’re all set up, the money will come in while you sleep.

But it also requires a big upfront investment of time and/or money, along with the right knowhow and strategy. If it didn’t, then everyone would be rich, no one would work for an employer and the economy would have collapsed.

So it’s a good thing really…

How long Before I make Money At Wealthy Affiliates?

How long Before I make Money At Wealthy Affiliates?


The question how long before I make money at wealthy affiliates is an obvious one yet it is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Not because the answer is so long, you will have lost the will to live but because everyone is different.When prospective Internet marketers come to wealthy affiliates, they come from different backgrounds with vastly different experience.

Some have been in the corporate world for 30 years and had some idea of business practices; others are stay-at-home moms who are too young to have a broad range of business experience.Because the training starts with the premise that you know nothing about marketing. It then goes through a series of seventy videos to the expert level.

From expert down to the complete novice, they have the chance of acquiring the knowledge. However, not all of them assimilate the knowledge at the same rate.

Don’t skip the steps

It depends – is the answer here! Statistically, it looks as though most people begin to earn money round about the third or fourth-month mark. This is very interesting because this is also the point at which a lot of people give up.

Learning any new skill takes time and patience. Internet marketing is no different. If you approach it as a complete newbie, it can all seem a bit daunting. This is where the amazing community comes in. The community will support you through your difficulties in many different ways. There is a live chat function which will normally give you an immediate answer to your problem.

The image below this text shows you what one of the owners at Wealthy Affiliate’s thinks, Kyle posted it recently.

How long before I make money at Wealthy Affiliates?

Many people don’t get the help they need though because they ask the wrong questions! Common questions are
How long did it take you to earn money?
Does this really work?
Can you earn money from Internet marketing?
What is an affiliate?
Where do I put my links?
How can I earn money fast?
How do I get money from PayPal?

All of these questions are an indication that the questioner has not been through the training. Every single question is asked during the training and answered at the appropriate time.

Your Business has to be Sustainable

The basis of the training is building a sustainable business using your website. As you can imagine this incorporates many skills, not least of which is creating a website. Let’s just assume that you know how to make the most fantastic website in the world. If you don’t know how to drive traffic to it is dead in the water. That’s a fact.

It has to be sustainable and repeatable as well. Once you have learned to do it once you can go on and rinse and repeat the step.

So the training involves building a website and driving traffic to it. Between those two extremes, there are many steps such as mastering keyword research. Keyword research means finding out what your potential customer is going to type into Google to get the answer to their problem.
While a lot of people make a big problem out of this, it’s not a big deal. It understands the problem that your potential customer has. The more you understand your niche, the more you can connect with the people in it. When you can connect with people they think you understand the problem better than they do. They trust you.

Don’t neglect your preparation

George Washington once said
, “if I have eight hours to chop down a tree I would spend six hours sharpening the axe.”

Sharpen your Internet marketing skills and make sure you are targeting the customers that want to buy at the time they want to buy. The training is very comprehensive it even goes into the different stage of the buying cycle. The problem a lot of people face when they start is the fact that they read the earlier training.

But in their head, they are saying yea yeah but when can I start earning the money. When can I begin putting affiliate links into my website? In reality, the question they need to be asking is how can I give better value to my prospective customer.

The answer to this question allows you to delve more fully into your niche. When you understand your niche, fully you can connect. It’s important that you care about your reader

Look as though you give a shit

This might sound as though it comes from the school of stating the bloody obvious, but in a lot of cases people don’t make it personal. You have to show you are an authority in your niche, you care about your readers and you also care about the success of people you refer to wealthy affiliates.

Once you become a member of wealthy affiliate you see people ask how can I find out whom I referrer is? Very often you can’t unless they actually declare who they are.

If you sign up here for a free account, I will send you a welcome message when you arrive. In that message, I stay quite clearly that I will help you with your goals. I will personally mentor you on Skype if necessary. It’s important to me that you succeed.

I want nothing but the best for you. I’ve had some of the greatest training available on the Internet both run wealthy affiliates and also from Sarah Staar. In the course of 20 years in this business, I have been around the block a few times. I am more than willing to pass that knowledge and training on to you.

Ask the Correct Questions

Now let’s go back to the fact that most people give up about the fourth or fifth month and leave wealthy affiliates. What makes them do that? What makes them leave when typically they are on the cusp of success?

It’s difficult to say for sure because I’ve no doubt there are many reasons for this. Some people will be perfectionists. Is not a good thing for an Internet marketer or anybody else in the business to be that because it stops you going forward. If you are paralysed because everything is in perfect then you can’t build a business from the bottom up.

Successful businesses are built from the bottom up. Perfectionists want to build from the top down. They want to get everything perfect and then test it. You need to get feedback on what you’re doing wrong and that’s another great thing about wealthy affiliates. They have a section whereby you can ask for feedback.

Don’t Just Ask For Feedback – Act on it

That feedback may cover technical things such as the background colour of your website. Some people have chosen fonts or colours which are difficult to read for people with glasses. You wouldn’t necessarily know this unless somebody with glasses tells you.

So while you learn that wealthy affiliates you have the opportunity to ask for feedback and also comments. Comments create an interaction between you and your readers. When you first start, and you have no readers outside of the community at wealthy affiliate the Internet can be a very lonely place.

These are the questions that you should be asking when you join the community.
How can I make my website more visible?
How do I get more readers?
How can I give all more value to my customers?
How best can I serve my readers?
How can I change the look of my site?

So, join up here and asked the right questions and within six months you can have a business that will allow you to give up your day job. How long Before I make Money At Wealthy Affiliates is not a question you will have to ask, because you know the answer.

If you Dream of Making Money at Home – Get the right training

Don’t Give Up Get the Right Training.

Every week I speak to people who insist that Internet marketing does not work. Yet I know a lot of people who are making $1000 a day. So clearly Internet marketing does work. However, you don’t have to give up on your Internet marketing dreams – get the right training.

Why try to reinvent the wheel, it’s fit for purpose, does the job beautifully.  So why not copy it. If you are seeking to learn to be a classical painter you would not emulate the work of Edna Matilda Jones from Barnsley England.  (my apologies if such a person exists!) You would be better advised to follow a master such as Pablo Ruiz Picasso, or Michelangelo. Virtually anybody other than Edna Matilda Jones.

The same principal works in affiliate marketing, why struggle to create your own path? Just follow a tried and trusted method that has worked for nearly 10 years and is being constantly tweaked to make sure it is still cutting-edge.

The success of wealthy affiliate or WA is built on many factors, but most of the members do not give up. I’m not saying they don’t have challenges. They do have difficulties, some are mental and some technical, but they keep going. That doesn’t mean everything they touch turns to gold it doesn’t, but they build a solid foundation to their business because they are learning a sustainable business model that works in every niche.

Don’t Make Internet Marketing harder than it is.

Some are braver than others a great friend of mine in WA live chat made a great post last month. He was brave enough to admit that he got it wrong but, that actually was not the message he was putting out.The real message was the fact he knew to don’t give up on your Internet marketing dreams get the right training.

He has flourished and grown since coming to wealthy affiliate’s, as you can too. He is an asset to the community and spends a fair amount of time every day helping others achieve their Internet marketing dream. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced blogger wealthy affiliate’s can help you. If you are skeptical because you have been scanned or just because you’re skeptical you can create a free account and still be part of the community.

Get proactive

You can take advantage of the live chat to ask questions, or you can post a question to the whole community, you will probably be welcomed by Kyle, one of the owners of wealthy affiliate’s, and he will bend over backward to help you get your goals. On top of this is a free member you get access to 10 free lessons, you can build two web pages and you can also learn and earn by using your affiliate link.

Today I was having a look at some of the new arrivals the youngest I saw was 22 and the eldest 76, so we are in a wide age range. This gives a distinct advantage because sometimes the more mature get stuck on technology and the young bail them out, but when it comes to business experience the more mature smash it.

It can be a very lonely business working from home especially if you get stuck, you are isolated and on your own. I know that you can find a forum and ask a question but you know can you trust the answer? You can Google it but it’s better to WA it! click here to create your free account. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and I will help you all I can.Whatever you do don’t give up on your Internet marketing dreams, just get the right training.

Get the Right Training

The big thing is to take action. No one gets it right immediately, but the community is fantastic at WA. They have your back. You have no worries about failing  because you can get feedback. The feedback tells you everything that you need to be successful.



How long Before I make Money At Wealthy Affiliates?

Internet marketers waste money!

You may not think that  Internet marketers waste money, at least not more than the rest of the population. Yes, we all agree you have to have the education to be an internet marketer. However, you can learn without squandering money.

Internet marketers waste money

The Dichotomies of Business

For me, there are several dichotomies in Internet marketing. The Internet marketing dream is lying on a beach, sorry a white sandy beach with clear blue tropical water and coconut palms. All the successful marketers I know, – and these are people who are earning over $10,000 a week all work pretty damn hard.

The second dichotomy is that although most aspiring Internet marketers want more money,  yet they are careless with what they have. These Internet marketers waste money so quickly on things that can't help them. I have to ask myself why Internet marketers waste money. Only children want something for nothing, or maybe they want something which involves no work.

Get It Right

In either case, they have chosen the wrong career in the wrong industry. Despite the hype from big gurus that offer one-click solutions, they don't exist! Shiny new object syndrome is a dangerous thing. Let's go and buy something else to try. There are two things wrong when Internet marketers chase this unattainable dream. The first is that dreamers and wannapreneurs, rather than entrepreneurs who make their dreams reality.

The second thing is you will never be successful as an Internet marketer if you persist in buying new products. This is called the shiny object syndrome it means you see the next new offer, software blah blah blah et cetera and buy it. You may even attempt to use this shiny new object, but you give it up after a few weeks because it  is too much like hard work. And besides the next new shiny object will achieve your dreams in half the time with half the work – I think not! In addition you are thinking like a buyer and not a marketer.

Are you Stuck in Buyer Mode?

Not only is it a waste of money because it doesn't work that is in itself is bad enough, but it proves you are still a buyer. You are not a marketer you are at the will and mercy of every sales page you come across, quick where is the buy button.

There are two things wrong when Internet marketers chase this unattainable dream the first is that dreamers and wannapreneurs, rather than entrepreneurs who make their dreams reality. The second thing is you will never be successful as an Internet marketer if you persist in buying new products. This is called the shiny object syndrome it means you see the next new offer, software blah blah blah et cetera and buy it.

Still Stuck

You may even attempt to use it; you give it up after a few weeks because too much like hard work and the next new shiny object will achieve your dreams in half the time with half the work – I think not! Not only is it a waste of money because it doesn't work that is in itself is bad enough, but proves you are still a buyer. You are not a marketer you are at the will and mercy of every sales page you come across.

Shiny New Object Syndrome

This is called the shiny object syndrome it means you see the next new offer, software blah blah blah et cetera and buy it. You may even attempt to use it; you give it up after a few weeks because too much like hard work and the next new shiny object will achieve your dreams in half the time with half the work – I think not!

Not only is it a waste of money because it doesn't work that is in itself is bad enough, but it proves you are still a buyer. You are not a marketer you are at the will and mercy of every sales page you come across.

I've been making a full time living online and for over twenty years, and there are a few familiar concepts I see asked about. I wanted to make a quick list of some simple, yet obvious traps you can fall into.

The Biggest Wastes of Money

1.Expensive Plugins

Plugins that create content for you automatically.

Plugins that take pictures/video from other websites automatically

Plugins that automatically create websites for you

Plugins that claim to boost your Google rank

Plugins that magically build Amazon sites for you

But if you are going to buy a plugin think, "Is it going to improve my conversions and therefore increase my profit. If it is just making your life easier, then you can bet it will come back and bite you later. Google's retribution in the past has been swift and savage towards those that don't play the game.

2. Fast Traffic Manipulators

There are two supposed types of traffic, free traffic which is organic and paid traffic. However, free traffic is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as free traffic you pay heavily for organic traffic with your time. If you take the paid traffic you also pay heavily with money. The choice is yours, or you can use both in conjunction. Any other traffic driving option does not work.

Don't Fall for traffic exchanges

Paying for likes or visitors on Fivver does not get you anywhere. Organic traffic is traffic which has come to your website as a result of focused well-researched content which has the keywords people are looking for. Any kind of "system" that promises 100% free, unlimited traffic may deliver the traffic.

However, the question people who are not going to stay they may well be real people but you will never be able to engage with them or sell them anything, so what is the point. Anytime a product says they found a "loophole" and discovered a "secret" that no one knows, or worse still has been invented by secret Russian geeks, then walk away immediately, save your money and heartache. I purchase virtually every product on the market so that I can advise you the best tools available.

3. Buying loads of products this is shiny new in syndrome again.

There are many methods to make money online, but you do need to stick to something that works. When I am building a new website, I carry on with it until it is earning $100 a day and then it is time to leave it. Just about the best training that you can get online regarding affiliate marketing is at wealthy affiliates. They have the option to open a free account so that you can have a look at the training.

The perks of Being a Wealthy Affiliate

You also have the opportunity to ask questions in live chat and talk to the two owners Kyle and Carson and some very experienced marketers.If you decide you want to stay, it is best to have a premium membership for a while. Most people alleviate the cost by paying to go annually.

Wealthy Affiliates teach everybody from complete beginners to experienced marketers how to make a full-time living online. Many people including me have done it. You too can live the dream of firing your boss and working from home. How Internet marketers waste their money is not always the same, but there are commonalities in many cases.


Internet marketers Waste Money – Not at Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates are not the Internet marketers waste money.They understand what will help them and they don't chase pipe dreams because they have a real opportunity to build a sustainable business.

Avoid Internet Marketing Scams?

Avoid Internet Marketing Scams?

How to Avoid Internet marketing scams 's hard when you just start out trying to make money online. It's a difficult question who to trust in Internet marketing. I wrote a blog post on my main blog yesterday. However, how do you define scams? Often people who write dishonest reviews often write "don't buy this product until you read about the scam."

In fact, it is just another marketing ploy to suck you in, when you are reassured it is not a scam, but in fact the best product in the market. This is dishonest marketing.Similarly, a lot of people who fail to make money online, fail because they don't take action.


The Internet is A Scam

Because they have failed, they tend to say the Internet is a scam, and anyone that makes money online must be scamming. They can live with their failure if they justify it by saying it is a scam, rather than confronting their failure. On the other hand, there are many Internet marketers who market their products as miracle workers.

They are marketed as miracle software or a one push solution. In reality, Internet marketing is nearer mountaineering. You climb a very steep slope, and you can't see where you are going because the angle is wrong. That means that you cannot see when you have made a step forward because of the angle. During the time you may make a little money, but you do not have a business you have a hobby. It is rinsable and repeatable, but you do not have enough knowledge or experience to work out where and why you have made the money.

Internet marketing is the same as real world business; it is made up of a series of systems. When you have the systems in place you will earn money. Many people give up at this point. If they were to persist  for a little while longer they would find that mountain begins to flatten.

They start to connect  with people and they gain momentum or leverage that maximizes the chance to earn money. In real terms, an online business is no different from a business in the real world. OK, the tools are different but the mechanics are not. We learn very early in life that there is no such thing as a free lunch. We all know and understand this expression. We also know the expression if it looks too good to be true  it probably is.

Yet somehow or other when we are presented with the choice of buying a product our common sense flies out of the window. We believe that we can make money a whole heap of money by working for five minutes a day. I have many friends who make real serious money online, but they are amongst the hardest working people I know.

That is the paradox of online marketing, it sells you a dream. By buying the next shiny new product idea you are perpetuating the myth that you are an entrepreneur. You are in fact a wantapreneur. I used to think that success online was achieved by very brainy geeks who had some special skill I didn't. Now I know better. They are not cleverer or smarter than I am. They just take action. 

Too many people buy a product, then they either leave it languishing on their hard drive or they try it very enthusiastically for a few days and give up. They then get seduced into buying the next shiny object that  will make them millionaires overnight. Sales page mantra: Be Lazy and Earn More (and put more money in my pocket). Learn to avoid Internet Marketing scams and you won't need to do this, you will have a real business

How to Avoid Internet Marketing Scams?There  are many learning challenges when you start  to run an online business. You have to learn to build a blog, create a social media presence and find out what plugins are. The list goes on, and then once you have built your blog you find that it languishes on page 4954 in Google.

Traffic is the bane of every internet marketer, you are dead in the water if you don't drive traffic to your offer. That is another challenge you have to face. No wonder it is so easy to go on and buy the next miracle product. Yet if you have ever worked for someone else you will have invested both time and money in your career. You will have taken refresher courses and training programs.

The web is no different. Things change, and most Internet marketers have made a mess of things at some time or another while they learned. That is one of the reasons I like Sarah Staar. She practises what she teaches. She has her own products which are hugely successful. She has a huge amount of free training available. The reason for that  success is that whatever she teaches she does every day in her own business. 

Because she teaches by example, you see what she is doing every step of the way. Have a look at some of her free training below. She has a no-nonsense style that concentrates on the Pareto principal. That is only twenty percent of your efforts will create eighty percent of your income. Be careful whom you follow. Watch out for someone's internet footprint before you buy from them. Don't just think they must know what they are talking about. 

Sarah regularly updates her products as she is aware that things change. When something stops working, she immediately puts up a video saying this has changed as of this date, and now you need to do this. So many internet marketers are STILL TEACHING WHAT WORKED TWELVE MONTHS A lot of new entrepreneurs turn to opportunities to work from home for their first online income success. I know quite a few people who seriously read the papers, and when a large factory shuts down in a certain area, they then create Facebook ads which target only that area. 

This is, of course, a very successful business strategy because they are appealing to people's fears of not being able to provide for their families. When a product owner makes a  claim that you will be able to earn over 6 figures with little or no work, then you are potty if you believe it. That would not happen in the real world, why should that happen on the Internet. 

Before buying a product, research the sales page. Does it offer a no conditions guarantee, it should! Does the site have an address or a phone number or a help desk? Read income disclaimers and the privacy policy. Nobody can absolutely guarantee a precise income figure, how can when they they don't know your skills, your education level, the time that you will dedicate to your business or anything else for that matter. Read up on forums about the product. 

This is often the first place that the scammer's activities will come to light. Look very closely at the site, does it look professional? Are there loads of spelling errors? Grammatical gaffs etc. If they are making so much money they should be able to have a professional site. 

However a professional site in itself does not mean that the product is not a scam, plenty of scammers earn enough money to invest tens of thousands of pounds to create a sales page. The same rules apply when you are promoting a product. 

Your affiliate footprint hangs around like a bad smell, and you don't want to be labelled as someone who will promote anything for a profit. Be careful to protect your fiscal information – Never give out your personal information, and never provide your bank account or credit card number unless you are paying for something on a trusted site.