If you Dream of Making Money at Home – Get the right training

Don’t Give Up Get the Right Training.

Every week I speak to people who insist that Internet marketing does not work. Yet I know a lot of people who are making $1000 a day. So clearly Internet marketing does work. However, you don’t have to give up on your Internet marketing dreams – get the right training.

Why try to reinvent the wheel, it’s fit for purpose, does the job beautifully.  So why not copy it. If you are seeking to learn to be a classical painter you would not emulate the work of Edna Matilda Jones from Barnsley England.  (my apologies if such a person exists!) You would be better advised to follow a master such as Pablo Ruiz Picasso, or Michelangelo. Virtually anybody other than Edna Matilda Jones.

The same principal works in affiliate marketing, why struggle to create your own path? Just follow a tried and trusted method that has worked for nearly 10 years and is being constantly tweaked to make sure it is still cutting-edge.

The success of wealthy affiliate or WA is built on many factors, but most of the members do not give up. I’m not saying they don’t have challenges. They do have difficulties, some are mental and some technical, but they keep going. That doesn’t mean everything they touch turns to gold it doesn’t, but they build a solid foundation to their business because they are learning a sustainable business model that works in every niche.

Don’t Make Internet Marketing harder than it is.

Some are braver than others a great friend of mine in WA live chat made a great post last month. He was brave enough to admit that he got it wrong but, that actually was not the message he was putting out.The real message was the fact he knew to don’t give up on your Internet marketing dreams get the right training.

He has flourished and grown since coming to wealthy affiliate’s, as you can too. He is an asset to the community and spends a fair amount of time every day helping others achieve their Internet marketing dream. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced blogger wealthy affiliate’s can help you. If you are skeptical because you have been scanned or just because you’re skeptical you can create a free account and still be part of the community.

Get proactive

You can take advantage of the live chat to ask questions, or you can post a question to the whole community, you will probably be welcomed by Kyle, one of the owners of wealthy affiliate’s, and he will bend over backward to help you get your goals. On top of this is a free member you get access to 10 free lessons, you can build two web pages and you can also learn and earn by using your affiliate link.

Today I was having a look at some of the new arrivals the youngest I saw was 22 and the eldest 76, so we are in a wide age range. This gives a distinct advantage because sometimes the more mature get stuck on technology and the young bail them out, but when it comes to business experience the more mature smash it.

It can be a very lonely business working from home especially if you get stuck, you are isolated and on your own. I know that you can find a forum and ask a question but you know can you trust the answer? You can Google it but it’s better to WA it! click here to create your free account. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and I will help you all I can.Whatever you do don’t give up on your Internet marketing dreams, just get the right training.

Get the Right Training

The big thing is to take action. No one gets it right immediately, but the community is fantastic at WA. They have your back. You have no worries about failing  because you can get feedback. The feedback tells you everything that you need to be successful.



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  1. i have bookmarked this and will come back to it, my pension will not be enough for me to live comfortably. When I have more time I will come back t this

  2. I have been struggling for a while to get my head around Internet marketing. Does the training cover affiliate marketing?

    1. it does indeed that is what is covered in Wealthy affiliate. Just go ahead and create your free account. 

    1. Hi Caro 

      Of course, it is I have replied. All yu need to do is follow the Wealthy Affiliate training. It is split into two parts. If you want to build your own sustainable niche site then follow the green get started here button on the left sidebar,If you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate follow the black button also on the left 

  3. Going it alone when you start is a lonely way and the reason so many people fail. They want to get it right but lack the knowledge to go forward. Just a simple instruction like upload to your website can cause a derailment. The writer knows how to and where, the reader doesn’t

  4. I have been laid off work recvently and have no hope of getting another job, but I feel at 62 I am too old, you can’t reach an old dog new tricks.

    1. Actually it depends on the person. If you are open to change and up for a different life then of course you can be trained 

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