Seo Cheat Sheet – Keywords

Seo Cheat Sheet – Keywords

No no no I’m sorry around numberWhen you write your blog post, do you know whom you are talking to?

That may seem to be an obvious question. But, I’m going to ask again do you know whom you’re talking to. Maybe you’ve decided that it’s easier to talk to everybody. That’s what blogging is all about getting your message across.

Unfortunately, that’s not what blogging is about. You need to be talking to a specific person. You are not just writing for the sake of writing, you need to define why are you writing the specific post.

In most cases writing a specific post, you are trying to draw people to you. Put out your message and your tribe will come. Sadly a lot of you will have made many posts and you still feel as though you’re writing to know one.

It’s entirely possible that this is correct. Without using keywords in your article, or words your potential readers are looking for in Google, you may not be connecting to them.

What are keywords?

The majority of people who use the Internet use Google as their search engine. When they are searching they are searching for a specific thing. For instance, if they type in “how to socialise a puppy”, they don’t want to find an article about hydroponic gardening.

Google wants to ensure that when people type in the search term and they are directed to a specific web page, they will find the information they’re looking for.

Simply put, that means you need to find the keywords your target audience is looking for.

The funnel or the sieve?

Let’s go back to our original premise. You don’t know who you are writing to, or for, but you are writing in the hope that someone will catch your article.

What happens when you write like that is that you are writing to nobody. You are not connecting with specific needs. For instance in the dog niche, the topic dogs is huge.

Puppies are only a small amount of that market. For instance, think of the niche as a wall. A wall is made up of lots of bricks with cement in between.

The sub-niche is in the dog niche are bricks. These could include
Organic dog food
How to exercise your dog
Toy dogs
Oral care for dogs
Aggressive dogs

The cement that holds these together is the fact they’re all loosely connected to the large niche dogs. They are sub niches.

So now we know what they are what we do with that information?

Everything starts with a call to action. Everything you write about is informational but the real purpose is to direct your customer through a sales funnel. It might be your sales funnel because you are selling your own products. It could be that you’re an affiliate marketer directing someone to good information.

In this case, the purpose of this article is to show you how to write using keywords that Google recognises. This is a search engine optimisation tactic which allows your readers to find your posts.

But it’s not any old readers; it’s readers who are specifically looking for the information you are providing. If they are specifically looking for what you’re providing, they are more likely to take your call to action.

Let me illustrate this for you. The term dogs have a massive search volume

The term dogs have a massive search volume

Dogs:- 2851048 people are looking for “dogs” a month, there are 472 competing websites.
Small dogs: – 8174 people are looking for “small dogs”, there are 381 competing websites.
Yorkies: – there are 7058 people looking for “Yorkies” a month, there are 339 competing websites.
Small dog clothes: – there are 745 people a month looking for “small dog clothes”, there are 141 competing websites.
Christmas dog clothes: – there are 284 people looking for “Christmas dog clothes” every month, there are 49 competing websites

So it’s quite clear if you are writing an article about dogs either in the big niche or any of the sub-niches you do have related keywords. It would be almost impossible to write an article about dogs targeting the keyword small dog breeds, without using several related terms. They may be the phrase toy dogs or Yorkshire terriers or Yorkies.

These words that are similar are called latent semantic keywords or LSE for short. If you want to expand the use of your latent semantic keywords use ubersuggest
This is a great tool. Not only does it give you similar keywords which you can use to make your content more focus on rich, but it gives you ideas. For instance, if you type toy dogs in ubersuggest, you get 269 different keywords. That’s a massive amount of ideas.

For me, suggest gives me not only keywords but focused article titles which help your search engine optimisation efforts.

Not all of them are suitable as titles but looking through the list I see it says “toy dog collars”. It makes sense that if you’re thinking of buying a toy dog or you have a toy dog, you are going to need a small collar.

Another of the keywords they suggest is “toy dogs for toddlers”. I will expand on that and use the keyword suitable toy dogs for toddlers is an article title.

As you drill down into your niche and understand more about it you can see what people are searching for. People are searching for information about toy dogs and also clothes for toy dogs.

If you continue to write about dogs, the chances are you won’t connect with very many potential readers even though 2851048 people a month are looking for that exact term.

Even if you do connect with them, you don’t know why they’re looking for that term “dogs”. They may want some ideas to buy one. Unless you are selling dogs directly, you are not likely to have a sale from that.

KeywordsBy writing using the term dogs, you are using the sieve method of article writing. You know what is a sieve is in the kitchen. It’s a plastic bowl with holes. When you have cooked something on your hob with boiling water, you may want to strain the contents. You use this implement the sieve it holes in the solid foods and all the water pours out.

That’s what’s happening to your potential readers they’re all pouring out the bottom.
On the other hand, a sales funnel is a visual representation of a funnel. Again from the kitchen, you will be familiar with this tool. It shaped like a V and I want you to imagine it filled with grains of sand. There’s an awful lot of grains at the top these are your potential readers. As they go through your information a large amount will just read one page.

However, some people will be interested enough to click on a related article. This is a much smaller number of people or prospects. Further down one of those prospects in 10 may choose to buy something.

So the sand at the bottom is more compact with the weight from the top. However, this is what you’re aiming at the people at the bottom the people who are buying or fulfilling your call to action.

If you miss these people, you may as well be blogging into fresh air.


Seo Cheat Sheet – Keywords

Stand Out From The Crowd And Your Tribe Will Come

Personalized content makes the reader interested in what you have to say. Who wants to read content that sounds like a nutritional label? Stand Out From The Crowd And Your Tribe Will Come. If you’ve landed on a blog about preparing a healthy recipe, would you rather read a list of ingredients and instructions? Or the personal story about the preparation, the comments that dinner guests made when they tasted it, and whether or not they feel it’s worthy of making a second time?

Buiding Trust

Personalized content helps build trust. Without your own voice, your opinions, and your insight, everything is just facts and figures that could come straight from an encyclopedia.

Stand Out From The Crowd And Your Tribe Will Come

Tells stories with your personalization. Every culture understands stories, it’s what binds us together and makers our lives meaningful Stories work well to help convince people to buy. They shouldn’t be made up unless you’re specifically up front about it being a hypothetical situation.

It doesn’t have to be your story. You can have a friend who you saw suffer from extreme acne, and you can talk about the emotional pain you witnessed and how you have always felt bad for people dealing with acne scars and shame due to skin blemishes.

Personalized content gives opinions. When you’re in school creating research papers, opinions aren’t used in most cases. You cite resources, organize data and share it. People want to hear what you love, hate and are indifferent to.

Rock The Boat

It’s okay to weed out your non-audience. It might feel awkward at first – because we’re so used to people pleasing and not rocking the boat. But it’s the best thing you can do for your business because it also helps identify your fiercely loyal audience.

Blogs are the primary place to personalize your content. Do you want to read a blog called “100 ways to lose 100 pounds” or “How I lost 100 pounds and keep it off year after year?”

Personalized content, where someone is sharing their story – which includes their successes and failures, helps people relate to you. Nobody is perfect, and putting yourself out there as such damages your credibility.

Make it About You

Don’t only use your blog’s “About” page to share your personalization. Do it in every post that you make. Whether your entire post is all about your inside thoughts and reactions, or only a portion of it, it doesn’t matter.

Email autoresponders are often written by marketers with a sterile approach, but that’s the wrong way to try to connect with your subscribers. People have invited you into their email inbox.

They’ve trusted you not to spam them. Email them with a friendly opening that’s not always on-topic. Maybe your diet email autoresponder broadcast starts off with a note about a bad storm you’re dealing with, or some sort of news event you’re reacting to that day. Let people get to know the real you – not just the on-topic authority figure.

Don’t be spammy and pushy in your emails. They’re not sales letters – they’re meant to be friendly emails. Not everyone will be used to this, and you will weed out your non-audience here, too.

Be Social

Forum posts are great for personalization. You’ll see marketers who outline a step-by-step plan for readers – and it’s appreciated, for sure. But the ones that get the biggest response are those where someone is sharing their journey and their story and how they overcame obstacles to achieve an outcome they desired.

Hubpages and other web 2.0 sites now don’t prefer personalization – they require it. Accounts have been closed in full due to the lack of personal insights, opinions and commentary.

Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus will always convert higher for you if you aren’t always business, but also personal. You want people to share your content, and they’ll be more likely to do that when you build a genuine relationship with them as people, rather than just see them as a “target audience.”

you don’t have to include Munutae

You’re a private person. It’s understandable that you might be nervous about personalization but the first thing you have to understand is that no one wants to know your clothing size, your bed or bathroom habits, or what skeletons you have in your closet.

That’s not what personalization is. They want to know your opinions. Maybe you’re too nervous to even give that – many people are. You could be afraid of online trolls who will argue with you or make you feel bad in some way.

Stand Out From The Crowd And Your Tribe Will Come
On your blog and email subscriber list, you are in control of the backlash. You can approve or send comments to the trash. You can ban people if they’re being too hostile.

Of course, you don’t want to silence other peoples’ opinions if a healthy debate is occurring on your site, but if there’s abuse on the scene, it’s acceptable to remove that person from your domain.

Share Openly

Personalization isn’t like going into a confessional at church. You’re just sharing what you want to – never anything you feel would bring shame and humiliation to you.

Some people are more transparent than others. Think about whose blog you enjoy reading on a regular basis. Do they talk about their kids? You might not truly care about their kids, but if you’re amazed at the hours they work, and the reason they work so hard is because they’re supporting their kids, then it might help you understand what drives them better – and earn them more respect in your eyes.

You may not know what to say. Everything you type looks stupid to you. You read it and think, “Nobody cares about that!” But even though you may not care if someone had a Starbucks one morning, it could matter to your audience.

Paint by Numbers

Not “matter” in the sense that it changes their life having that new piece of information. But “matter” as in, you’re willing to share your day with them. It’s like painting a picture for your audience.

If someone was blindfolded, and you had to paint a picture for them about sitting next to a beautiful pond, would it be more helpful to say, “You’re sitting by a pond,” or, “You’re sitting in the soft bed of grass at the edge of the pond, listening to the birds tweet and the frogs ribbit?”

The more detail you include about your life, the better. And a simple paragraph isn’t going to throw a wrench in anyone’s day – it just helps them get to know you better.

A true story of something having to do with you always works best. Let’s use ant aging as our example niche. Instead of just writing an article about how moisturizer helps plump up lines on your face, give a personalized story about how you discovered your first wrinkle, how it made you feel, and what you did to get rid of it.

Humor is important

It can be funny, like this:

“I walked past the mirror and saw an enormous gash by my eye! It wasn’t really a slash – it was a ½ inch wrinkle that had crept up on my face sometime between 10 PM and this morning. I had never seen it before. My first instinct was to rub it away, to reposition my skin – but it didn’t work. I seriously considered using strategically placed tape in my hairline to pull the wrinkle out of existence, but that wouldn’t work.”

It can be heartfelt, too. You can tell an emotional story if you want to – and no one will be ridiculing you for it – they’ll be thankful – because they’re in the same boat and looking for guidance, and that’s why they sought you out in the first place.

Read What Else Is Out There

If you don’t know how to add personalization, read other blogs and curate snippets of other articles and blog posts (with a link back for courtesy). Add commentary about what other people said. Pretend like a friend just asked for your opinion.
Go back to one of your blog posts or articles and look for places where you can add personalization. If your entire article uses the word “you,” find ways to use “I” as well – tell your story, not just what a product or service or strategy can do for your reader.

Don’t worry about changing every sentence, just sprinkle your personalization in here and there. Or, create a new article from scratch and this time, instead of acting like you’re on a fact-finding mission, write as if you’re talking to a close friend who needs help.

Not only will you build a loyal audience who feels like they know and trust you now, but participation on your blog will increase, and prospects will begin converting into paying customers. Google and other search engines will take notice of these behaviors and begin rewarding you as a true authority figure in your niche.

Is Alexa Rank a Scam? There are Better Ways

Is Alexa Rank a Scam? There are Better Ways

Alexa ranking a scamI have to admit I was shocked today, I have had a few comments on the blog, and at wealthy affiliate asking whether Alexa Rank a scam. Explaining an Alexa ranking seems straightforward until I looked at their site and I was gobsmacked.

The last time I looked at Alexa ranking, it was free and now just look at these prices, nearly $800 a month, surely are having a giraffe! So back to the question.

Is Alexa Rank a Scam?

First of all, let’s have a look at how it works. Once you have a grasp of the fundamentals, you can decide whether chasing Alexa rank is chasing a rainbow or something that could benefit your business.

How Does Alexa Rank Work?

Is alexa rank a scam

Alexa Rank measures several things including traffic rank, sites linking in a traffic rank in the US. On the surface of it this sounds great but where does it get its ranking from? Does Alexa rank benefit your SEO?

Where Does Alexa Get Its Ranking Position From?

So far so good, Alexa ranking sounds great! But Alexa rankings come from the Alexa toolbar which their customers install into their browsers, and it tracks their activity around the Internet.
Now really, aren’t you too old to believe in fairies? How many people in the real world you know that has an Alexa toolbar. Let’s say 20 million people downloaded it, the number of people connected to the Internet is well over 1 billion. Let’s say 20 million people downloaded it how many people use it?
In my world and I may be wrong it is a cartel! If you don’t agree with this then, of course, feel free to leave a comment below. Bear in mind that the way it collects its data a lot of people would call that “adware” at the very best it has to be trackware.

It’s not real authentic traffic data. It measures only how many people using the same metric visit your site. In other words, you can manipulate this data by getting more individuals with the Alexa toolbar to visit your site and create a bigger cartel.Which brings me back to my original question Is Alexa Rank a Scam?


Are you potty enough to download the Alexa Toolbar

So I you curious enough, to go and look at your Alexa rank? Or have I convinced you? You can, of course, download the Alexa toolbar which we have established is adware, and if you don’t believe it, you can go and check on their website.

If you want to read the debate within Wealthy Affiliates Interestingly enough, Jenn felt she was pressurized at work, within the IT industry
to install Alexa, the story is interesting. It still points to geeks pressurizing geeks and in the real world Alexa ranking is a scam!

Alexa cannot have access to the data that is needed to check your SEO rank; I use the free keyword tool within wealthy affiliate’s to check mine or to check traffic in real-time I use Google analytics.


How to get real Rank that Matters

One thing is for sure; the Alexa rank is not going to change your life. Many people have bought things that they don’t need because they don’t appreciate what it is they do need. Wealthy Affiliates have been around the nearly ten years. It teaches its students how to build sustainable income and work from home full-time.

What it’s not as a get rich scheme or a scam or a done for you business. You have to work your way through the lessons, and you have to create your own business.

What wealthy affiliates really offers you is a solid training. It doesn’t offer shortcuts. It doesn’t attempt to game the system!

Kyle and Carson the owners at wealthy affiliate’s have worked out what works and what doesn’t. What they did to make money online is what they teach. It is the WYSIWYG business.

Above and beyond the superb training the real benefit is the community. There is a massive community of thousands of active and proactive members.

The benefits of the Community in Wealthy Affiliates

They themselves are working through the training or have finished it. Each person understands what challenges you face because they have faced the same thing.

They want to help you succeed! That may sound very twee, but until you created your free account at wealthy affiliate and experienced this, you won’t know how accurate it is.

Wealthy Affiliate understands that there are many new be Internet marketers have been scammed one way or another.

Once they have been through this experience, it ‘s hard for them to trust or understand whom to trust. As a result of this wealthy affiliate offers a free starter training course.

You may stay as a starter member for as long as you like. No one pressurizes you to upgrade. The majority of people who join eventually become premium members and pay $49 a month.

The average person stays for between four and five months. Some people like myself been a member almost from the beginning.

I can’t imagine ever leaving that community. The training is always cutting-edge, and also I have been able to establish long-term networking partners within that community.

Of course, I still have the benefit to be an active helper within the community. I am more than willing to help you start your own business. If your dream is to be able to work from home, then click here to begin your journey.

You can join and interact with real people who are building real stay at home businesses. Some people have been able to give up their day job in the first three months. Others just want to earn some extra money every month.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to work at home with a legitimate and sustainable business you will find it easier with wealthy affiliate

Seo Cheat Sheet – Keywords

Creating a WordPress Blog

Creating a WordPress Blog

Creating a WordPress Blog can seem daunting when you contemplate doing it off of the official WordPress site where you simply point and click your way through the options until it’s published. There are technical installation steps to intimidate you, aesthetic issues to consider, search engine optimization strategies to address and content creation to think about. All of these things can stop you in your track before you have even got off the starting block.

Wealthy Affiliate's the Correct Place to train

Wealthy affiliates is a training school for bloggers. You can create a free account and two free blogs. The great thing about the school is the community there. Firstly the community has an interactive forum which is incredibly proactive and helpful. I have been a member for nearly ten years and in that time everybody takes action and interaction with the community goes on to make good money online.The success is due to the community and the excellence of the training.

Finding the right tools

If you decide to go it alone and not become a member of wealthy affiliate's it is possible to create your own blog yourself but it is a steep learning curve. Most people do get frustrated and give up. Which is why I recommend you create a free account with wealthy affiliates, SINCE IT MAKES EVERYTHING EASIER.You don't have to go it alone and struggle, hundreds of people a week join this community. 

Because you get past your fears and find a good set of tutorials, you’ ll have the confidence it requires to create a WordPress blog with ease. The first time you do it, go slow and make sure you implement all of the steps. Furthermore, as you become accustomed to the blog navigation on the dashboard, you’ ll be tweaking it to your own preferences without hesitation.

Creating a WordPress Blog

Before you install WordPress on your domain, consider why you’ re choosing a blog format over that of a static HTML site. Some people theorize that Google has a deep affinity for bloggers because of the social elements they provide paired with regular updates. Others simply say a blog is more optimized for search engine spiders, whereas a static site sometimes gets outdated and stale. As a result of this comparison WP wins every time.

Why Choose WP?

Creating a WordPress blog is a good business move for entrepreneurs whose business is online (or even an offline entity that needs an online web presence). Virtually any business model can be supported through the use of a WordPress blog, including affiliate marketing, info product sales, tangible promotions, services, and more!

You Really Don't Need to Learn Coding!

However, you look at it a WordPress blog is a lot easier to learn than HTML coding. My first HTML 4 textbook was roundabout 1700 pages I think! When you go through this process, of setting up a WordPress blog, you’ ll need to take it in stages, breaking it down into specific steps along the way. For instance, you’ll be registering a domain, getting hosting, installing WordPress, and then customizing the site to suit your business needs.

It's tough to choose!

As you work more with WordPress, you’ ll find that sometimes you have some tough choices to make. The wonderful thing about these sites is you have the ability to quickly switch things around, tweaking them for your personal preferences or so that the blog performs better in the search engines for you. By creating a WordPress blog, you’ re setting up a home for your brand on the ‘ net. Don’t think that the entire setup has to be completed   in a day. You can make a blog go live as you customize it and allow your visitors to see the changes along the way. Don’t expect a sudden flood of traffic the day your site goes live. While Google may index it quickly, your content and SEO care-taking strategies are what will pull in a target audience who’s ready to listen to what you have to say.

Let's get your WordPress blog up and running today!

How to Install WordPress to start your new blog, you’ ll need to first have a domain name and hosting account. Some people simply register a WordPress blog on, but the problem with that is that you’ re then at the mercy of other people. You don’t want to wake up one day and see that your hard work has been deleted by an overzealous moderator of some sort. So host your WordPress blog on your own domain where you have total control.

In order to start your new blog, you’ll need to have a domain name and hosting account. Some people simply register a WordPress blog on, but the problem with that is that you’re then at the mercy of other people. You don’t want to wake up one day and see that your hard work has gone, deleted, by an overzealous moderator of some sort. So host your WordPress blog on your own domain where you have total control.

Take Your Affiliate Earnings to the next Level

Take Your Affiliate Earnings to the next Level

Affiliate earnings can always be Tweaked

Take affiliate Earnings to the next level is not that difficult it's a business model that's scaleable. Alffiliate marketers have a distinct advantage over sellers because they have none of the responsibility for product creation and management of the affiliate program, yet all too often affiliate marketers don't push their affiliate earnings to the next level.It's all a question of leverage in life and Internet marketing, and your affiliate earnings are not a wage they are potentially enormous.

Affiliate Earnings to the next Level

They simply get to seek out the best products to sell and launch their promotions. They can promote many different products at once – in the digital arena, as well as physical products – and never have to deal with the customer service issues.

But one thing many affiliates struggle with is increasing their earnings. They might find great products, understand the ins and outs of list building and pre-selling, but not have the insight necessary to bump up their income to the next tier.

There are five strategies you can use to help boost your earnings.

1 – Be on the Lookout for Savings and Value

Your job as an affiliate is to help consumers find the products they need. You’re the liaison between searching and solutions. But you can make more sales – convert better – if you go the extra mile.

It all boils down to money and added value. Whenever you’re about to promote something, try to find a way to do this for your customer. Let’s look at how:

If you’re an affiliate for Amazon, you can log into the Associates center and look at their promotions hub. There, you’ll learn about specials that are percentage discounts, free trials, and even pre-order specials.

Share this with your customers and help them find products that are marked down for a certain period. The ones that are not on-going will add a sense of urgency, too.

If you’re promoting a tool online like Aweber or Hostgator, look for specials you can brag about to your potential customers. For example, Aweber has a $1 first month trial and Hostgator offers steep discounts through your affiliate links when you set up certain coupon codes.

If you’re promoting info products, look for or ask the seller about different offers they have set up. Some marketers will be selling their product for full price on their mini site, but a discount on a forum section.

If they don’t have any specials running, you can ask for them to set up a special discount just for your list. Some will set up an on-going one, and others will allow you to run a special discount for a limited time.

Don’t worry about losing income when you’re promoting discounts. The volume of sales you get will increase because shoppers are looking for budget-friendly deals they can buy.

2 – Don’t Just Promote – Review Effectively to Increase your Affiliate Earnings

Most affiliates do little more than write a keyword-laced article and slap an affiliate link in it, hoping to make a buck or two. That’s small-time commission thinking.

What you want are big earnings – and you get those results from dominating as a leader in your niche. Even without a product of your own, you can be the go to person for your target audience when it comes to product recommendations.

Right now there are thousands (if not millions) of affiliates out there trying to compete for the attention of cash-in-hand consumers. How will you set yourself apart and get the click-through?

You do this by creating genuine reviews, not keyword-laced promotion articles. There’s a big difference between someone writing for the search engines and someone who values their reputation enough, to make sure the carefully recommend only the best of the best.

If possible, purchase the product you’re promoting. If it’s a tangible item and you can’t buy it, then maybe you can visit a store and test it out to see how it works. Then write a personalized review of it – pros and cons.

But what if it’s a digital product? You can purchase those, too – and review it from the very first step where you land on the sales copy through to the end results.

Again, money might be an object at first. If it is, resist the temptation to buy and refund the product. That can get you blacklisted – and it damages the seller’s statistics for conversions and refunds. Instead, email the seller and ask if they’re willing to provide you with a free review copy. If you’ve already established reviews on your blog that you can point them to, share those – because it will prove to them that their gift won’t go to waste.

Let people know the truth about the products and don’t make behind-the-scenes deals to write glowing testimonials. Your responsibility is to your readers, not to sellers willing to cut a deal.

3 – Compare and contrast

One way to get people to spend money is to pit one product up against another and let one of them emerge victoriously. Your readers are looking for solutions. They want the best value – which means a combination of quality and monetary investment.

You can continue doing comparison reviews, and these can be fun. It’s also interesting to see the product sellers increase the value of their products when they see how the competition is beating them in the eye of the consumer.

Take a little time to figure out what solution your audience needs. For example, maybe it’s an Amazon Affiliate product. Start a series of reviews where you pit each product up against each other for different things, including:

• Sales Copy • Price • Amount you get for the investment • Number of formats presented (and options – i.e., text/video) • How many nuggets of information you pick up • Quality of the information – trendy, not re-hashed, etc.

Make sure you implement each one and then discuss the results as a case study. For this to work, you may need to find similar products, such as video courses or products priced around the same amount.

They should have some similar elements for you to be able to make a comparison – otherwise, they’ll just deserve their own individual reviews.

You can do this with tiers, where you pit two products against each other and determine the winner. Then pit two other products against each other and find a winner. Then take both winners and pit them against each other based on results you’ve achieved and other issues like how the seller’s customer service is, etc.

4 – Expand Beyond the Usual Boundaries


What’s the typical method for promoting products as an affiliate? It’s to blog. But you want to do more than that. A blog is great – it’s one of the best ways to earn a living as an affiliate because of the following factors:

• It’s cheap – just a domain and hosting • It’s easy to operate • It tends to rank well when you run one correctly

You should never forgo a blog for other methods, because, with other methods, you don’t own the virtual real estate – and ownership is where you have peace of mind. Still, blogging is just one method, and to increase your affiliate sales, you can add other methods of content online to make a sale. Let’s go over a few of them – and you can look for more on your own. Forums can be a good place to do some affiliate marketing if it’s allowed. You have to know the rules before you go spamming the site with hyperlinks. Make sure you have a link to your reviews or directly to the products (if allowed) in your signature file, which is a space below each post that contains content you create – text, hyperlink or image. 

Take Your Affiliate Earnings to the next Level

Hubpages has certainly clamped down on marketing in general on their site, but many people still do very well there. The first thing you want to do is make sure that your niche and topic are not against their rules. Once you secure that step, you can then create valuable, personalized content for a lens that hopefully will rank well for your chosen keyword phrase. Make a lens with tons of content – and sprinkle your affiliate links throughout, based on how many links the site allows at that time. 

Twitter is a great place for affiliate marketing because it doesn’t require a lot of content and you’re allowed to promote on the site without apology. Don’t get yourself in trouble by spamming other people with Tweets – because then you’ll get banned. But people do search for things on Twitter, and you can make affiliate commissions even if you’re not filled to the rim with followers just yet. 

Make sure you follow people in the niche so that they’ll follow you and hopefully you’ll get your links seen by more potential buyers. Google + is newer to the scene, but it’s an effective way to rank in the search engines for the products you’re promoting as an affiliate. Many affiliates find that their G+ posts rank well, while their blog doesn’t – so link to your blog from G+ and reap the rewards of the SERP ranking power the site has.

FaceBook fan pages are a premium way to make affiliate sales! If you can build a fan page or group on Facebook, then you can do the same thing you can do on a blog pretty much – write long posts, insert hyperlinks, and engage in comments. Just bear in mind that you don’t own this site, so at any time you could wake up tomorrow and it might be gone. That’s why it’s great to use in conjunction with an affiliate blog to increase your earnings.

Pinterest is newer in the field of social networks, but no less useful. Pinterest is built on images, but you can Pin things directly from Amazon and then do an update on the Pin to swap out their hyperlink with your affiliate one. People follow your boards and then re-pin them on their own boards and before you know it, your recommendations have gone viral. You can do the same with digital products for topics like weight loss, for example – a huge niche on Pinterest.

Don't ignore the power of a list

Email marketing lists are another way to increase sales. Some affiliates mistakenly believe they don’t “have to” build a list when they’re just affiliates and not product creators. But you should want to build a list – because that way you can repeatedly market to the same individuals who have proven that they are buyers in the past. Give away a free report to get them on your list and then email them whenever you have a new review on your blog or whenever you want to link directly to a product and review it or promote it within the email itself.

5 – Emphasize Your Personalization

Personalization will always win out over cold, sterile content. Whenever you’re writing your next review, forget about keywords and product specs. Focus initially on connecting with the emotions of the buyer. What would you feel if you were in their shoes? Would it be the shame, humiliation, desperation, eagerness, hope, or what? You want to be able to discuss your emotions as you implement or use a product – whether it’s tangible or digital. People buy from people they trust. When you write about an acne solution, for example, it’s great to give information about ingredients in a product or strategies for keeping pimples at bay. But more importantly, the consumer will turn over their payment information as soon as they feel a connection with you based on feelings. If you felt relief – and relief is what they’re after, then you’re more apt to get a sale than if you just spouted off a list of ingredients.

Taking affiliate earnings to the next Level is easy because Internet marketing is scaleable

18 Social Media Sharing Sites

18 Social Media Sharing Sites

Social Media Sharing Sites spring up all the time, here is a list of some of the most popular ones. Social Media Sharing Sites improve your search engine rankings and also helps you get known. You should always utilise content in the multiple ways because it takes time and effort to create good content.

Get used to Sharing

Some people don’t like the idea of using social media. I think it’s a generational thing. You don’t need to use it for your social life that is for sure but it is a very useful tool as far as SEO and being perceived to be an authority figure. Don’t be frightened about duplicate content. You may have read that Google punishes duplicate content. This is true but they don’t penalise you if it is on multiple sites they do penalise you if you put the same content on your own website more than one place.Because of this, you can share with impunity. It follows the more you share the more others will share your content.

Social Media Sharing Sites


Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn

You should already be sharing all your content, so this is just a reminder. Before you even start to share you should think value to your customers rather than think “here is my link buy from it” NOW



Create an account here for free. In your profile, add links to your website or other relevant articles. Answer questions others have posted. If the answer is an article you wrote, even better, you can make a direct reference to your link! Make sure your answers always give value and don’t be spammy.

3. Add a

Facebook Page

for your website/business This is separate from your regular Facebook profile and will make you a business brand image, and keep your personal stuff separate stuff separate. You can post content which links to your website and/or offers. This is a requirement if you plan to do any paid Facebook ads.



Whatsapp is a cross-platform app for Android phones very popular in Europe used to share photographs videos and small pieces of information.

5. Link to ALL your social media profiles Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn – all allow you to place a URL on your profile so why not take advantage.

6. Skype

You can also add a link in your Skype status to your website.



You can start a podcast or appear on someone else’s. Find podcasts related to your area of interest and contact them about appearing on a broadcast. Or reach out to big names in your niche and request to interview them for your own podcast. Then ask them to promote it to their list.



Instagram is a place to share social memes. You can make your own by choosing a graphic from Pixabay and then uploading it to Instagram.

tree, structure, networks


Share Instagram Accounts

Find others with a similar size following and ask them to share one of your pics and then share theirs as well. Be sociable, and create a network of like-minded friends



Create helpful videos and post them on your YouTube channel. These can be neither review videos, or they can be tutorial how to type videos.

If you don’t want to create your own videos you can have them made at for about $10

In the description, you can link to your website for the viewer to obtain more information.



Buffer is the perfect free tool to share your social media multiple times automatically.

12. Use Photographic Sites.

Share your photographs on Flickr and Pixabay If you allow others to use your images they will go back and have a look at your site.


Post content to LinkedIn

Post all content to LinkedIn.


Join LinkedIn Groups

There are two types of groups in LinkedIn open groups and closed groups. Join two or three open groups and post your content and offers to the groups. Also find relevant closed groups when you have to ask permission to join. Make it clear that other people can repost your content.


Link all your social media sites together

Most people have a preference in social media sites, however, if they like your Pinterest profile, for instance, they are likely to click out and have a look at your Facebook profile. So make sure that each link has links to all of the social sites as well.



Edgar re-shares your content later on other social media profiles it does it automatically once you have joined


Share on Google +

Because Google owns Google +, it’s very easy to rank quickly so always put in a link to new content



Snapchat is a messaging and video app. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity you send photographs and videos to your friends and it self-destructs after 10 seconds. It’s a way of communicating stories to your friends and although it is more popular with teenagers and young adults it’s demographic is growing all the time

We hope that this is giving you some more ideas about social media sharing sites. You don’t need to use the more use at least four or five of them