18 Social Media Sharing Sites

Social Media Sharing Sites spring up all the time, here is a list of some of the most popular ones. Social Media Sharing Sites improve your search engine rankings and also helps you get known. You should always utilise content in the multiple ways because it takes time and effort to create good content.

Get used to Sharing

Some people don’t like the idea of using social media. I think it’s a generational thing. You don’t need to use it for your social life that is for sure but it is a very useful tool as far as SEO and being perceived to be an authority figure. Don’t be frightened about duplicate content. You may have read that Google punishes duplicate content. This is true but they don’t penalise you if it is on multiple sites they do penalise you if you put the same content on your own website more than one place.Because of this, you can share with impunity. It follows the more you share the more others will share your content.

Social Media Sharing Sites


Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn

You should already be sharing all your content, so this is just a reminder. Before you even start to share you should think value to your customers rather than think “here is my link buy from it” NOW



Create an account here for free. In your profile, add links to your website or other relevant articles. Answer questions others have posted. If the answer is an article you wrote, even better, you can make a direct reference to your link! Make sure your answers always give value and don’t be spammy.

3. Add a

Facebook Page

for your website/business This is separate from your regular Facebook profile and will make you a business brand image, and keep your personal stuff separate stuff separate. You can post content which links to your website and/or offers. This is a requirement if you plan to do any paid Facebook ads.



Whatsapp is a cross-platform app for Android phones very popular in Europe used to share photographs videos and small pieces of information.

5. Link to ALL your social media profiles Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn – all allow you to place a URL on your profile so why not take advantage.

6. Skype

You can also add a link in your Skype status to your website.



You can start a podcast or appear on someone else’s. Find podcasts related to your area of interest and contact them about appearing on a broadcast. Or reach out to big names in your niche and request to interview them for your own podcast. Then ask them to promote it to their list.



Instagram is a place to share social memes. You can make your own by choosing a graphic from Pixabay and then uploading it to Instagram.

tree, structure, networks


Share Instagram Accounts

Find others with a similar size following and ask them to share one of your pics and then share theirs as well. Be sociable, and create a network of like-minded friends



Create helpful videos and post them on your YouTube channel. These can be neither review videos, or they can be tutorial how to type videos.

If you don’t want to create your own videos you can have them made at Fivver.com for about $10

In the description, you can link to your website for the viewer to obtain more information.



Buffer is the perfect free tool to share your social media multiple times automatically.

12. Use Photographic Sites.

Share your photographs on Flickr and Pixabay If you allow others to use your images they will go back and have a look at your site.


Post content to LinkedIn

Post all content to LinkedIn.


Join LinkedIn Groups

There are two types of groups in LinkedIn open groups and closed groups. Join two or three open groups and post your content and offers to the groups. Also find relevant closed groups when you have to ask permission to join. Make it clear that other people can repost your content.


Link all your social media sites together

Most people have a preference in social media sites, however, if they like your Pinterest profile, for instance, they are likely to click out and have a look at your Facebook profile. So make sure that each link has links to all of the social sites as well.



Edgar re-shares your content later on other social media profiles it does it automatically once you have joined


Share on Google +

Because Google owns Google +, it’s very easy to rank quickly so always put in a link to new content



Snapchat is a messaging and video app. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity you send photographs and videos to your friends and it self-destructs after 10 seconds. It’s a way of communicating stories to your friends and although it is more popular with teenagers and young adults it’s demographic is growing all the time

We hope that this is giving you some more ideas about social media sharing sites. You don’t need to use the more use at least four or five of them


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    1. It depends on my niches which social media sites I share to. For instance, Pinterest is great with visual products but not that great for Internet marketing. I generally use three to four for each niche 

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