Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing Training One Month In

This website jobsforseniorcitizens.net came about as a result of a dare within the Wealthy affiliate community. Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing Training One Month In documents the results of the first month of a website. Despite being a member for eight years I have never promoted or worked in the work at home niche. The challenge was that I could not start to make money before Christmas.

So here is the beginning of the statistics to show the progress made in the first month. Of course the first month is the hardest apart of any website and the only specification I had was the fact I had to complete the training at Wealthy Affiliate and write the articles myself. This website was designed by myself according to the training at Wealthy Affiliate. I was allowed to choose any of the available themes available within Wealthy Affiliate and take advantage of the free hosting. The keyword research was also mine and I used Jaaxy the paid Internet marketing tool within Wealthy Affiliate. There is a perfectly good free keyword tool within Wealthy Affiliate which the members can use as often as they like, but I have always used Jaaxy and I am used to it. That does not mean that if you joined WA you have to pay extra for the keyword tool, that is the whole point, you have a free weeks starter membership to see how you like it. Then if you decide that Internet marketing is for you you can upgrade within the first seven days for $19.00 a month and then pay $47 for each month hereafter or become an annual member. So have I managed to drive traffic to a new website in the first month? The answer is yes, but I have not as yet achieved a sale, although I don't think it will be that long before I do.

Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing Training One Month In

Most of my work in niches has been in the health niches so there were some challenges to face. My first was the fact that I normally work with physical products as an affiliate marketer, or my own digital product. In fact you follow the Internet marketing success story here for free, whilst it will in fact be case study for my next project.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your traffic numbers and some information of Wealthy Affiliate. I find it very interesting to read real "case studdies" so thank you for that. Will be back to look for an update,


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    1. The truthful answer to that is that you don’t however I do! I have been a member of wealthy affiliate’s eight years and absolutely everybody who has taken action has succeeded. Wealthy affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme you do actually have to put in the work but if you put in the work you will get the reward. If you change your mind you can join by clicking here to create your free account

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