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Picking a Profitable Niche

Picking a Profitable Niche Shouldn't Stress you Out

There is no doubt at all that many newbies make a matzo pudding about of keyword research and niche selection. Niche selection is important and because aspiring Internet marketers know that it is imperative they tend to dither about it.

The first sticking point about niche selection is actually what is a niche. I hear that many people say they are in the weight loss niche or the money making niche, or the gardening niche. Technically these are not definitions of a niche at all but they are examples of markets. Think about that for a while, if you were selling goods in the real world, hard physical goods that you could touch, you may well have a gardening centre which stocks the kitchen sink regarding garden tools, garden plants, garden soils, garden containers etc you get the picture.

Growing roses is a niche in the digital world, it is aimed at a specific group for people interested in one thing, having the best roses on the block. Now this is where niche selection gets sticky because it does not mean that rose growers don't have lawns, or they don't like dahlias or carnations. However, you are not interested in those aspect you are interested in a tight and focused aspect of gardening .

Examples of niches within the weight loss market are slimming for a wedding, how to lose baby fat, is there such as puppy fat and developing six pack abs, or kettle bell fitness. Weight loss after having a baby, weight loss for vegans, weight loss for carnivores, diabetic weight loss. All of these examples are a more focused and specialized aspect of different typesl of weight loss in the weight loss market.

You may well ask why a niche is very specific and very focused in affiliate marketing .The answer to that lies in two different definitions the difference between a demographic and a target market.

What is a demographic?

Now the term demographic is actually a statistical analysis, no whoah come back here, don't go all glassy eyed on me, this niche selection thing is really very simple. Demographic is a study of a portion of the population based on geographical differences, or economic buying power, age, gender, cultural or racial ethnicity. A demographic is used to characterize one section of the population and is often the basis of market research.

So for instance if Nescafe came up with a new coffee for those under 25, with a university education, they would want to test to see of their target market was buying the product. So a demographic is a description of your target market. Put simply your target market is the group of people most likely to buy from you. So for instance this blog www.jobsfor has a target market of the 50+ group who know at some are going to have to increase their income or pension or both.

That does not mean that my main product which is wealthy affiliate won't be bought by a thirty odd year old single mother, they may have found my blog by accident or they are looking at their parents history or some other reason. For the same reason if you have a blog about roses you should not be talking about carnations unless they are companion flowers of roses. That does not mean that there are not a few people who like roses and carnations and may buy two products on your recommendation.

However, those small number of people you should not even be talking to

Why niche selection should be specific.

I have no doubt you all know what a funnel is, once of those v shaped plastic utensils in the kitchen that you put liquid or granules in to transfer to a bottle or narrow necked receptacle. Now as you know if you filled a funnel with salt there would be more grains at the top, because the top is wider. These grains are your potential readers. Some will be interested, some distracted and some bored, because they have not found what they are looking for.

Some will leave leaving more room in the top for other granules. However, some will be interested and will stay, they will be weighted down by the weight of the granules above and forced nearer to the bottom. They are becoming more weighty as they are more interested in what you have to say, they may have visited your blog three or four times, they may even have bookmarked it. As they become more interested, they tell other people and share their finds on social media, by word of mouth by email.

Leaving a greater number of people at the top squashing those down at the bottom. Now assuming that you have chosen a product with a compelling sales funnel that sales funnel will do the job and make them become buyers. They your potential customers and buyers have gone through the process the correct way and you have converted them into buyers. What happens when you try to talk to too many people is the fact that you are not narrowing down why your product would benefit a specific group of people.

As you are not convincing them or connecting with them specifiically they leave, so you have actually put them in a colander and not a funnel, and they escape through the myriad of holes, to go and find the information they really want on someone else's website, and that is why niche selection is so crucial. Niche selection is up there with the major decisions in your life, like what subject to major in, who you want to choose to be your life partner, etc.

That is because once chosen your wedded to your choices. I often hear people before they go to Wealthy affiliates to get their training say, there is no room in that niche for me . My reply is why not, you are not in it so how come everything has been done to death. Saturated markets does not mean that you can't make money, – it just means you have to fit exactly where you fit inside that niche, and if you have to wiggle around it to find your place then so be it.

Don't attempt to follow the crown because then you will just get swallowed up in the rush, spend six months trying to make money and then eventually give up because you have failed to stand out from the crowd. Your readers are fickle, they demand better, so give them better. Really drill down into your market, go into forums and feel their pain, find out what they really want and deliver it to them.

Don't think small and don't think grand think specialised niches, really specialised niches . Investigate these niches by going to Amazon and drilling down into their sub headings .Talk about one of those sub headings for a week, yes I mean it every day for a week. When you have done that you will quickly find that about eighty percent of the traffic about that one thing will come to you . How do I know this because if someone wants a buggy they will type in best buy buggy, but if they want a buggy for twins, they will know that the kids will wriggle and they will compete for space and they will want one with a plastic canopy because the kids will get wet otherwise, when it rains because they are less likely to sit still than single kids.

So look at the problem not the product, in this case kids that need more room and cover so they don't get wet. Your target market will use much more refined search terms and they will return, because you have made their problem your own. It's not necessary to own the marketplace, just a small section of the market, don't try to talk to the market through a megaphone because you will lose them just find out what that small number of people really want within that market and make sure you put it on a plate for them.

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  1. This is made niche marketing so much clearer to me. It’s very difficult when you’re just starting to pinpoint what a niche is. Now I feel I can go on and work out my niche which will be in the health market so much easier. I now understand my target market so thank you very much please keep up the good work

    1. Internet marketing is not just about picking a niche its about picking a profitable niche

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