The affiliate marketing Christmas experiment

The affiliate marketing Christmas experiment was entirely successful

A few weeks ago inside wealthy affiliate's I decided to create some training about leverage, using the power of eBay and Amazon to make money for yourself. I got a certain amount of flak for that and several members told me it was old hat and wouldn't work. Granted it is not something you'd want to do with 20 items because things sell-out and change very quickly and with the largest of items it is hard to keep a track.


However, the objective was simply to pay for a months membership and I managed it as well as making a profit of $7.23.How much time did it take me to do this well first of all it took me about two hours to select two items. It took me another two hours to put the sales page on eBay. So it took me four hours in total and I made just over $50. Granted it's not the sort of money that is going to change your life or the way you earn your money but it does show that while you are learning how to understand the intricacies of Internet marketing you can make a living. It is also possible to purchase heavily discounted products which are end of range but that doesn't take into account you have to have an investment. My way does not involve having to pay out any money at all until the money is in your PayPal account. Also if you have to put money upfront to buy goods then you may as well pay for your wealthy affiliate subscription to come out of your own pocket.

The affiliate marketing Christmas experiment

If the goods don't sell then you run the risk of being stuck with them. I won’t get rich quick on a small number of transactions, but it does work sufficiently to pay your wealthy affiliate fees each month.You don't have anything to do once the goods are sold other than purchase them from Amazon and give the shipping details to them. It has several benefits as a model to learn to make a little money, it teaches you market research you have to be reasonably certain certain that the goods will still be available when you need them. You need to ascertain the credibility of the person you're going to buy from other likely to let you down? What you don't need to learn is how the set up the sales page, copywriting skills or anything else all of that is done for you

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