Is Fear Crippling Creativity

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Few people ask is "Fear Crippling Creativity in my life, and yet many should.One of the most common reasons people don't find the success they want in small business is fear. Most people who have failed to make a living online will say the system does not work, or it's an illusion. Now I grant you there are many pictures of expensive cars and yachts out there selling products, and there are many people who just make a living rechurning out old information.


Fear is Insidious in the way it wraps its tentacles around us like a comfort blanket

The problem with fear it is quite difficult to identify and recognise because it is often a reflection of fears and belief that many of us have had since childhood. Most people don't want to admit about feeling scared – I mean that there is something a bit namby pamby about an adult being scared.

It's the sort of thing we told our six year old off for, what do you mean there is something hiding on top of the wardrobe?

In my experience if you have not achieved the success you feel is yours it is all down to fear.

For you to have the courage and desire in you to succeed as an entrepreneur is a unique and exciting thing. Not many people have the guts to leave the safe world of salary and guaranteed income and make something of themselves on their own – much less online!

That may be because it’s a viable business opportunity that very few people understand. They know there are websites online and they see people making money, but they have no idea how to get from step A to step B.

Once you have decided to make this step the next step is worrying what the family will think. Believe it or not there are many people that think that making money online is tainted. You are making a living by conning people and it is little better than alchemy!

Fear often keeps us rooted to a career that we can’t stand. Our desire for security is hard wired. We may well hate our jobs, or the future of our jobs, but for many of us the fear of change is more frightening than the daily grind we hate, but at least we know what that daily grind is.

It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for pursuing this path. Maybe you are out of work and looking for a job in an economy that has none to offer. Perhaps you’re a stay at home parent who would like to contribute to the household finances. Or maybe you’re retired but just not yet ready to quit being productive!


One thing is for sure. That old saying, “If you fail to plan, plan to fail” is true.


So that’s what you’re going to start with – the planning elements that go into building a business like this. Most people know at least one person who has been conned online. Whilst that is undoubtedly true, it does not mean that everyone who makes a living online is a shady character not seen out in daylight.

The method I am encouraging you to follow is based on a sustainable business plan, that works across all niches and geographical areas, it is do-able and rinsable and repeatable.

Fear is a powerful thing, it grips us by the throat and paralyses us, it bites deep into our gut in the middle of the night. It attacks different people in different ways, they may be afraid of success itself! Deep down they have been made to feel worthless and even as an adult they really don't believe  that they are deserving of success.

Others are frightened of the challenges of change. It is hard to change and the older we get the harder it is in some ways. However,  the age thing is offset slightly by the fact that the pain of knowing our pensions are not going to be enough, we are going to have to plan to supplement them, therefore the fear that without change we are doomed anyway often helps to overcome that fear.

Other people are afraid that they have no experience of business and others will laugh at them.

Whatever your reason or reasons for fear, they will haunt you until you grab hold of them and overcome them.

Does this sound familiar to you? That’s because fear is holding you back, even if you’ve never realized it before. We're going to look at some ways you can conquer those fears and become more successful. But first, you need to have an understanding of just how important this is, that there are different types of fear, and that you can overcome your fear or at least channel it in more productive ways.

Fear is a natural emotion. In the early days of man, when we all lived on the plains and had to face new challenges as hunters fear was a productive thing. Mammoth or Siberian tiger was a big animal, only the most foolhardy would have no fear.

The rush of adrenalin we get with fear is actually a response to the flee or fight scenario. Whichever you decided to do when faced with danger you had the adrenalin which served two things. The first thing it did was give you a shot in the arm to give you the extra burst of energy you needed for survival and secondly it shut down everything else in the body that was not needed at that very second of survival.

So fear can be inspirational, it is only crippling when you decide to stop it letting you try new things. Maybe you are not afraid, just sceptical, and you want to know if everything is ok before you commit to an online education then click here

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  1. I discovered your Is Fear Crippling Creativity – Jobs For Senior Citizens page and was hooked. How often are we conditioned from childhood to be perfect, when we can never achieve this

  2. Fear indeed is often crippling one's growth. It is often fear of failure, or as you pointed out, fear of change and the unknown. I think that fear can be overcome easier than another form of fear: fear of success. I believe some people are afraid to succeed, because they may hold some deeply rooted beliefs that discourage them from living with an absolute abundance mentality. What will my friends say when I become "too" successful? Will I attract to much envy in my life? Isn't money the root of all evil? And on and on… 

    Realizing that fear plays a big role in our own development is the first step to actively deal with (and either minimize or eradicate) that fear…and your post explains this very nicely.  Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on this.

    1. It is quite amazing I think that there are more people that fear success than fear failure. The feeling that money is somehow tainted seems to be ingrained in a lot of people

    1. Yes our parents have a lot to answer for and not just about crippling creativity. Although I must say because my parents were self-employed they didn’t constrain me in terms of making money as much as most

  3. Hi my name is Olivie and I just wanted to drop you a quick note here instead of calling you. I discovered your Is Fear Crippling Creativity – Jobs For Senior Citizens page and noticed you could have a lot more traffic. I have found that the key to running a popular website is making sure the visitors you are getting are interested in your subject matter. 

  4. You hear a lot of things said about people being frightened of failure but I think it is true that a lot more people are actually frightened of success thank you for your very informative article

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