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One of the biggest challenges newbies face when they start to build a blog is what WordPress theme is best? In fact there is no easy answer to that there are literally thousands of free WordPress themes. There are also hundreds of paid themes.One of the best options is to spend some time looking at other blogs. There is a site called what theme is that the you can go to and it will tell you what WordPress theme other bloggers are using. You can also look in the WordPress theme directory.

One aspect the you should consider is the fact that all browsers will display a WordPress theme slightly differently so it's always worth checking that it's compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Internet Explorer is an older browser but some people are still using it. Also in recent years more and more people have been accessing the Internet through their smart phones, so it makes sense to have a theme which is compatible with a mobile phone. There is some evidence that Google is looking for sites which are mobile friendly and giving them a boost in the search engines.Mobile responsive themes automatically adjusts your sites so they viewed one way on your PC or laptop. Another way on a tablet and yet again a third view on a smart phone. Check if your theme is mobile compatible with Google Webmaster tools.

responsive themes will adjust the layout of your site for the device that is viewing it. So your site will look one way on a desktop, another on a tablet and yet another on a phone.facebook-mobile-home-htc-smartphone

I  recommend that you start with a free theme, but as soon as you start to earn affiliate commissions then I would invest some of the profits into a paid theme.. My choice will always be studio press and the Genesis framework. This works a little differently from most themes. To change your WordPress theme normally you just use one theme but the Genesis framework is a parent theme which governs the framework of how your site is optimised and a child theme which governs how it looks.
This blog is actually using the child theme Lifestyle pro, but there are many themes geared toward specific industries. I personally like lifestyle pro because it's good clean simple theme very quick to change things. For instance you will notice that the text on this theme is justified that means it has a straight edge on both sides.
It is often very difficult to change the font and appearance in free WordPress themes although in fairness they are getting better. In many cases it is easier to change a theme than it is to work out how to change the text. It is of course time-consuming to keep changing a theme which is why are you studio press all the time.

The advantages of using the same theme all the time are numerous. I use the same theme and the same plug-ins which means whenever I start a new blog I can import it with the settings already changed. I always use justified test text because I like the clean straight edges. For clarity I also like to use images on the right-hand side and studio press allows me to set this so it does it automatically showing the image on the right rather than me having to state it every time.

I have to say that I use the Genesis theme for convenience and because it’s easy for me but the aesthetics of the site is really not that important. Most beginners obsess about what my site looks like whereas in fact the content is more important than the look and the feel.
It is very important to write consistently unique content which is not found anywhere else. It’s always good to be helpful and answer the questions people are asking in this case it is what WordPress theme is best?

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  1. Thanks for the info! I never knew what them is that existed. I have looked and other blogs and wondered what they are using. Great post. Thanks

    1. great resource isn’t is for finding out which wp theme somewone is using

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