10 Blogging Rights To Write Home About

10 Blogging Rights To Write Home About

You can start blogging and learn the hard way the blogging rights, but that way you have worked your way through all the blogging wrongs.

Sadly we are not born with an innate talent for blogging, it may be awhile before future generations evolve to this level, the faster way would be implementing 10 blogging rights.

Part of the skills of a good blogger are skills and some of them are attitudes. Developing good habits does take time and practise, but as a psychology student, I do understand that if you do something every day for about three to four weeks they become just that a habit. Combining mindset and skills will increase your output exponentially.

It makes sense that if you decide to blog daily it will be hard for the first few days, but after a few weeks, it becomes routine. That does not mean that you have to write an article a day, it depends on how many niches you write in. However, you write make it a habit of doing the same thing everyday.

I personally prefer to write ten blog posts a day and then schedule the posts. Some bloggers will find writing hard and not want to produce ten articles at once. However, part of that may be your attitude I would say if this is hard for you set yourself a target a little above your comfort zone. Quite often making a good living online means straying away from your comfort zone. So if it is a struggle to do two articles a day, set yourself a target of three articles. Although you will struggle at first it will get easier.

1. Plan
You may actually hit on a winning blogging formula by accident, but to create a sustainable business you need to know where you are going.

“Although goals are important, having a plan of action is vital to the success of those goals. Having a goal with no plan of action is like wanting to travel to a new destination without having a map.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

If you don’t know where you are going you will never know when you get there and better still you cannot track your progress. Also, you cannot work towards your own unique selling point unless you know what it is to start.

2.Be a great communicator.

Talk to your readers by communicating you know their pain. You have to have solutions for them and preferably this will not all be paid. Remember to use varied content as some people prefer videos, some podcasts they can listen to on the way to work and others prefer to read. No one method is more effective, but I would recommend that you use more than one, because multiple medias expand your potential reach.

3. Be Retroactive
A good friend of mine recently wrote a blog post in Wealthy Affiliates” target=”_blank”>Wealthy Affiliates asking whether or not you are a “wantapreneur” or an “entrepreneur”. This was an extremely popular thread and many people joined in. Essentially most people said that entrepreneurs actually do something and wantapreneurs dream of doing something. For many years I travelled from Spain to London for the day to attend the London lunch. I met Sarah Staar there, probably the most successful woman in Internet marketing when she was just starting out.

Sarah is the classic example of getting on with it. She started by making videos because she is dyslexic, but that sis not put her off. As she often laughs she is famous for her spelling mistakes, some of them are unwittingly extremely funny, but the point is her readers know she knows what she is talking about. Her training is just as done to earth she teaches the blueprint of her everyday actions. Have a look at her free training here for Affiliate Xand you will know what I am talking about, it is a classic example of being proactive.

Even if you blog regularly and make a mistake, then you can make tweaks to increase your traffic, or your conversions, but if you just dream of making money and do nothing, then that is what you will get precisely nothing.
Blogging Rights
Learn to be a self-starter by following the free wealthy affiliate training. My promise to you is that it is one of the best online training in the world. I will contact you as soon as you join, even if you choose a free membership to try it out, and I will help you all I can.

4.Structure Your content.

Posts without structure are often rants. Make notes of what you want to say. Write a bullet point for the introduction, which should lay out an overview of what you want to say. Write bullet points for the middle or main body of your post, including your main points. Finally, write a conclusion summing up quickly what you have said.

5. Review Your Content Regularly.

When you first start out you may well have the structure of your post in your head. Even better you have a framework to work from as explained in tip 4. Read it several days later and see if you have actually covered the points you intended to. It is a good idea to review the article as a reader, does it answer the points and questions your reader may have.
All the best bloggers are perceived as an authority in their field. That is because they are excellent researchers. They keep on top of what is happening in their niche. This is done in several ways the first is to use Google alerts which will tell you what is has been published for your keyword in that day. A second method is to use Google advanced search. Put in your search terms and look for articles published in the last week. That way you will find topics that are currently being talked about.

6.Become Like a Dog With a Bone

Success does not come overnight. Don’t look to see how each page ranks when your blog is a few weeks old. Do your keyword and keep practising. Try and build a community. Ask questions of your readers even though you know you have not got any yet. It is a lonely thing but you have to write as though you already have three hundred followers. Make yourself stick with the job in hand.

7. Put on a Brave Face.
Don’t lose your optimism. Believe in yourself if you practise and persist you will see the weaknesses of your competitors and will eventually have the knowledge to pursue the opportunities that are thrown up from your competitor’s weaknesses. Look up swot test – Strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats. Use that model to make a battle plan.

8. Work With Other Bloggers to Create Curated Content.
Don’t work alone you may conduct the orchestra, but you need musicians and an audience. Build relationships with others. Companies and charities are increasingly working with bloggers because they perceive bloggers to be movers and shakers and you can be if you follow these ten steps to better blogging.

9.Blogging for Business

Decide where your personal boundaries are. Sarah Staar only blogs about business, but Tiffany Dow intersperses her posts with events which are going on in her life.

There are no rights and wrongs here but keep your blog relevant and focused and don’t babble on about the cat being sick on the carpet.

10. Make Your Blog Work For You.

Your blog should work for you, that means keeping the navigation clear and simple. Don’t get obsessive about the aesthetics of your blog, it really is not that important. You need to have social plugins so that people can share your content. The more sharing gets done the better your Google rankings.

In conclusion to be a better blogger don’t focus on problems, but focus on the solutions to the problems. Let your readers know you are here to help. Build a community because the greater the number of minds at work, the greater the exponential growth. Forge your unique selling point, what separates you from the main stream. Mix up the way you deliver content.

What WordPress theme is best?

What WordPress theme is best?

The advantage

.StudioPress Theme of the Month

One of the biggest challenges newbies face when they start to build a blog is what WordPress theme is best? In fact there is no easy answer to that there are literally thousands of free WordPress themes. There are also hundreds of paid themes.One of the best options is to spend some time looking at other blogs. There is a site called what theme is that the you can go to and it will tell you what WordPress theme other bloggers are using. You can also look in the WordPress theme directory.

One aspect the you should consider is the fact that all browsers will display a WordPress theme slightly differently so it's always worth checking that it's compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Internet Explorer is an older browser but some people are still using it. Also in recent years more and more people have been accessing the Internet through their smart phones, so it makes sense to have a theme which is compatible with a mobile phone. There is some evidence that Google is looking for sites which are mobile friendly and giving them a boost in the search engines.Mobile responsive themes automatically adjusts your sites so they viewed one way on your PC or laptop. Another way on a tablet and yet again a third view on a smart phone. Check if your theme is mobile compatible with Google Webmaster tools.

responsive themes will adjust the layout of your site for the device that is viewing it. So your site will look one way on a desktop, another on a tablet and yet another on a phone.facebook-mobile-home-htc-smartphone

I  recommend that you start with a free theme, but as soon as you start to earn affiliate commissions then I would invest some of the profits into a paid theme.. My choice will always be studio press and the Genesis framework. This works a little differently from most themes. To change your WordPress theme normally you just use one theme but the Genesis framework is a parent theme which governs the framework of how your site is optimised and a child theme which governs how it looks.
This blog is actually using the child theme Lifestyle pro, but there are many themes geared toward specific industries. I personally like lifestyle pro because it's good clean simple theme very quick to change things. For instance you will notice that the text on this theme is justified that means it has a straight edge on both sides.
It is often very difficult to change the font and appearance in free WordPress themes although in fairness they are getting better. In many cases it is easier to change a theme than it is to work out how to change the text. It is of course time-consuming to keep changing a theme which is why are you studio press all the time.

The advantages of using the same theme all the time are numerous. I use the same theme and the same plug-ins which means whenever I start a new blog I can import it with the settings already changed. I always use justified test text because I like the clean straight edges. For clarity I also like to use images on the right-hand side and studio press allows me to set this so it does it automatically showing the image on the right rather than me having to state it every time.

I have to say that I use the Genesis theme for convenience and because it’s easy for me but the aesthetics of the site is really not that important. Most beginners obsess about what my site looks like whereas in fact the content is more important than the look and the feel.
It is very important to write consistently unique content which is not found anywhere else. It’s always good to be helpful and answer the questions people are asking in this case it is what WordPress theme is best?

How to build a website in thirty seconds.

How to build a website in thirty seconds.

How to build a website in thirty seconds

A lot of people are put off the idea of creating an online business because of the technicalities. One of those technicalities is building a website. In the old days websites were built by something called HTML. This stands for Hypertext markup language and it was a separate language you had to learn if you wanted to build websites. That was the old days, today we have a very robust system called WordPress and this allows you to build a website for free.The only cost is the domain name which is typically less than $10. Your domain name is your website address so my domain name here would be

How to build a website in thirty seconds for free

How to build a website in thirty seconds.

When I say build a website for free I mean no hidden little extra, or charges that come without warning. I mean free – as in you don’t have to put your credit card details in or your Paypal account you only have to create a free account at Wealthy Affiliate’s.  Yes that’s right to build a website in thirty seconds and for free, you don’t need to put in your credit card or pay anything. There us a premium account and it has many advantages, but you don’t need to have one to start right now today, build your own free website here . In case you’re wondering what a free website looks like this one here is an example of a free WordPress website.


Can I get all the information that I need with a Wealthy Affiliate Free account?

At this point you will be thinking there is a catch somewhere there is always a catch. After all we’ve all heard the expression if it looks too good to be true it usually is. There is no catch, the value of being a premium member is so great that most people pay it’s as simple as that. However, many people go to wealthy affiliate’s and build their website for free and never become a premium member. There is never any pressure on you to become a paying member it is perfectly acceptable for you to be a free member forever. Nobody will ever ask you to part with money or even suggest to you that you should pay to be a member.

If you can see the value in joining as a premium member it is up to you. You do not need to pay to create a free website. So what have you got to lose. True it is a learning curve but full training is given in video form. The real benefits of wealthy affiliate’s is the tremendous community. They really do want you to succeed.

There is a live chat which you can ask any questions and get answers immediately. There are many classrooms and you can ask any question to the community.


Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms

  • Getting started
  • keyword, niche market research
  • everything WordPress
  • website development

This is by no means an extensive list. There are many more classrooms than this, but I don’t want to frighten you or put you off! I remember all too well when I first started it seemed very difficult. I have to say you have to put in the work but if you do wealthy affiliate’s have set out the training courses so that it is geared towards people with no knowledge of starting a business and no knowledge of building a website. So there is nothing to be frightened about it starts at the very beginning. The community is absolutely fantastic you have so many ways that you can contact people. There is live chat where you can just jump in if you want a quick answer, there is a private messaging service where you can speak to someone privately. All the classrooms have a question area where you can have answers from the whole community. Also you can speak to the owners Kyle and Carson yourself, how cool is that! How to build a website in thirty seconds.

What to do next?

Don’t forget you can try wealthy affiliate’s without any obligation on your part. As I said you don’t have to put in credit card details or any financial details or you need to do to create your free account is to click here. I have been a member for over eight years and I remain a member because the training is always cutting-edge. Every year the community the experience the training gets better and better.
If there is no other incentive for you to join if this. If you become part of the wealthy affiliate referral campaign and you get 300 people a year to join up you will get an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas. This is for the annual conference were all of the best sit down and discuss how to make wealthy affiliate’s better. So if you would like to go for free to Las Vegas please click here.
If you need any help from me on the inside I go under the name of Katkats kitchen just send me a note and I’ll be there making sure you become a success

Where to Find Free Legal Images in One Place

Where to Find Free Legal Images in One Place

Many of you may know that all of Wikipedia’s images are in the public domain. You may also know you can take some photographs from Flickr, now I’m going to show you Where to Find Free Legal Images in One Place, so that you don’t have to go jumping all over the web. This will save you time and effort so don’t forget to bookmark the page

Don’t just use the images section of Google there is a more advanced way of researching exactly what you want, it is totally legal and safe. Just click here and then bookmark that page, because you will come back to it time and time again. I am going to show you in the video how to do the legal image search because it is easier to demonstrate that way.

Where to Find Free Legal Images in One PlaceIf you have any questions about how to find free legal images in one place them feel free to drop them in the comments box below and I will get back to you.As you can see from the video, you can find images from the whole of the Internet, you can specify the size and type and even color that image.This is a far more efficient way of searching for the perfect icon for your blog than jumping around to several commercial sites which do offer free icons.

Yesterday my good friend Angela from Moms of Single Moms and she’s having a bit of difficulty placing the image in the correct place in a blog. So Angela the next quick video is for you, do let me know in the comments were you have sorted your problem. And anybody else of course is welcome to ask questions and I will get back to you tomorrow.