The Freedom to Be Your Own Boss

There’s a common theme among those who begin searching for a way to launch their own work at home business – financial freedom. You might be in dire need of a way to earn more money than your current job provides.The Freedom to Be Your Own Boss gives you a choice.

Or, it could be that you have a job that pays an amazing salary but just doesn’t fulfill you as much as being your own boss would. There’s something missing from life when you’re forced to report to a job at a specific time. You are told what tasks need to be done and obligated to steer a company the way other people say it should be directed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Being your own boss doesn’t just entail sleeping late and working in your pajamas. Even though many hyped up product owners like to lure you in with this. In fact, you may even find there’s more work involved. Depending on the path you choose to acquire your wealth.

But either way, the satisfaction level you achieve by pursuing your own goals will outweigh any job performance review you’ve ever gotten in the 9-5 grind of the corporate world.

There’s a solution available to everyone on the spectrum. From those desperate to pay the rent to people looking for a way to supplement their retirement, and it’s called Internet Marketing.

It allows you to work the hours you want to work, whether that’s 11 P.M. to 3 o-clock in the morning. Or the more traditional 8-5 approach. You make the decision.

Your Internet marketing career can involve as much or as little work as you want it to. You can choose something that requires 30 minutes a day. It has slower growth.  Or an option allowing you to bang out a month’s worth of 12 hour days.  This will  achieve an unbelievable return on your investment of time in just 30 days.

Free To Choose Where You Work

You’ll be able to choose where you work. Very few Internet marketers actually rent office space out of their home. Because overhead costs are kept low anyway by working from home.  There’s no reason to add to it when all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. They fit nicely in a spare bedroom or right in the corner of an existing room, like the den!

Running your own business means being in touch with it on a regular basis, so it might be hard to leave for a 2-week vacation without checking in once (although it is possible, depending on which avenue of Internet marketing you choose).

But the good news is – laptops are portable. You could spend 365 days a year lounging on the beach. Because you can run an Internet marketing business from anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the World Wide Web.I regularly travel for a month at a time.

You won’t have to submit an approval form to leave work. You won’t have to alert your clients that you’re going to the Bahamas. You just pack up and go, logging in once a day or so to see how things are progressing.

Let’s talk money now.

Financial freedom has a different meaning for everyone. To some, it could be having enough to cover all bills. Whilst others want to be making plenty to sock away for retirement and live a luxurious lifestyle.

The benefit of running an Internet marketing business is that you have no glass ceiling preventing you from earning as much as you want to. And you won’t have to ask anyone to pay you more, fearing rejection of a raise.

You set your prices on products. You work more when you want to earn more or cut your hours when money isn’t too tight. You decide when and if you want to branch out into another area of Internet marketing to expand your online empire.

It’s Not All Fun and Games

Now you know about the benefits. Let’s talk reality about this world of online operations. There seems to be some great myth that most marketers are promoting pie in the sky dreams that are mostly hype and very little substance.

The reality is – it’s work!

You’re not going to choose a username, create a link and wake up to $1,000 that you made while you sleep. Even affiliate marketing – where you sell other people’s goods, requires you to do some work to get your share of the commission. The simplest possible way is the Sarah Staar way – get your five free videos here streamlining the process of Internet marketing.

If you’re looking for a turnkey, get the rich quick miracle, Internet marketing isn’t it. Buy a lottery ticket and pray that your numbers win big. You can’t see those stats where one guy makes $1 million in 18 hours and think that’s going to happen to you your first week.

Reality Check

The reality is, it took more than those 18 hours to make that million.  It took months, if not a year to get that product launch set up to rake in that much cash in a short period of time.

If you’re not going to enjoy the drudgery of getting all your ducks in a row before the money starts rolling in, then Internet marketing may not be the business for you. Here’s just a taste of some of the tasks you might be doing to achieve the monetary rewards you’re seeking:

  • Building a massive warehouse list of keywords and phrases (we’re talking 10k or more, not just the top 10 words).
  • Writing and submitting articles – hundreds of them, to plant all around the net as a map to your offers.
  • Filtering your outsourcing options – checking profiles, posting projects, and testing service providers to see who works best for your needs.
  • Answering emails from customers.
  • Setting up websites, even if it’s just a one-page minisite with a Buy Now button.
  • Handling download problems – even with the best system in place, sometimes things have a glitch and need your attention.
  • Creating products – they could be in text, audio, or video format. They may be short or lengthy, depending on the amount of information you’re selling.

This is a short list, but you can see immediately how much there is to do on a regular basis. Even if you’re an affiliate, you’ll still be reviewing products, building a toolbox of promotional materials, and setting up autoresponder emails to convert prospects into sales.

Five Smart Productivity Techniques For Newbies

Five Smart Productivity Techniques For Newbies

Your most valuable creation in a business is your visionWhen it comes to starting an Internet business from scratch, some people find the going tough. Please don’t be discouraged, the learning curve was tough for us all.Five smart productivity techniques for newbies is designed to speed up the process a bit.None of us were born understanding marketing!

Even Sarah Staar struggled in the beginning

I know a lot of you will think that people who have “made it” have an advantage. By the expression made it, I mean those people who have become not only a full-time Internet marketer but also a millionaire product creator and guru.

When Sarah started ten years ago, many people told her that Internet marketing was dead. boom was over, and nobody was ever gonna make real money on the Internet again.

That was a bit like saying in 1928 that the telephone would never progress from the old heavy black handsets.

Entropy nurse will always push boundaries and make things better. We are still in the Wild West days of the Internet, and there’s still plenty of opportunities to make a lot of money.

Overcoming Struggles

five-smart-productivity-techniques-for-newbiesBack in the day, Sarah used to laugh when people told her she’d never make any money! She just tried her best. When things didn’t go right, she’d scratch your head and struggle to isolate why things were wrong.

She knew other people were making money and she also knew she didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. If she persisted asking the right questions, then she would eventually get the answers.

Looking back, I think it was this persistence that got the answers. I think Sarah simply wore down the resistance of other Internet marketers. In the end, they all capitulated to that steely gaze and gave in.

Five Smart Productivity Techniques For Newbies

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

1. Copy Exactly What Other People are Doing

Don’t try too hard to work it all out for yourself. The logic behind this is really simple if someone has already been through what you’re struggling to master they’ve got it right.

Just follow them, it’s not rocket science. Sarah herself has made five free videos called “How to Sell Affiliate Products.”All you have to do is click on the link. Once you filled in your email address, you will get a reply. This email will tell you the login details of your membership site.

This is, all free of charge; you just have to watch the videos. Once you watch them, put the training into action. If you get stuck, Sarah Staar has one of the most proactive helpdesks in Internet marketing.

2. Don’t be distracted

Stay Focused. Decide what your objective is. Making $100 a day is a good one to start. Stay focused on that until you achieve it.

That figure may seem an impossible figure when you’re just starting out. Trust me it’s not!

However, it will be impossible if you jump around doing too many things. Just concentrate on the things you need to do to make a profit now.

3. What’s going to make you money now?

Some other people -would make this comment under time management techniques.

However, I don’t think it is a time management technique. I just think it’s not knowing what to do to make a profit in the shortest amount of time.

Don’t be distracted by things that don’t help. For instance, if you are building a website there are some really horrible crappy -looking websites out there that make a fortune.

What I’m saying is don’t get focused on the aesthetics, the fonts, the pictures, and the background et cetera. Just get the job done in the shortest amount of time.If it’s not going to make you money, I mean now, today, then don’t do it!

4.Don’t Give Up Too Soon.

Don’t think, that just because you started to be an entrepreneur everything will go your way. One of the keys to being a success is to re-evaluate how you think about failure.

Failure is a crucial part of the learning curve.If you been in a corporate environment, you might find this an alien idea. It’s one I suggest you get used to pretty quickly. You may have been seduced by ideas that there is a press button solution to Internet marketing.

Sadly, there isn’t it’s a slick sales idea used by people with no ethics.

No one has streamlined Internet marketing to make it more simple than Sarah. But, that just mean she’s taken out the fluff, not the work!

Fortunately, everything is trackable and traceable in the Internet marketing world. Everything you do leaves a footprint, and you can trace it back and find out where you went wrong. This means it’s correctable.

You wouldn’t kick a baby in the teeth for tottering.

When a baby starts to walk, it pulls itself up and often falls back down again. Now you’d never dream of chastising that child for that. You accept it as part of the learning curve!
Be kind to yourself. It’s part of your learning curve to fall. What you have to do is the same as a baby, crawl for a bit and find something upright and pull yourself up.
The something upright in Internet marketing is often a mentor. Find one you trust and follow them.

Learn when to outsource.

There are a lot of tasks in affiliate marketing that only have to be done once.
It’s a waste of time, that is your time to try and learn everything. That will hold you back years.
You need to make a profit as soon as you can. So when you hit a challenge, outsource it and move on.
What’s really important is your goal and your vision. This is the bit you have to bring to fruition. It may seem hard that you have to do this. But that’s the thing about being self-employed, you do. As Harry H Truman once said “the buck stops here!”
That doesn’t mean you have to do everything. If you can’t afford to outsource then share with a friend on a forum and swap tasks that you can’t do. Always play to your strengths, and not your weaknesses.

Five Smart Productivity Techniques For Newbies

Seo Cheat Sheet – Keywords

No no no I’m sorry around numberWhen you write your blog post, do you know whom you are talking to?

That may seem to be an obvious question. But, I’m going to ask again do you know whom you’re talking to. Maybe you’ve decided that it’s easier to talk to everybody. That’s what blogging is all about getting your message across.

Unfortunately, that’s not what blogging is about. You need to be talking to a specific person. You are not just writing for the sake of writing, you need to define why are you writing the specific post.

In most cases writing a specific post, you are trying to draw people to you. Put out your message and your tribe will come. Sadly a lot of you will have made many posts and you still feel as though you’re writing to know one.

It’s entirely possible that this is correct. Without using keywords in your article, or words your potential readers are looking for in Google, you may not be connecting to them.

What are keywords?

The majority of people who use the Internet use Google as their search engine. When they are searching they are searching for a specific thing. For instance, if they type in “how to socialise a puppy”, they don’t want to find an article about hydroponic gardening.

Google wants to ensure that when people type in the search term and they are directed to a specific web page, they will find the information they’re looking for.

Simply put, that means you need to find the keywords your target audience is looking for.

The funnel or the sieve?

Let’s go back to our original premise. You don’t know who you are writing to, or for, but you are writing in the hope that someone will catch your article.

What happens when you write like that is that you are writing to nobody. You are not connecting with specific needs. For instance in the dog niche, the topic dogs is huge.

Puppies are only a small amount of that market. For instance, think of the niche as a wall. A wall is made up of lots of bricks with cement in between.

The sub-niche is in the dog niche are bricks. These could include
Organic dog food
How to exercise your dog
Toy dogs
Oral care for dogs
Aggressive dogs

The cement that holds these together is the fact they’re all loosely connected to the large niche dogs. They are sub niches.

So now we know what they are what we do with that information?

Everything starts with a call to action. Everything you write about is informational but the real purpose is to direct your customer through a sales funnel. It might be your sales funnel because you are selling your own products. It could be that you’re an affiliate marketer directing someone to good information.

In this case, the purpose of this article is to show you how to write using keywords that Google recognises. This is a search engine optimisation tactic which allows your readers to find your posts.

But it’s not any old readers; it’s readers who are specifically looking for the information you are providing. If they are specifically looking for what you’re providing, they are more likely to take your call to action.

Let me illustrate this for you. The term dogs have a massive search volume

The term dogs have a massive search volume

Dogs:- 2851048 people are looking for “dogs” a month, there are 472 competing websites.
Small dogs: – 8174 people are looking for “small dogs”, there are 381 competing websites.
Yorkies: – there are 7058 people looking for “Yorkies” a month, there are 339 competing websites.
Small dog clothes: – there are 745 people a month looking for “small dog clothes”, there are 141 competing websites.
Christmas dog clothes: – there are 284 people looking for “Christmas dog clothes” every month, there are 49 competing websites

So it’s quite clear if you are writing an article about dogs either in the big niche or any of the sub-niches you do have related keywords. It would be almost impossible to write an article about dogs targeting the keyword small dog breeds, without using several related terms. They may be the phrase toy dogs or Yorkshire terriers or Yorkies.

These words that are similar are called latent semantic keywords or LSE for short. If you want to expand the use of your latent semantic keywords use ubersuggest
This is a great tool. Not only does it give you similar keywords which you can use to make your content more focus on rich, but it gives you ideas. For instance, if you type toy dogs in ubersuggest, you get 269 different keywords. That’s a massive amount of ideas.

For me, suggest gives me not only keywords but focused article titles which help your search engine optimisation efforts.

Not all of them are suitable as titles but looking through the list I see it says “toy dog collars”. It makes sense that if you’re thinking of buying a toy dog or you have a toy dog, you are going to need a small collar.

Another of the keywords they suggest is “toy dogs for toddlers”. I will expand on that and use the keyword suitable toy dogs for toddlers is an article title.

As you drill down into your niche and understand more about it you can see what people are searching for. People are searching for information about toy dogs and also clothes for toy dogs.

If you continue to write about dogs, the chances are you won’t connect with very many potential readers even though 2851048 people a month are looking for that exact term.

Even if you do connect with them, you don’t know why they’re looking for that term “dogs”. They may want some ideas to buy one. Unless you are selling dogs directly, you are not likely to have a sale from that.

KeywordsBy writing using the term dogs, you are using the sieve method of article writing. You know what is a sieve is in the kitchen. It’s a plastic bowl with holes. When you have cooked something on your hob with boiling water, you may want to strain the contents. You use this implement the sieve it holes in the solid foods and all the water pours out.

That’s what’s happening to your potential readers they’re all pouring out the bottom.
On the other hand, a sales funnel is a visual representation of a funnel. Again from the kitchen, you will be familiar with this tool. It shaped like a V and I want you to imagine it filled with grains of sand. There’s an awful lot of grains at the top these are your potential readers. As they go through your information a large amount will just read one page.

However, some people will be interested enough to click on a related article. This is a much smaller number of people or prospects. Further down one of those prospects in 10 may choose to buy something.

So the sand at the bottom is more compact with the weight from the top. However, this is what you’re aiming at the people at the bottom the people who are buying or fulfilling your call to action.

If you miss these people, you may as well be blogging into fresh air.


Beware of Chronic Freebie Seekers

Beware of Chronic Freebie Seekers

Beware of Chronic Freebie Seekers

Just as there are unethical entrepreneurs, there are also unethical customers who constantly want something for nothing. You have to realize that you’re worthy of getting paid for the solutions and guidance you offer. You need to find a way to help them see that – or send them away. Feeling guilty about success harms your business as regards freebie seekers

The true freebie seeker has no intention of paying for anything. It seems that their goal in life is to waste your time. Eventually,  you give them something of value just to get rid of them. When you offer a product online, you do it as a way to accrue clients for future products and to create interest in your product from paying customers.

But there are always a few freebie seekers who show up, looking to grab anything free you might offer. Plus the products you expect payment for. You can try to convert these freebie seekers into paying customers by helping them see the value of your product. And how it’s going to help them succeed or attempt to protect your business from wasting time and effort on them.

A free offer can be one of your best marketing tools.

But you should know that the word free will attract those who never intend to pay for anything you offer. It’s a mindset most of us don’t understand, and it can truly damage your business efforts if you don’t protect yourself from it.

First, you should know how the freebie seekers operate. You’ll see them as repeat responders to free offers but can drag your conversion rates to lower levels than they truly are.

Only sending free offers to your paying list of customers (through a newsletter or blog post) reduce the number of freebie seekers you may receive. But when you post free offers on social media, you can expect the percentage of freebie seekers to increase considerably.

When you post a free offer that’s contingent on a subscription to your newsletter, be prepared for the freebie seekers to unsubscribe as soon as they download the free offer.

Research methods that other successful entrepreneurs use to stop freebie seekers from wasting their time and effort. For example, check out alternatives to free offers when trying to attract clients. By reducing your percentage of freebie seekers, you’ll be taking a big step in helping your business grow and prosper.

To Alleviate Guilt, Serve Your Audience Well

As an entrepreneur, there are many tried and true ways that you can serve your audience and help grow your own business as well. You don’t have to feel guilty about your own success when you know your clients are prospering from your efforts.

One way you can know that your audience is benefiting from your efforts is to define a particular group. This is more focused than attempting to appeal to everyone. It’s like shooting an arrow haphazardly without really aiming. You’ll surely miss the target and hit something you didn’t mean to.

But when you have a target audience, you’ll know exactly what to offer that they will like and enjoy. It’s the best way to invest your time, money and efforts and accurately promote your own business, too.

Having empathy for your audience is another way to alleviate guilt.

Feeling Guilty About Success Harms Your Business.When you show empathy, you’ll build a group of customers who clearly appreciate what you’ve done and what you’re doing for them.

When you do everything you can to help others in the business, you’re likely going to alleviate any guilt you may have for your own successes and be able to focus on improving your own goals for success and happiness.

Defining your target audience helps you know exactly what to offer them. You won’t be wasting your time and effort going down the wrong path of research and development.  You will be able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

The relationships you strive to build within your targeted audience also help alleviate any guilt you may feel for your current success. Watching others’ businesses grow with help from the information you offered is the surest way to boost your confidence and take your business to the next level.

Serving your audience as well as you can also means that you can better identify opportunities for yourself and for them. You’ll be able to gradually build your business to the level you want and achieve goals on the way up. There’s no guilt involved when you learn how to serve your audience well.

Were You Raised with An Entrepreneurial Spirit?

If you can’t seem to get ahead or make progress with your business because you lack an entrepreneurial spirit of giving. It may be time to assess your upbringing. Many parents raise their children to be giving  of value. While others are intent on having their children focus on earning money.

The reality is – you need a balance of both. Children who were raised to give with a free spirit may have difficulty grasping the importance of receiving money for what they do – especially those who offer advice and guidance.

When you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you strive to change yours and others’ lives for the better. You seek change, rather than sitting back waiting for things to happen. Giving is an important part of the entrepreneurial spirit, but it should also enhance the growth of the entrepreneur – not just the customer

Entrepreneurs are always Positive.

Positivity and enthusiasm are key to having others look up to you as a leader and advisor. Entrepreneurs are empowered and are capable of teaching others to become empowered.

A sense of being worthy of success is also important to the entrepreneurial spirit. Giving away all of your advice and guidance information for free doesn’t enhance an entrepreneur’s path to success at all – in fact, it may hinder progress.

If you don’t think your advice is worthy of payment, no one else will. By fostering passion and enthusiasm for what you do, the entrepreneurial spirit will grow and you will prosper as a result.

Potential customers sense the passion and enthusiasm in your voice and in the helpful information that you offer. Even if a person comes into their relationship with you skeptical at first, they sense your conviction and will react by becoming a loyal customer.

And while some people accept things as they are, entrepreneurial spirits are researching how to improve. They’re usually on the forefront of all great innovations – because they care.

Entrepreneurs are naturally optimistic and tend to enjoy life to the fullest. They take risks and push past the lines where others have stopped. Even though you may not feel you’ve developed a true entrepreneurial spirit over time, you can begin now to turn the tables and eventually consider yourself worthy of all good things that come your way. Beware of Chronic Freebie Seekers because they don’t help you achieve your business aims.

Feeling Guilty About Success Harms Your Business. Part 1

Feeling Guilty About Success Harms Your Business. Part 1

Do You Feel Guilty About Success?

One of the worst things we can tell ourselves about accomplishments and success is that we don’t deserve it, and then feel guilty about it. These feelings may have been plaguing you since childhood and kept you from the success you’re very capable of. Feeling Guilty About Success Harms Your Business in the now even though the source is decades or more old.

Rather than celebrating and touting your success, you may feel unworthy or afraid that you’ll come across as bragging. But when you’re an entrepreneur and in the business of helping others, your accomplishments should be touted.

If your potential customers don’t see you as a success, they won’t have much of a reason to follow your advice. You may even take your feelings of guilt so far as to give away your advice and information – great for the freebie seekers, but bad for your business.

That doesn’t mean that everything has to have a price on it. Successful entrepreneurs usually go the extra mile and provide more solutions and guidance for their customers than necessary. But it should be your choice, not a result of feeling guilty.

Feeling Guilty Doesn’t Serve Your Customers’ Best Interests

Feeling Guilty About Success Harms Your Business.When guilt about your success or how much money you make overwhelms you, it may cause you to abandon your career pursuit of helping others. That leaves your customer base that you worked so hard to build without a leader they can depend upon.

If guilty and unworthy feelings are something you contend with, it’s time to nip it in the bud before it grows into an obstacle you can’t overcome. Think about why you feel guilt. Did someone – a customer or loved one – make you feel guilty or berate you for wanting to better your life?

Or could these feelings come from childhood experiences? Unless you find a way to bury the guilt and remove it from your thought process entirely, you won’t be able to fully help your customers succeed – and you will fail, too.

You can’t have Got Everything Wrong

You must have done a number of things right to be at the place you are now. Others are seeking your advice and experience because you’ve obviously accomplished enough to be considered worthy of offering solutions for their problems.

They view you as a person to look up to and emulate. If you let your customers down by becoming indecisive and letting them down, you will lose the business that could eventually make you a success.

First, know that no one has the right to make you feel unworthy of success. Don’t let others beat you down and make you feel that you just got lucky with your success – that it wasn’t a matter of your knowledge, drive and past experiences that led you to triumphs.

And even if you did luck out in some areas, you had the good fortune to know when to take advantage of a situation. As an entrepreneur, you have to tout your own successes.

This doesn’t mean you’re bragging, but that you’re stating the facts. You are good at what you do and you do have the knowledge and experience to help others gain their own success.

Sometimes it’s difficult to fend off criticism from others – especially those close to you. But you have a choice on how to respond. You can either sink deeper in guilty feelings and apologize for the success you’ve had or celebrate what you have and do what makes you happy.

Remember: “Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” ~ Unknown.

Everybody Has Hardships

It’s normal to feel empathy or sympathy for those who are struggling financially. Luckily, with the career you’ve chosen of providing useful information, you can help those people succeed.

You’ll feel good about yourself and the ones you help will be lifelong customers. You’ll both benefit from the help you give. As an entrepreneur who is in the business of helping others achieve success in whatever niche you’re leading, you should go above and beyond.

That doesn’t mean giving away all of your knowledge and secrets for free, but the products you do offer should have meat in the content and go beyond a simple freebie that you secured from the Internet.

You can use much of the free information you research on the ‘net to help others. There’s so much data on just about any topic you can imagine that you can share it with others and they’ll be grateful for it.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re considered a leader – and leaders can be assured of their continued success by helping others. One of the best ways to be a leader is to share the knowledge and experience you already have.

Give Value

Your customers are looking for something of value, so you have to be able to discern what they consider valuable. It’s a waste of time to try helping them with something they don’t need or want help with.

Well thought-out blog posts, an easy-to-maneuver website and periodic specials where you offer past information products at a premium price is a good way to share your resources and make your customers aware of unique products and opportunities.

Another way to help others struggling for success is to offer feedback. The criticism should be constructive and transparent, helping improve what they’ve already accomplished rather than destructive criticism that can shatter their dreams.

Introducing your customers to other entrepreneurs and websites or blogs is also a great way to help others. If you know of another entrepreneur or guru who specializes in or offers something your client may feel is important, make sure the client knows about it.

When a client has overcome a particular obstacle or has come up with a new way of doing something, recognize him by mentioning him in a blog post, inviting him to a podcast presentation or any other method that will extol what he’s accomplished.

It’s not always easy to help others who are experiencing hardships. You’ll have freebie seekers who will test your patience. But the connections with those willing to work hard toward their goals and pay a fair amount for the guidance are the foundation of your success and it makes sense to cultivate those relationships.

Tomorrow un Part 2 of Feeling Guilty About Success Harms Your Business we will go into more detail about freebie seekers.