Beware of Chronic Freebie Seekers

Beware of Chronic Freebie Seekers

Beware of Chronic Freebie Seekers

Just as there are unethical entrepreneurs, there are also unethical customers who constantly want something for nothing. You have to realize that you’re worthy of getting paid for the solutions and guidance you offer. You need to find a way to help them see that – or send them away. Feeling guilty about success harms your business as regards freebie seekers

The true freebie seeker has no intention of paying for anything. It seems that their goal in life is to waste your time. Eventually,  you give them something of value just to get rid of them. When you offer a product online, you do it as a way to accrue clients for future products and to create interest in your product from paying customers.

But there are always a few freebie seekers who show up, looking to grab anything free you might offer. Plus the products you expect payment for. You can try to convert these freebie seekers into paying customers by helping them see the value of your product. And how it’s going to help them succeed or attempt to protect your business from wasting time and effort on them.

A free offer can be one of your best marketing tools.

But you should know that the word free will attract those who never intend to pay for anything you offer. It’s a mindset most of us don’t understand, and it can truly damage your business efforts if you don’t protect yourself from it.

First, you should know how the freebie seekers operate. You’ll see them as repeat responders to free offers but can drag your conversion rates to lower levels than they truly are.

Only sending free offers to your paying list of customers (through a newsletter or blog post) reduce the number of freebie seekers you may receive. But when you post free offers on social media, you can expect the percentage of freebie seekers to increase considerably.

When you post a free offer that’s contingent on a subscription to your newsletter, be prepared for the freebie seekers to unsubscribe as soon as they download the free offer.

Research methods that other successful entrepreneurs use to stop freebie seekers from wasting their time and effort. For example, check out alternatives to free offers when trying to attract clients. By reducing your percentage of freebie seekers, you’ll be taking a big step in helping your business grow and prosper.

To Alleviate Guilt, Serve Your Audience Well

As an entrepreneur, there are many tried and true ways that you can serve your audience and help grow your own business as well. You don’t have to feel guilty about your own success when you know your clients are prospering from your efforts.

One way you can know that your audience is benefiting from your efforts is to define a particular group. This is more focused than attempting to appeal to everyone. It’s like shooting an arrow haphazardly without really aiming. You’ll surely miss the target and hit something you didn’t mean to.

But when you have a target audience, you’ll know exactly what to offer that they will like and enjoy. It’s the best way to invest your time, money and efforts and accurately promote your own business, too.

Having empathy for your audience is another way to alleviate guilt.

Feeling Guilty About Success Harms Your Business.When you show empathy, you’ll build a group of customers who clearly appreciate what you’ve done and what you’re doing for them.

When you do everything you can to help others in the business, you’re likely going to alleviate any guilt you may have for your own successes and be able to focus on improving your own goals for success and happiness.

Defining your target audience helps you know exactly what to offer them. You won’t be wasting your time and effort going down the wrong path of research and development.  You will be able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

The relationships you strive to build within your targeted audience also help alleviate any guilt you may feel for your current success. Watching others’ businesses grow with help from the information you offered is the surest way to boost your confidence and take your business to the next level.

Serving your audience as well as you can also means that you can better identify opportunities for yourself and for them. You’ll be able to gradually build your business to the level you want and achieve goals on the way up. There’s no guilt involved when you learn how to serve your audience well.

Were You Raised with An Entrepreneurial Spirit?

If you can’t seem to get ahead or make progress with your business because you lack an entrepreneurial spirit of giving. It may be time to assess your upbringing. Many parents raise their children to be giving  of value. While others are intent on having their children focus on earning money.

The reality is – you need a balance of both. Children who were raised to give with a free spirit may have difficulty grasping the importance of receiving money for what they do – especially those who offer advice and guidance.

When you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you strive to change yours and others’ lives for the better. You seek change, rather than sitting back waiting for things to happen. Giving is an important part of the entrepreneurial spirit, but it should also enhance the growth of the entrepreneur – not just the customer

Entrepreneurs are always Positive.

Positivity and enthusiasm are key to having others look up to you as a leader and advisor. Entrepreneurs are empowered and are capable of teaching others to become empowered.

A sense of being worthy of success is also important to the entrepreneurial spirit. Giving away all of your advice and guidance information for free doesn’t enhance an entrepreneur’s path to success at all – in fact, it may hinder progress.

If you don’t think your advice is worthy of payment, no one else will. By fostering passion and enthusiasm for what you do, the entrepreneurial spirit will grow and you will prosper as a result.

Potential customers sense the passion and enthusiasm in your voice and in the helpful information that you offer. Even if a person comes into their relationship with you skeptical at first, they sense your conviction and will react by becoming a loyal customer.

And while some people accept things as they are, entrepreneurial spirits are researching how to improve. They’re usually on the forefront of all great innovations – because they care.

Entrepreneurs are naturally optimistic and tend to enjoy life to the fullest. They take risks and push past the lines where others have stopped. Even though you may not feel you’ve developed a true entrepreneurial spirit over time, you can begin now to turn the tables and eventually consider yourself worthy of all good things that come your way. Beware of Chronic Freebie Seekers because they don’t help you achieve your business aims.

Feeling Guilty About Success Harms Your Business. Part 1

Feeling Guilty About Success Harms Your Business. Part 1

Do You Feel Guilty About Success?

One of the worst things we can tell ourselves about accomplishments and success is that we don’t deserve it, and then feel guilty about it. These feelings may have been plaguing you since childhood and kept you from the success you’re very capable of. Feeling Guilty About Success Harms Your Business in the now even though the source is decades or more old.

Rather than celebrating and touting your success, you may feel unworthy or afraid that you’ll come across as bragging. But when you’re an entrepreneur and in the business of helping others, your accomplishments should be touted.

If your potential customers don’t see you as a success, they won’t have much of a reason to follow your advice. You may even take your feelings of guilt so far as to give away your advice and information – great for the freebie seekers, but bad for your business.

That doesn’t mean that everything has to have a price on it. Successful entrepreneurs usually go the extra mile and provide more solutions and guidance for their customers than necessary. But it should be your choice, not a result of feeling guilty.

Feeling Guilty Doesn’t Serve Your Customers’ Best Interests

Feeling Guilty About Success Harms Your Business.When guilt about your success or how much money you make overwhelms you, it may cause you to abandon your career pursuit of helping others. That leaves your customer base that you worked so hard to build without a leader they can depend upon.

If guilty and unworthy feelings are something you contend with, it’s time to nip it in the bud before it grows into an obstacle you can’t overcome. Think about why you feel guilt. Did someone – a customer or loved one – make you feel guilty or berate you for wanting to better your life?

Or could these feelings come from childhood experiences? Unless you find a way to bury the guilt and remove it from your thought process entirely, you won’t be able to fully help your customers succeed – and you will fail, too.

You can’t have Got Everything Wrong

You must have done a number of things right to be at the place you are now. Others are seeking your advice and experience because you’ve obviously accomplished enough to be considered worthy of offering solutions for their problems.

They view you as a person to look up to and emulate. If you let your customers down by becoming indecisive and letting them down, you will lose the business that could eventually make you a success.

First, know that no one has the right to make you feel unworthy of success. Don’t let others beat you down and make you feel that you just got lucky with your success – that it wasn’t a matter of your knowledge, drive and past experiences that led you to triumphs.

And even if you did luck out in some areas, you had the good fortune to know when to take advantage of a situation. As an entrepreneur, you have to tout your own successes.

This doesn’t mean you’re bragging, but that you’re stating the facts. You are good at what you do and you do have the knowledge and experience to help others gain their own success.

Sometimes it’s difficult to fend off criticism from others – especially those close to you. But you have a choice on how to respond. You can either sink deeper in guilty feelings and apologize for the success you’ve had or celebrate what you have and do what makes you happy.

Remember: “Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” ~ Unknown.

Everybody Has Hardships

It’s normal to feel empathy or sympathy for those who are struggling financially. Luckily, with the career you’ve chosen of providing useful information, you can help those people succeed.

You’ll feel good about yourself and the ones you help will be lifelong customers. You’ll both benefit from the help you give. As an entrepreneur who is in the business of helping others achieve success in whatever niche you’re leading, you should go above and beyond.

That doesn’t mean giving away all of your knowledge and secrets for free, but the products you do offer should have meat in the content and go beyond a simple freebie that you secured from the Internet.

You can use much of the free information you research on the ‘net to help others. There’s so much data on just about any topic you can imagine that you can share it with others and they’ll be grateful for it.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re considered a leader – and leaders can be assured of their continued success by helping others. One of the best ways to be a leader is to share the knowledge and experience you already have.

Give Value

Your customers are looking for something of value, so you have to be able to discern what they consider valuable. It’s a waste of time to try helping them with something they don’t need or want help with.

Well thought-out blog posts, an easy-to-maneuver website and periodic specials where you offer past information products at a premium price is a good way to share your resources and make your customers aware of unique products and opportunities.

Another way to help others struggling for success is to offer feedback. The criticism should be constructive and transparent, helping improve what they’ve already accomplished rather than destructive criticism that can shatter their dreams.

Introducing your customers to other entrepreneurs and websites or blogs is also a great way to help others. If you know of another entrepreneur or guru who specializes in or offers something your client may feel is important, make sure the client knows about it.

When a client has overcome a particular obstacle or has come up with a new way of doing something, recognize him by mentioning him in a blog post, inviting him to a podcast presentation or any other method that will extol what he’s accomplished.

It’s not always easy to help others who are experiencing hardships. You’ll have freebie seekers who will test your patience. But the connections with those willing to work hard toward their goals and pay a fair amount for the guidance are the foundation of your success and it makes sense to cultivate those relationships.

Tomorrow un Part 2 of Feeling Guilty About Success Harms Your Business we will go into more detail about freebie seekers.

Give more Value, and Increase you Conversions

Give more Value, and Increase you Conversions

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first” (Robert Jones Burdette)

Have you ever read a blog post that talks down to the readers? It’s as if the writer believes their knowledge means they should be rewarded- automatically. We live in a world where rights and privileges get confused. To Give more Value, and Increase you Conversions, This attitude has to change.

Often people think they have a right to infringe on other people’s rights to get what they want! They behave a society owes them something.

In turn, they suggested their readers that they deserve something irrespective of whether they can afford it or not. Sometimes they are playing to the fact that their readers have a sense of injustice.

The person who has had a traumatic experience in early life may want to compensate by buying everything and anything in sight maxing out his credit cards.

Jean Twenge, in her book “Generation me and a narcissism epidemic” discovered that the younger generations have a disconnect. They want greater material wealth, but they have a decreased desire to work. There is some evidence that selfies and self-promotional blogs fuel this mistaken belief that people are superior.

The Problem With a Sense of Entitlement

The obvious downside is the fact that you’re not inclined to work as hard. You are more inclined to think you should have things based on who you are or what you have been through. Unfortunately, this prevents you from taking responsibility.

You’re making unrealistic demands on your readers by focusing on gaining what you think you deserve. It will be impossible for you to contribute to a relationship with them.

You will become focused on what you’re not getting. Unfortunately one of the laws of the universe states that what we resist we attract.

By doing this, you will attract to you more loss. In turn. This will lead to a feeling of bitterness, and you will feel victimized.

Don’t think you are An Affluenza

Give more Value, and Increase you Conversions
For those that don’t know what affluenza means, it’s like being Donald Trump. You think you are above the law because of who you are. You can dismiss sexual harassment by calling it locker room chitchat.

The harsh reality is, whether you’re the smartest person on the planet or had a childhood the most perverse conditions you don’t become more deserving of anything including good fortune more than anyone else.

Before money came into existence trade had existed. Men and women the world over had exchanged things of value for other things of value. Because they had no currency in the form of money they had to set a price regarding value.

So a farmer may have sold a field of corn to a blacksmith and in return had his horses shod for a year!

There was no other way of establishing value except between two parties.

Use that concept today

It would do no harm to think of your business in that way today.

Your problems are not unique. No one’s life can never be the same as yours, but people have equivalent sorrows, letdowns, and tragedies.

If you can recognize your customers’ pain and respond to it in a natural way, you will give them more value.

You can change how you respond to your readers without thinking you are more deserving of anything.

All of you will have heard of stories about cancer patients with a short time to live, yet they are determined to achieve something. They want to make their mark on the world before they leave it. They may want to raise money for a charity or another course. However, they give value to do it.

It’s not their mentality to ask why me? It’s their mentality to think they are one of the luckiest people alive.

Focus on your efforts, not your importance

If you want more customers, you need to change how people perceive you. To do that, you need to change your attitude. Focus on what you’re giving people; there is always room for improvement.

Accept criticism gracefully. You will get feedback, not all of it is pleasant. However, you can use the feedback to learn and grow. Feedback is always given based on how a person perceives you, to change that you have to change yourself and your attitude.

Recognizing that you have unattractive characteristics problems and insecurities will help you to communicate with your customer. They have the same challenges, use it as an excuse to interact with them on a more meaningful level.

The more you can empathize with your customer the more likely they are to trust you and spend money with you.

Stop and think how other people feel. I am sometimes impatient, and I have to rein myself in very hard otherwise, I can appear to make people look stupid, and that is never my intention.

If you think you’re entitled to more than you have, you will waste a lot of time and energy. That time could be better spent understanding your customer and your niche.

The center of the universe mentality is not attractive.

If you feel, you are better than other people in most tasks it will show in your writing.

You should bring yourself and your personality into your writing because it allows your readers to empathize with you. But that doesn’t mean you have to talk about yourself more than other people.

Think about how you can give more value and give more expertise to your customers. What are they really need?

Would they benefit from a free report? A free report they could download without an opt-in will increase their trust in you. Again trust is an important issue when people come to buy from you.

Dumping the world owes you a living mentality will help you build credibility with your customers and increase conversions because you will be giving more value on a daily basis.

Give more Value, and Increase you Conversions

Improve Your Self Confidence in your Business

It’s hard being confident when you start a new business. But throw in self -doubt as well and It can bring you down to a grinding halt. Improve Your Self Confidence in your Business by working through it.

You probably mistakenly believe that not everyone suffers from self-doubt. All successful men and women have somehow conquered it and ooze sheer confidence on a daily basis.

Nothing could be further from the truth

The actual truth is – they simply learned to plow through it. They work in spite of self-doubt. This usually comes with practice and isn’t something you enjoy overnight. The good news is – the self-doubt dwindles from a loud, screaming roar in your mind to a faint whisper you can easily tune out.

Becoming Aware of Your Self-Doubt

The first thing you have to do is become aware. Now, you might be saying, “I’m well aware of this,” but is that only when you’re looking at the big picture of how you haven’t succeeded yet?
Improve Your Self Confidence in your Business
Are you aware at the exact moment that self-doubt begins undermining your authority and telling you you’re not good enough to accomplish your goals? Most people aren’t tuned in during those moments – they’re simply mesmerized by their mind’s false message.

You think you’re trying to sabotage yourself, but you’re not. The reality is your subconscious is trying to protect you. In doing so, it leaves you frightened to go forward.

What makes it worse is how stress floods your body with the hormone cortisol, whenever self-doubt creeps in, your mind is flooded with horrible emotions like panic and guilt.

It’s like pouring salt on a wound. Not only did you manage to talk yourself out of productivity, but now you’re ridiculing yourself for making that move in the first place! The only true way to solve this problem is to face it head on and get out from under the rule of a self-sabotaging mindset.

This isn’t something a book can do for you – or a calming, scented candle. It has to come from within. But there are some tools you can use to help you conquer it if you’re willing to try.

Look for Truth in the Message

The fact is, sometimes your self-doubt is right. It’s not always just your mind toying with you. Sometimes, your gut instinct not to do something is a warning you should heed. But there’s a difference between your mind saying, “You shouldn’t try to create these graphics yourself because your designs stink,” and it telling you, “You’d save time and frustration saving up to outsource this part of your product.”

You have to think like a business owner. If you analyze other designs in the marketplace and feel yours can compete, go for it. If your skills fall short (don’t be afraid to ask people for their honest opinion), then listen to your self-doubt.

However, if you notice your mind is constantly telling you you’re notan expert, your appearance isn’t good enough, you’re too stupid or too shy or too newbie to do something – it’s probably a sign that there’s no truth to it.

This can stem from other areas of your life where you felt inadequate – a bad childhood or marriage, for example. Maybe you had a previous boss who made your life insufferable by putting down your efforts.

That doesn’t mean it was true.

You decide what’s true for you now – you have to take back that power and make a decision on what ‘s going to happen from this point on. Sometimes, when you hear yourself mired in self-doubt, it’s a result of sheer ignorance – you’re simply uninformed about the truth.

When you’re new to being an entrepreneur, there’s a lot to learn. You can sit there telling yourself you’re not enough of an expert to lead a niche yet, but it’s only because you’re uninformed about the fact that people love seeing a person’s journey from start to finish – and they will follow someone who isn’t yet an expert.


Because it’s comfortable to them. They’re on the same level and you’re leading the way. They don’t have to be intimidated by the person leading them and they’ll form an even stronger bond with you because you’re in their shoes and they appreciate you putting yourself out there.

But your mind wouldn’t tell you that. It simply says, “No, you can’t go into that niche because there are so many other, competent and successful niche leaders.” It’s a lie built on ignorance.

Prove Yourself Wrong

Nobody can tell you that you’re good enough, smart enough or capable enough to accomplish everything you need to get done. Only you will be effective at influencing yourself.

So the best thing you can do from here on out is get sick of yourself. Get sick of your excuses. Get tired of the whining. Roll your eyes whenever you start complaining. Get angry!

It’s refreshing to get to a point where you no longer put up with your own excuses. You have to become a brat and refuse to listen to your mindset that says it’s in control, and you’re not.

Every single time you wake up and take action, you prove yourself wrong. You prove to that mindset that what they said was a flat out lie. If your mind says you can’t think of a good enough domain, you sit your butt down in that chair and brainstorm until you do.

Push Yourself Through Barriers

If you tell yourself you’re too tired to work, or you don’t feel well, do something anyway. It can be a little something – but something to show yourself that you are capable – even if your eyes want to close or you feel a bit under the weather.

Over time, whenever your mindset tries declaring that you’re incapable of being productive in that moment, you won’t even have to think about it. You’ll simply get to work – and little by little, that voice won’t even try to go there again.

It will become routine for you to be productive. Many successful entrepreneurs work 365 days a year. That sounds grueling, doesn’t it? But truthfully, some of them might pop in and check emails or something very minor – and then enjoy the rest of their day.

They’ve produced a habit of showing up and being productive every single day, and it shows in the statistics of their earnings reports. When you stall out, you get nowhere.

Take each excuse you tell yourself – you don’t have time, you don’t have money, you don’t have enough knowledge to lead your niche – and prove them false one by one. You don’t have to achieve some major goal of reaching the pinnacle of your success in one week – or even one month.

Just make progress through productivity and when and if a sliver of self-doubt shows up, just tell yourself, “I’ll show you!” Every day you show up and put in the hours, you’ll feel stronger and stronger – more capable.

Implement Productivity Habits

There are steps you can take to prove that you have it in you to be productive, and it really boils down to changing your habits. For example, how much time do you spend flitting around online?

Do you surf the ‘net, binge watch Netflix shows, or even get lost scrolling through your busy Facebook news feed? Chances are, you might tell yourself the lie that you have no time to build a business.

Even if you don’t flit around and your day is truly packed with your regular offline job, family activities, and more – is there anything else you could do to sneak in some work time?

Working Productively

One habit you can implement is to get used to working at about the same time every day. Or, if your schedule varies, then commit to spending a certain amount of time per day, such as two hours a day – or even 30 minutes initially if you’re stretched too thin.

Take baby steps. If all you can start out with is 15 minutes, or writing half a page or learning something for 10 minutes – the seize that opportunity! There’s no need to go from stalled to suddenly the most productive person on the planet in mere seconds.

Make it a point to celebrate every single success that you experience. That means smiling and giving yourself a little pat on the back when you do work every day straight during the week.

You have to learn how to replace all of the negative self-talk that stems from self-doubt with positive kudos for each small step you take in being more productive with your business.

That’s the thing … no one else is going to cheer you on the same way. Just as nobody else would admonish you as you do to yourself. As an online entrepreneur, nobody will have your back or tell you what a good job you did.

Only you can do that. And if you fail to show up and at least try – you won’t be able to truthfully tell yourself you did a good job. The truth will be that you allowed fear and hesitation to ruin your productivity.

Spend More Time Working Than on Self Help

There might be a problem with you learning what’s being taught in this report. You might be the kind of person who appears to be all set on learning how to change – but you never actually follow through with the commitment.

Sometimes, people get addicted to finding out why they do the things they do. They feel something must be wrong, so they invest time and money to uncover it. And when the answers are revealed, they go search out more answers.

You might be addicted to studying time management tips, for example. This is all due to the fact that your mind continues to rule and feed you the lie that you don’t have time to work on your business.

So as you keep saying it, you keep reading time management tips. That makes you feel better – because you’re working on it. But reading about something and implementing change are two very different things.

Stop Studying Start Practising

Turn off the YouTube and the Ted Talks and quit asking people how to change and just do it. Just try. See if one of those tips you read about will help. If not, try something else. But limit your time spent absorbing self-help if you catch yourself never doing anything with the information.

For work at home entrepreneurs, the very best antidote to a defeated mind is to work. It helps develop a sense of pride in you and your accomplishments. It generates no guilt – unlike procrastination.

You’ll also gain invaluable insight into what works best for you – and what doesn’t – because you gain experience in your business. You can confidently say what you feel comfortable with because at least you’ve given each method a try.

Self-doubt is like a poison that keeps you from getting up out of bed each day. You have to become aware of what’s going on, separate the lies from the truths and then work around it like it’s the plague.

Don’t feel like you’re alone in this journey. Most marketers suffer from self-doubt, even once they’re successful. They might wonder if their big JV launch will go off without a hitch.

Every time they level up, there are fears and doubts to contend with – but they end up going forward anyway, and this is why they see such huge success. The future is whatever you want to make of it – not what your tricky mind says it has to be.

What Does It Really Take To Succeed at Internet Marketing?

What Does It Really Take To Succeed at Internet Marketing?

What Does It Really Take To Succeed at Internet Marketing?That is the question people ask every day as I a successful Internet marketer. I used to think that successful Internet marketers have a skill that no one else had!

Now I know better

I know that those that take action will succeed. New Internet marketers won’t necessarily succeed overnight; they may fail. However every time they fail they will pick themselves up and take more action. Successful people will find other ways of making things work.

The one thing they won’t do is give up!

Succeed at Internet Marketing?

Live on rice and beans, beans and rice

I know everyone here has seen the people who need FAST money. They beg for mentors; they plead via email for you to help them. In fact, I know many successful marketers who were in that position once. – And many now successful marketers were once in that position, too. In fact, my friend Sarah Staar arguably the most successful woman in Internet Marketing was once in that position.

When Sarah first started, she didn’t even have a credit card. She didn’t have the ability to apply for a credit card. She applied for a credit card which anyone could get with incredulously high-interest rates. It had to be paid back within one month.

The Big Fat Why?

That, of course, gave Sarah the why. She had a massive incentive to learn because she hadn’t told Dave, now a husband but then her boyfriend that she had borrowed nearly $1000 to pay for a course.

She had literally one month to find out the how. Sarah being Sarah was not going to be beaten. She decided to go to the London lunch at the Strand Palace hotel in London and find out what other marketers were doing to be successful.

Succeed at Internet Marketing?

This is What Sarah did

I sat opposite her that lunch nearly 10 years ago and I watched her absorb every single detail from two men one on either side of her. They both told her that there were many different models to choose from to make your business work online. They also told her one thing they all had in common was an email list.

I can remember Sarah saying to Martin Amis who runs the London lunch
“I am doomed!”
Martin wanted to know why?
She said
“I’m dyslexic, how can I write an email?”
Martin replied
“Sarah, you know how to make videos. Why don’t you do a video in the newsletter”?

Sarah didn’t spend money she didn’t have on products hoping it’ll be the golden piece of information that will make them super rich at the press of a button. She applied the knowledge from the course to her everyday work and pestered everyone and anyone to get the answers she needed.

The Importance of Networking

She went to loads of Internet marketing events. She asked a lot of questions, but more importantly she listened very intently to the answers. Today she is one of the most switched on marketers I have ever met. Back then she wasn’t.

However, she always had the ability to see through information and get to the most simple information. She didn’t believe in the sales copy that said that success would happen she made it happen.

Desperate Marketer

I speak to lots of people every month.They are what I would call desperate marketers. They can’t even find an extra $50 a month. Because they can’t they spend any available income on seven dollar WSO products.

The information that you need to find to succeed will never in a million years be in a seven dollar product.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up. Enrol in one of Sarah’s free products such as how to be a successful affiliate. Be frugal with your money now.

Save five dollars a week by giving up a cup of coffee or walking a short distance rather than taking the car.Live on rice and beans, and beans and rice.

What does this mean in the Internet marketing industry?

There are lots of free advice. There are forum discussions, free autoresponders, and websites that provide free tutorials.

Examples of forum discussions will be the Warrior forum. You may say that a lot of the information is garbage. You may well be right but there are some very well respected Internet marketers on there as well.

People like Willie Crawford, Sarah Staar, Tiffany Dow, just to name but a few.

MailChimp is a free auto responder. It’s not the best in the world but you can practice building a list for nothing.

The Best Free Internet marketing training

There are fantastic sites such as Wealthy Affiliates they have over 70 training videos showing you how to build a profitable website. It is $47 a month, but they are so sure that their training works they offer a free account.

All you have to do is create your free account and get on with the training. There is a fantastic community there of over 10,000 people waiting to help you build a successful site.

There will never be any pressure on wealthy affiliates for you to upgrade to premium. That means you can stay as a free member for as long as you like.

If you “live like no one else” – meaning be a cheapskate, be frugal, be stingy with your money now, then one day you will LIVE like no one else.

Internet marketing is very scalable. Once you have learnt to do it in one niche you can do it in any niche. In other words, the training you learn is a rinse and repeat model.

It’s not glamorous. It might even be kind of embarrassing, but not one person will dare say you’re an idiot for rolling up your sleeves and taking a bit longer to learn the free way because you just don’t have $47-197 to buy a product right now.

It’s going to take you longer to find the answers without buying a guide, yes. You’ll feel the discomfort of it because it’s not the easy way – just like the people who are in debt who are living on Ramen noodles until they’re debt-free.

But in the end, you’ll HAVE it.

Bend it Like Beckham in Internet marketing

Bend it Like Beckham in Internet marketing

David Beckham was the captain of the English football team for six years; he holds the record number of caps for the English team. When he was a top player he won the Premier League title six times, the FA Cup twice and the UEFA championship once with Manchester United. He also won La Liga with Real Madrid and the Major League Soccer Cup twice with LA Galaxy. Bend it Like Beckham in Internet marketing is a lesson to be learned.

No one bend It Like Beckham

In a memorable international game against Greece in 2001 his team had to draw to qualify for the 2002 World Cup, and they were losing 2-1, two and half minutes before the end of the game. Some might say this was a typical English football match. Suddenly a foul was committed 10 yards outside the Greek box. Beckham took the kick. He kicked the ball, which was then bent around a four-man wall and into the top corner of the goal over 30 yards away. No one bends balls like Beckham!

In total Beckham scored amazing 65 kicks during his career, 29 with the Manchester United 14 for real Madrid and 12 the LA Galaxy, seven for England, two for Preston North end, and one for AC Milan.

The burdgeoning Beckham

David Beckham grew up in an ordinary house in Leytonstone in the East End of London. When he was five or six years of age, he started to practice ball control by kicking the ball into the air kneeing it and then heading it. Like most kids of his age, he could do five or six before the ball came to the ground.

Bend it Like Beckham in Internet marketing

I would imagine that most children in the UK have at some time done this. The difference with David he kept at it! His mother Sandra often watched him through the kitchen window doggedly practicing ball control. It didn’t matter what the weather was, rain or shine sleet or snow he was out there practicing.

From Humble Beginnings

Most kids would have given up, but it is quite clear that David was no ordinary kid. He had an incredible work ethic. Very gradually the young David improved. Within six months he could keep the ball in the air for 200 maneuvers. At the age of nine, he reaches record 2003. That is an incredible number nine-year-old child. In all, he kept the ball in the air for 15 minutes, and his little legs must have ached at the end of it.

Perseverence Pays Off

The young David didn’t whine that it was too difficult. David didn’t say it was snowing out there. He simply got on with the job. The job was to master his ball control. In all that time David must’ve dropped the ball hundreds of times. As each failure unfolded, he carried on learned from it and practiced some more.

David Beckham may have had an extraordinary work ethic but I’m sure during that time of training he must have wanted to give up at least a couple of times. However, he didn’t he carried on. He didn’t know he was going to play for England he didn’t even those going to be a professional footballer, but a very early age he learned to win. The most important thing about the lessons he learned to win through failure.

Developing Talent

Once you learn to master the ball control it he decided to turn his attention to free kicks. He spent nearly every afternoon with his father aiming the top right-hand corner of a makeshift goalpost made out of wire meshing in his local park. His father stood between the ball and the target which forced his son to bend the ball around a target. Dad said over the years he must’ve taken 50,000 free kicks in that park.

That must’ve been some sight watching that kid practice and practice. He must have had thousands of misses until you perfected the tea technique and got it right. Years later when he played for England, he was renowned for staying on after training practice to practice is free kicks. Clearly, David embraced the failures wove them into his work ethic and improved from them.

Connecting Internet Marketing and David Beckham

Many of us can’t admit our mistakes even to ourselves. Our egos get in the way. Whatever happens, we blame other people, or we blame circumstances. If you are self-employed, you are in control of your own destiny. I work at home, and I control and decide how much work I want to do and how much profit I make.

I do a lot of paid advertising. When I start my campaign small because not every campaign is a winner. I know that some of those campaigns will fail however they will lead to successes. These campaigns are refined little by little measuring each gain until I got a winning campaign. I do the same thing with my squeeze pages I tweak and tweak until they convert at least 40%.

When the going Gets Tough

David’s story may have started with his incredible work ethic, but it finished with his incredible tenacity. In 1998 he was playing for England against Argentina for a place in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. At home, 20 million UK citizens were sitting on the edge of their seat willing England to win as the score was two all.

Suddenly out of nowhere, David Beckham brought a player Diego Simeone down. As Diego got up, he pulled Beckham’s hair and patted him on the head. David reacted quickly and decisively by shooting his leg out. Although it was an instinctive reaction and not particularly hard, it caught Diego. The Argentinian milked it for all it was worth and went down. David Beckham got a red card. England lost the match on penalties.
Bend it Like Beckham in Internet marketing

The Tough Get Going

David, of course, couldn’t take those penalties because he’d been sent off. Sadly some of the British public didn’t behave well. David Beckham received death threats and bullets in the post. A national newspaper created a dartboard out of his head. The young man had made a small mistake, and yet they treated him like the devil incarnate.

Bend it Like Beckham in Internet marketing

David didn’t give up. This experience would have broken lesser men. In fact, David Beckham had his finest season. In that year Manchester United with his help won the treble which in England is the Premier League the FA Cup and the championship league. Beckham was there but every single game and at the end of the year, he was voted second in the FIFA World Cup player of the year awards.

David Beckham himself said during this difficult time he felt his willpower hardening would have been very easy for him to be negative. These challenges would have floored people with a fixed mindset. David Beckham regarded these failures as a learning opportunity he grew both as a player and as a person. He said, “six was sending them all it was tough, but I learned a valuable lesson, isn’t that what life is about”?