What Does It Really Take To Succeed at Internet Marketing?

What Does It Really Take To Succeed at Internet Marketing?That is the question people ask every day as I a successful Internet marketer. I used to think that successful Internet marketers have a skill that no one else had!

Now I know better

I know that those that take action will succeed. New Internet marketers won’t necessarily succeed overnight; they may fail. However every time they fail they will pick themselves up and take more action. Successful people will find other ways of making things work.

The one thing they won’t do is give up!

Succeed at Internet Marketing?

Live on rice and beans, beans and rice

I know everyone here has seen the people who need FAST money. They beg for mentors; they plead via email for you to help them. In fact, I know many successful marketers who were in that position once. – And many now successful marketers were once in that position, too. In fact, my friend Sarah Staar arguably the most successful woman in Internet Marketing was once in that position.

When Sarah first started, she didn’t even have a credit card. She didn’t have the ability to apply for a credit card. She applied for a credit card which anyone could get with incredulously high-interest rates. It had to be paid back within one month.

The Big Fat Why?

That, of course, gave Sarah the why. She had a massive incentive to learn because she hadn’t told Dave, now a husband but then her boyfriend that she had borrowed nearly $1000 to pay for a course.

She had literally one month to find out the how. Sarah being Sarah was not going to be beaten. She decided to go to the London lunch at the Strand Palace hotel in London and find out what other marketers were doing to be successful.

Succeed at Internet Marketing?

This is What Sarah did

I sat opposite her that lunch nearly 10 years ago and I watched her absorb every single detail from two men one on either side of her. They both told her that there were many different models to choose from to make your business work online. They also told her one thing they all had in common was an email list.

I can remember Sarah saying to Martin Amis who runs the London lunch
“I am doomed!”
Martin wanted to know why?
She said
“I’m dyslexic, how can I write an email?”
Martin replied
“Sarah, you know how to make videos. Why don’t you do a video in the newsletter”?

Sarah didn’t spend money she didn’t have on products hoping it’ll be the golden piece of information that will make them super rich at the press of a button. She applied the knowledge from the course to her everyday work and pestered everyone and anyone to get the answers she needed.

The Importance of Networking

She went to loads of Internet marketing events. She asked a lot of questions, but more importantly she listened very intently to the answers. Today she is one of the most switched on marketers I have ever met. Back then she wasn’t.

However, she always had the ability to see through information and get to the most simple information. She didn’t believe in the sales copy that said that success would happen she made it happen.

Desperate Marketer

I speak to lots of people every month.They are what I would call desperate marketers. They can’t even find an extra $50 a month. Because they can’t they spend any available income on seven dollar WSO products.

The information that you need to find to succeed will never in a million years be in a seven dollar product.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up. Enrol in one of Sarah’s free products such as how to be a successful affiliate. Be frugal with your money now.

Save five dollars a week by giving up a cup of coffee or walking a short distance rather than taking the car.Live on rice and beans, and beans and rice.

What does this mean in the Internet marketing industry?

There are lots of free advice. There are forum discussions, free autoresponders, and websites that provide free tutorials.

Examples of forum discussions will be the Warrior forum. You may say that a lot of the information is garbage. You may well be right but there are some very well respected Internet marketers on there as well.

People like Willie Crawford, Sarah Staar, Tiffany Dow, just to name but a few.

MailChimp is a free auto responder. It’s not the best in the world but you can practice building a list for nothing.

The Best Free Internet marketing training

There are fantastic sites such as Wealthy Affiliates they have over 70 training videos showing you how to build a profitable website. It is $47 a month, but they are so sure that their training works they offer a free account.

All you have to do is create your free account and get on with the training. There is a fantastic community there of over 10,000 people waiting to help you build a successful site.

There will never be any pressure on wealthy affiliates for you to upgrade to premium. That means you can stay as a free member for as long as you like.

If you “live like no one else” – meaning be a cheapskate, be frugal, be stingy with your money now, then one day you will LIVE like no one else.

Internet marketing is very scalable. Once you have learnt to do it in one niche you can do it in any niche. In other words, the training you learn is a rinse and repeat model.

It’s not glamorous. It might even be kind of embarrassing, but not one person will dare say you’re an idiot for rolling up your sleeves and taking a bit longer to learn the free way because you just don’t have $47-197 to buy a product right now.

It’s going to take you longer to find the answers without buying a guide, yes. You’ll feel the discomfort of it because it’s not the easy way – just like the people who are in debt who are living on Ramen noodles until they’re debt-free.

But in the end, you’ll HAVE it.

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