Five Smart Productivity Techniques For Newbies

Your most valuable creation in a business is your visionWhen it comes to starting an Internet business from scratch, some people find the going tough. Please don’t be discouraged, the learning curve was tough for us all.Five smart productivity techniques for newbies is designed to speed up the process a bit.None of us were born understanding marketing!

Even Sarah Staar struggled in the beginning

I know a lot of you will think that people who have “made it” have an advantage. By the expression made it, I mean those people who have become not only a full-time Internet marketer but also a millionaire product creator and guru.

When Sarah started ten years ago, many people told her that Internet marketing was dead. The.com boom was over, and nobody was ever gonna make real money on the Internet again.

That was a bit like saying in 1928 that the telephone would never progress from the old heavy black handsets.

Entropy nurse will always push boundaries and make things better. We are still in the Wild West days of the Internet, and there’s still plenty of opportunities to make a lot of money.

Overcoming Struggles

five-smart-productivity-techniques-for-newbiesBack in the day, Sarah used to laugh when people told her she’d never make any money! She just tried her best. When things didn’t go right, she’d scratch your head and struggle to isolate why things were wrong.

She knew other people were making money and she also knew she didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. If she persisted asking the right questions, then she would eventually get the answers.

Looking back, I think it was this persistence that got the answers. I think Sarah simply wore down the resistance of other Internet marketers. In the end, they all capitulated to that steely gaze and gave in.

Five Smart Productivity Techniques For Newbies

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

1. Copy Exactly What Other People are Doing

Don’t try too hard to work it all out for yourself. The logic behind this is really simple if someone has already been through what you’re struggling to master they’ve got it right.

Just follow them, it’s not rocket science. Sarah herself has made five free videos called “How to Sell Affiliate Products.”All you have to do is click on the link. Once you filled in your email address, you will get a reply. This email will tell you the login details of your membership site.

This is, all free of charge; you just have to watch the videos. Once you watch them, put the training into action. If you get stuck, Sarah Staar has one of the most proactive helpdesks in Internet marketing.

2. Don’t be distracted

Stay Focused. Decide what your objective is. Making $100 a day is a good one to start. Stay focused on that until you achieve it.

That figure may seem an impossible figure when you’re just starting out. Trust me it’s not!

However, it will be impossible if you jump around doing too many things. Just concentrate on the things you need to do to make a profit now.

3. What’s going to make you money now?

Some other people -would make this comment under time management techniques.

However, I don’t think it is a time management technique. I just think it’s not knowing what to do to make a profit in the shortest amount of time.

Don’t be distracted by things that don’t help. For instance, if you are building a website there are some really horrible crappy -looking websites out there that make a fortune.

What I’m saying is don’t get focused on the aesthetics, the fonts, the pictures, and the background et cetera. Just get the job done in the shortest amount of time.If it’s not going to make you money, I mean now, today, then don’t do it!

4.Don’t Give Up Too Soon.

Don’t think, that just because you started to be an entrepreneur everything will go your way. One of the keys to being a success is to re-evaluate how you think about failure.

Failure is a crucial part of the learning curve.If you been in a corporate environment, you might find this an alien idea. It’s one I suggest you get used to pretty quickly. You may have been seduced by ideas that there is a press button solution to Internet marketing.

Sadly, there isn’t it’s a slick sales idea used by people with no ethics.

No one has streamlined Internet marketing to make it more simple than Sarah. But, that just mean she’s taken out the fluff, not the work!

Fortunately, everything is trackable and traceable in the Internet marketing world. Everything you do leaves a footprint, and you can trace it back and find out where you went wrong. This means it’s correctable.

You wouldn’t kick a baby in the teeth for tottering.

When a baby starts to walk, it pulls itself up and often falls back down again. Now you’d never dream of chastising that child for that. You accept it as part of the learning curve!
Be kind to yourself. It’s part of your learning curve to fall. What you have to do is the same as a baby, crawl for a bit and find something upright and pull yourself up.
The something upright in Internet marketing is often a mentor. Find one you trust and follow them.

Learn when to outsource.

There are a lot of tasks in affiliate marketing that only have to be done once.
It’s a waste of time, that is your time to try and learn everything. That will hold you back years.
You need to make a profit as soon as you can. So when you hit a challenge, outsource it and move on.
What’s really important is your goal and your vision. This is the bit you have to bring to fruition. It may seem hard that you have to do this. But that’s the thing about being self-employed, you do. As Harry H Truman once said “the buck stops here!”
That doesn’t mean you have to do everything. If you can’t afford to outsource then share with a friend on a forum and swap tasks that you can’t do. Always play to your strengths, and not your weaknesses.

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