The Freedom to Be Your Own Boss

There’s a common theme among those who begin searching for a way to launch their own work at home business – financial freedom. You might be in dire need of a way to earn more money than your current job provides.The Freedom to Be Your Own Boss gives you a choice.

Or, it could be that you have a job that pays an amazing salary but just doesn’t fulfill you as much as being your own boss would. There’s something missing from life when you’re forced to report to a job at a specific time. You are told what tasks need to be done and obligated to steer a company the way other people say it should be directed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Being your own boss doesn’t just entail sleeping late and working in your pajamas. Even though many hyped up product owners like to lure you in with this. In fact, you may even find there’s more work involved. Depending on the path you choose to acquire your wealth.

But either way, the satisfaction level you achieve by pursuing your own goals will outweigh any job performance review you’ve ever gotten in the 9-5 grind of the corporate world.

There’s a solution available to everyone on the spectrum. From those desperate to pay the rent to people looking for a way to supplement their retirement, and it’s called Internet Marketing.

It allows you to work the hours you want to work, whether that’s 11 P.M. to 3 o-clock in the morning. Or the more traditional 8-5 approach. You make the decision.

Your Internet marketing career can involve as much or as little work as you want it to. You can choose something that requires 30 minutes a day. It has slower growth.  Or an option allowing you to bang out a month’s worth of 12 hour days.  This will  achieve an unbelievable return on your investment of time in just 30 days.

Free To Choose Where You Work

You’ll be able to choose where you work. Very few Internet marketers actually rent office space out of their home. Because overhead costs are kept low anyway by working from home.  There’s no reason to add to it when all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. They fit nicely in a spare bedroom or right in the corner of an existing room, like the den!

Running your own business means being in touch with it on a regular basis, so it might be hard to leave for a 2-week vacation without checking in once (although it is possible, depending on which avenue of Internet marketing you choose).

But the good news is – laptops are portable. You could spend 365 days a year lounging on the beach. Because you can run an Internet marketing business from anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the World Wide Web.I regularly travel for a month at a time.

You won’t have to submit an approval form to leave work. You won’t have to alert your clients that you’re going to the Bahamas. You just pack up and go, logging in once a day or so to see how things are progressing.

Let’s talk money now.

Financial freedom has a different meaning for everyone. To some, it could be having enough to cover all bills. Whilst others want to be making plenty to sock away for retirement and live a luxurious lifestyle.

The benefit of running an Internet marketing business is that you have no glass ceiling preventing you from earning as much as you want to. And you won’t have to ask anyone to pay you more, fearing rejection of a raise.

You set your prices on products. You work more when you want to earn more or cut your hours when money isn’t too tight. You decide when and if you want to branch out into another area of Internet marketing to expand your online empire.

It’s Not All Fun and Games

Now you know about the benefits. Let’s talk reality about this world of online operations. There seems to be some great myth that most marketers are promoting pie in the sky dreams that are mostly hype and very little substance.

The reality is – it’s work!

You’re not going to choose a username, create a link and wake up to $1,000 that you made while you sleep. Even affiliate marketing – where you sell other people’s goods, requires you to do some work to get your share of the commission. The simplest possible way is the Sarah Staar way – get your five free videos here streamlining the process of Internet marketing.

If you’re looking for a turnkey, get the rich quick miracle, Internet marketing isn’t it. Buy a lottery ticket and pray that your numbers win big. You can’t see those stats where one guy makes $1 million in 18 hours and think that’s going to happen to you your first week.

Reality Check

The reality is, it took more than those 18 hours to make that million.  It took months, if not a year to get that product launch set up to rake in that much cash in a short period of time.

If you’re not going to enjoy the drudgery of getting all your ducks in a row before the money starts rolling in, then Internet marketing may not be the business for you. Here’s just a taste of some of the tasks you might be doing to achieve the monetary rewards you’re seeking:

  • Building a massive warehouse list of keywords and phrases (we’re talking 10k or more, not just the top 10 words).
  • Writing and submitting articles – hundreds of them, to plant all around the net as a map to your offers.
  • Filtering your outsourcing options – checking profiles, posting projects, and testing service providers to see who works best for your needs.
  • Answering emails from customers.
  • Setting up websites, even if it’s just a one-page minisite with a Buy Now button.
  • Handling download problems – even with the best system in place, sometimes things have a glitch and need your attention.
  • Creating products – they could be in text, audio, or video format. They may be short or lengthy, depending on the amount of information you’re selling.

This is a short list, but you can see immediately how much there is to do on a regular basis. Even if you’re an affiliate, you’ll still be reviewing products, building a toolbox of promotional materials, and setting up autoresponder emails to convert prospects into sales.

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