Branding Challenge Day 16 Video Marketing Part 2

Put Your Best Foot Forward Video Marketing

If appearances are really concerning you, making you doubt your ability to be a video marketer, then let’s look at how you can lessen your self doubt in that area. First, take the time to properly fix your hair and makeup (if you wear it).

Don’t start panicking, think you have to look like a supermodel. Have a look at some of your competitors in your niche. You will find the majority of them were perfectly normal clothes while doing a video.

You don’t have to get a professional blow dry or go to the salon. Just comb or brush it neatly and look just as you would look if you were going on a job interview, for example. Don’t worry if you do not resemble a model – few marketers in this business do.

Second, don some clothes that make you feel good about yourself. All they’ll be seeing is from the torso and up, so don’t worry about dressing to the nines. All you need is a good shirt or blouse. If you want a formal look then wear a jacket, preferably in a dark colour

Depending on the message you want to present, you could even wear a t-shirt if you wanted – just make sure it’s clean and presentable, not stained with food drippings or torn at the edge.

Look Relaxed

Your videos should look as if you’re sitting across the table from someone (the viewer) at a café, having lunch. When people tell you they feel connected to you from your videos – like they’re having lunch with an old friend – you’ll know you’re doing it right.

The objective is to show you and your brand as you really are. It can be a mistake to make these videos too professional. The idea is that your readers can bond with you. If you are too formal or very stilted, then you are more likely to turn your readers off.

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Common Mistakes

You should never make the common mistake of holding the video in your hand up close. No one wants to view a close up facial shot. The video should have you sitting back so that your shoulders are showing along with your head. I use a tripod to keep my video camera stable on my desk.

If you don’t have a tripod steady the camera by propping it up or using a stand for it. If you hold it, then not only will you probably look too close, but the video will be slightly shaky from your hand and not as smooth as you want it to be for those watching.

The Background

It’s important that you set your mind at ease when making videos by ensuring the room around you is pleasant. Instead of relying on fancy lamps, use natural sunlight.

Open the blinds or shades and watch the room fill with the best lighting for your videos. If it’s too dark still, then strategically place small lamps from your home around the room until you achieve the look you want.

If the space behind you is cluttered, consider either recording against a blank wall or investing in an affordable backdrop. You can order beautiful room dividers off Amazon that give your videos a nice, professional appearance.

Just make sure everything looks tidy – and that your family isn’t running around in the background causing a distraction to the viewers. As you level up with a paid video course, make sure you do everything you can to improve the aesthetic quality of your recordings. Also, don’t let your pets be in the same room. It may be that the viewer can’t see your pets, but they can hear them. A dog gnawing on a bone is very annoying in the background.

Learn How to Level Up and Build Confidence

Video marketing success comes with practice. Aside from repeatedly engaging in making a video, which will put you at ease over time, you can find other ways to improve your confidence with this media format.

First, watch other marketers, see how they do video. Are they relaxed and laughing, or are they speaking like a paid, professional commercial? Know your goals before you begin recording.

How long are the videos in your niche by your competitors? If they’re seeing a ton of engagement from 3-5 minute videos and you’re not seeing any engagement on 10-15 minutes, then it’s an indicator that it’s not about length, but the quality that matters.

Location Location Location

Are some people doing videos on location, instead of at home in their office? For example, let’s say you’ve decided to enter the fitness niche. You might start out giving great advice via video from your home office.

But then you hit a wall, and engagement and subscribers go stagnant. One way you can improve is to see what other fitness niche video marketers are doing. You might see that they’re filming on location in the gym.

This is a good way to copy someone else’s success. You’re not hijacking their message, but finding out what the niche demographic prefers when it comes to learning styles.

Another way you can put self doubt to rest is to take the easy route and simply ask fellow marketers and trusted online friends for some feedback. Be prepared to accept it and not get offended.

They might tell you they can’t understand you – that you’re mumbling. Or maybe they’ll say you need better lighting or more energy as you use video. But they also might say it’s fantastic, and you shouldn’t change a thing! One thing to bear in mind is that everyone’s first video attempts are truly awful. You will be embarrassed about how you look or sound.

One of the last things you can do to improve your hesitation in using video is to learn how to use good video editing software. You can create a professional intro to your recording, or edit out mistakes as you go. As you make more and more videos, you will become more assured. I try not to make videos when I am tired because I tend to umm and ahh a lot more than normal. While I can edit these errors out I prefer not to make them.

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