Branding Challenge Day 23. How to Share An Infographic

How to Share An Infographic

It may seem intimidating to write to people who are authorities or big public figures, but they’re just people like you. The worst thing they can do is say no, so don’t let fear keep you paralyzed. Learning how to share an infographic is an excellent skill to learn.

Make sure you follow up and thank those that have shared your infographic. Don’t bug anyone more than once if they fail to share your infographic. It’s possible to position yourself as a pest if you keep nagging someone to share. You don’t want to be branded as a troll.

Use the Power of Your Network

Ask your friends. Don’t forget to ask your friends to share your information. Most friends will happily retweet or share infographics that you create. If they’re appropriate for a wide audience, use the power of your friendships.

Submit it to directories. There are many places where you can share infographics such as Flickr, Visual.ly, and Infographics Showcase. These are places where you can share your infographic and it can be published for you.

People who are interested in infographics will browse these sites and when they find something they like, they’ll share it. This gives you another opportunity to show off your hard work and spread your message.

Tags are Crucial

Use intelligent tags so people can find your graphics. Share on places like Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t be lazy and forget to use tags. Some sites allow up to five tags.

Make your infographic searchable. Your infographic should be tagged with terms that make it easy to find. Tag it with keywords that are relevant to your audience, but for a broader reach, the terms “free” and “infographic” are crucial.

Adding these specific terms ensures that someone looking for a free infographic in your particular niche will come upon yours – and it might be just the one they’ve been looking for.

Don’t Leave Out Your Followers

Share it with your email list. Don’t forget to share your infographic with those who are already following you. Remember that people who “like” your FaceBook fan page may not see all of your posts.

But by delivering it directly to their inbox, they’ll be more likely to see it. If you send out a newsletter to your list, make sure you include your infographic in your newsletter.

And when you send it to them, don’t be afraid to ask them to share it. Many people just don’t think to share it unless you ask.

Use Video to share an Infographic

Create a video. You can take your image and create a video to go along with it. This is something you can upload to YouTube and share through your social media channels.

You can use animation software to make it yourself or outsource this little job to a pro on Fiverr for an inexpensive promotional tool. A video that mixes your infographic with a little bit of catchy music can appeal to a whole new audience.

Create a blog series. You can take different points from your infographic and break them down into an article series on your blog. This allows you to keep your infographic in the forefront of your readers’ minds.

It will also help you take the ideas that are simplified in your infographic and expand upon them. This really showcases your leadership in the niche and gives you multiple opportunities to have your graphic go viral.

Don’t Give It All Away At Once

Break it apart. Before you release the entire infographic, you might try breaking it down into smaller pieces and sharing them a little at a time. This is a kind of tease that will get your audience interested.

You can do this very simply by taking a screenshot and then cutting and pasting small sections to reveal each day. The anticipation can create a buzz so that when you actually share the entire infographic, people are already excited about sharing it as a whole.

Offer guest posts. You can also share your infographic by offering to write a guest post on a related blog. Sharing your image with about 400 words of content is the perfect way to expand your audience.

Create An Interactive Infographic

Create an interactive experience. When you create an infographic that’s interactive, it will be more likely to be shared. If people can click on your infographic or swipe their finger across it to achieve a different effect, it can get more attention.

Of course, this requires some advanced technical skills and you may have to hire someone to help you if you choose to try this technique. But it might be worth the investment if it leads to a bigger list and increased sales.

Getting Started with Infographics

Now that you know a little more about infographics, it’s time to add them to your marketing plan. If you’re not sure which topic to use for creating your first one, try one of these ideas:

* Look at the headlines and see if your business connects with the current news stories
* Ask your audience what they want to know – you may get a lot of great ideas for questions you can answer through an infographic
* Go through your email and blog comments and review the kinds of questions your readers are asking
* Brainstorm information that you can share with your readers – use your expertise
* Look for new research in your field and try to explain difficult concepts in a simple way that average people can understand
* Search on Pinterest for topics that relate to what you do and see what people are interested in
* Look at many examples of other people’s infographics to get ideas for how to present information and possible topics (without plagiarizing)
It may take you a few tries to get the infographic that is perfect for your audience and that really conveys the message that you want to share. But don’t be afraid to give infographics a try and see how they can help share your brand and make your message viral.

Infographics can be powerful branding tools when you use them properly and they garner a lot of interest. Make sure you create really good ones and share great information to get the most shares!

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