Join me For a Branding Challenge – Introduction part 2

Personal Preference Platforms

We all have things online that we love, some we tolerate and some we hate.

For instance, I am not a huge fan of LinkedIn but I tolerate it because it builds connections for me. I absolutely LOVE Google Plus, though.

You may be completely opposite of me.

I want you to set up on all of the sites I show you and interact the way I show you at least once for this challenge for two reasons:

1. You may discover there was nothing to hate about it. (I hated Twitter when I first got on there).
2. It may turn out to be a platform that responds remarkably well to your branding.

You won’t know it, until you try it

And it’s not all about platforms. Some exercises are about expanding your knowledge and sharing it in a way that wakes people up. Others force you to be controversial.

You’re about to light a flame for your brand that attracts people.

We’re going, beginning with mapping out our brand. Then move into setting up some systems in place, and use the second half of our branding challenge to really spread the word about our purpose.

Feel Free to Scale Up

branding challengeThis challenge cannot measure money.

It is NOT a “Make $1,413 in 72 hours” report.

In fact, I want money out of your mind for this challenge. I want you coming to the table with “How may I SERVE” implanted in your brain.

This, over everything else, is an exercise in giving and building trust with your audience.

So get ready to GIVE!

Now we only have 30 days to practice new habits and test-drive some new (or different) ways of reaching out, but I want you to feel free to scale up whenever I introduce a technique.

For instance, we may do a video for our niche. If you want to do a video every day, go for it! I won’t make you do that because I don’t know how much time you have, and I don’t want this to be overwhelming.

I want you to have time left over in your day to work on money making tasks that are instant – like putting up a blog post with a review of a product and blasting your list, etc.

I know giving doesn’t immediately put food on the table! I’m not ignorant of that fact – but it’s the element that will help you long-term make the most money online. It should change the way you do business.

Simply the Best

branding challenge

THIS challenge is about devoting a portion of your day to toppling your competitors in your niche simply with the fact that you’re BETTER than all the rest.

You care more.

You give more.

You do more.

You know more.

Not – “you WANT more.”

So while you’re working on this challenge, your #1 concern shouldn’t be if you look perfect on camera, or “how much is this going to pay me

in cold, hard cash,” but – “did I affect someone out there in a positive way?”

If the answer is yes – if even one person begins following you and letting you lead them – and telling others how great you are – then you’re on the right track.

You’ve gained your first loyal fan at that point.

My Branding Story Is Evolving

I always like to share my experiences whenever I do a product. When it comes to branding, I think I inherently knew some things without even having to be taught.

My first foray into online business was To win bids, I knew that I had to brand myself to some degree, even though I never uttered that word because I didn’t know individuals could brand themselves.

I just knew I had to set myself apart as better.Even though the majority of freelancers at rent a coder were not writers, it was important to set yourself apart.


I looked at all the successful bids in all the categories. I noticed that all the really successful came from consortiums. So I created my

own writing team. I guaranteed the writers 10% extra income when they bidded individually and lost and then came into my writing team.

Joining Forces

I wrote many of the bestselling ClickBank products between 1997 and 2005. I became the second highest rated writer on I completed over 2000 assignments. I then became known as Ghostwriter to the Internet marketing Gurus.

I was charging $60 plus for an article. I turned people down even when I could have accommodated them. The more I turned down work the more in demand I became!


I took orders only twice a year on 1st January and on 1st July.

The perception here is important. If you are fully booked, you are the best.

If you want to accommodate people and do everything they ask you, then they take advantage. I became so successful that RentAcoder asked me to

write a book about how I did it, to give away to new potential writers.

This book brought every new writer under my radar, they all wrote for me, and I took on the best as ghostwriters.

Later I became the Sales Manager for Sarah Staar, many of you will hear my voice every two or three weeks in a webinar with Sarah.

So here I am. Right along with you, now. Branding myself all over again because I need to pinpoint a direction and really focus on a brand,

and not just Hodgepodge marketing, which is what I feel like I’ve been doing.

I have made a lot of money, but now is the time to step up to the plate and brand myself.

Tomorrow we start Day 1 of the branding challenge. If you want to join in, feel free to do so. You can do it silently and quietly, or you can add a comment below

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