How long Before I make Money At Wealthy Affiliates?

How long Before I make Money At Wealthy Affiliates?


The question how long before I make money at wealthy affiliates is an obvious one yet it is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Not because the answer is so long, you will have lost the will to live but because everyone is different.When prospective Internet marketers come to wealthy affiliates, they come from different backgrounds with vastly different experience.

Some have been in the corporate world for 30 years and had some idea of business practices; others are stay-at-home moms who are too young to have a broad range of business experience.Because the training starts with the premise that you know nothing about marketing. It then goes through a series of seventy videos to the expert level.

From expert down to the complete novice, they have the chance of acquiring the knowledge. However, not all of them assimilate the knowledge at the same rate.

Don’t skip the steps

It depends – is the answer here! Statistically, it looks as though most people begin to earn money round about the third or fourth-month mark. This is very interesting because this is also the point at which a lot of people give up.

Learning any new skill takes time and patience. Internet marketing is no different. If you approach it as a complete newbie, it can all seem a bit daunting. This is where the amazing community comes in. The community will support you through your difficulties in many different ways. There is a live chat function which will normally give you an immediate answer to your problem.

The image below this text shows you what one of the owners at Wealthy Affiliate’s thinks, Kyle posted it recently.

How long before I make money at Wealthy Affiliates?

Many people don’t get the help they need though because they ask the wrong questions! Common questions are
How long did it take you to earn money?
Does this really work?
Can you earn money from Internet marketing?
What is an affiliate?
Where do I put my links?
How can I earn money fast?
How do I get money from PayPal?

All of these questions are an indication that the questioner has not been through the training. Every single question is asked during the training and answered at the appropriate time.

Your Business has to be Sustainable

The basis of the training is building a sustainable business using your website. As you can imagine this incorporates many skills, not least of which is creating a website. Let’s just assume that you know how to make the most fantastic website in the world. If you don’t know how to drive traffic to it is dead in the water. That’s a fact.

It has to be sustainable and repeatable as well. Once you have learned to do it once you can go on and rinse and repeat the step.

So the training involves building a website and driving traffic to it. Between those two extremes, there are many steps such as mastering keyword research. Keyword research means finding out what your potential customer is going to type into Google to get the answer to their problem.
While a lot of people make a big problem out of this, it’s not a big deal. It understands the problem that your potential customer has. The more you understand your niche, the more you can connect with the people in it. When you can connect with people they think you understand the problem better than they do. They trust you.

Don’t neglect your preparation

George Washington once said
, “if I have eight hours to chop down a tree I would spend six hours sharpening the axe.”

Sharpen your Internet marketing skills and make sure you are targeting the customers that want to buy at the time they want to buy. The training is very comprehensive it even goes into the different stage of the buying cycle. The problem a lot of people face when they start is the fact that they read the earlier training.

But in their head, they are saying yea yeah but when can I start earning the money. When can I begin putting affiliate links into my website? In reality, the question they need to be asking is how can I give better value to my prospective customer.

The answer to this question allows you to delve more fully into your niche. When you understand your niche, fully you can connect. It’s important that you care about your reader

Look as though you give a shit

This might sound as though it comes from the school of stating the bloody obvious, but in a lot of cases people don’t make it personal. You have to show you are an authority in your niche, you care about your readers and you also care about the success of people you refer to wealthy affiliates.

Once you become a member of wealthy affiliate you see people ask how can I find out whom I referrer is? Very often you can’t unless they actually declare who they are.

If you sign up here for a free account, I will send you a welcome message when you arrive. In that message, I stay quite clearly that I will help you with your goals. I will personally mentor you on Skype if necessary. It’s important to me that you succeed.

I want nothing but the best for you. I’ve had some of the greatest training available on the Internet both run wealthy affiliates and also from Sarah Staar. In the course of 20 years in this business, I have been around the block a few times. I am more than willing to pass that knowledge and training on to you.

Ask the Correct Questions

Now let’s go back to the fact that most people give up about the fourth or fifth month and leave wealthy affiliates. What makes them do that? What makes them leave when typically they are on the cusp of success?

It’s difficult to say for sure because I’ve no doubt there are many reasons for this. Some people will be perfectionists. Is not a good thing for an Internet marketer or anybody else in the business to be that because it stops you going forward. If you are paralysed because everything is in perfect then you can’t build a business from the bottom up.

Successful businesses are built from the bottom up. Perfectionists want to build from the top down. They want to get everything perfect and then test it. You need to get feedback on what you’re doing wrong and that’s another great thing about wealthy affiliates. They have a section whereby you can ask for feedback.

Don’t Just Ask For Feedback – Act on it

That feedback may cover technical things such as the background colour of your website. Some people have chosen fonts or colours which are difficult to read for people with glasses. You wouldn’t necessarily know this unless somebody with glasses tells you.

So while you learn that wealthy affiliates you have the opportunity to ask for feedback and also comments. Comments create an interaction between you and your readers. When you first start, and you have no readers outside of the community at wealthy affiliate the Internet can be a very lonely place.

These are the questions that you should be asking when you join the community.
How can I make my website more visible?
How do I get more readers?
How can I give all more value to my customers?
How best can I serve my readers?
How can I change the look of my site?

So, join up here and asked the right questions and within six months you can have a business that will allow you to give up your day job. How long Before I make Money At Wealthy Affiliates is not a question you will have to ask, because you know the answer.

The Mechanics of Change Part 2 Increasing Creativity

The Mechanics of Change Part 2 Increasing Creativity

This is the second article in this series about increasing creativity. The first article is here. Creativity needs a relationship between change, testing and sheer genius! Sometimes ideas change so radically they blow the original thought right out of the water!

The Mechanics of Change

Einstein’s general theory of relativity didn’t just tinker with Newton’s law of universal gravitation, it blew up the original paradigm. Relativity was a response to the failure of Newtonian mechanics to make accurate predictions when objects were moving very rapidly. Likewise, Dyson’s Dual Cyclone vacuum cleaner was not a marginal improvement on the conventional Hoover it changed the face of cleaning altogether. Dyson’s response was driven by the fact he had to keep bending down and picking up things that are vacuum cleaner couldn’t. His starting point was a design that didn’t work.

This is known as the problem phase of innovation and change. Creativity is a dialogue without a flaw it has nothing to create the spark of the solution.

increasing creativityChanging the Way You Think

Dyson’s unique propensity for creative change, altered not only the shape of the vacuum cleaner but also the existing science. Innovation is not something that happens to geniuses or geeks; it’s something which has specific characteristics. It involves learning from the bottom up and implementing and testing those changes.

Before Dyson, vacuum cleaners had a bag which doubled up as a filter, a tube, and the motor. The motor sucks up the dust from the floor which goes into the bag with air; the air escapes through tiny holes in the bag but because the dust is heavier it remains behind.

Acknowledging the Flaws

The flaw in this design model was the fact that the dust clogged up the thin walls of the bag, actually blocking the filter. This caused the Hoover to lose suction within seconds. Dyson wanted to create a bagless vacuum cleaner. Dyson wrestled with this problem for three years. The company he worked for resisted his ideas, after all, how could Hoover be improved on?

The practicalities of the design also stumped him. One day while he was in the timber mill he noticed a cyclone which is a cone-like device which changes the dynamics of the airflow and separates the dust from the air through centrifugal force. What struck Dyson was this involved a significant amount of very fine dust which didn’t block anything at all!

Eureka Moments

increasing creativityThis was Dyson’s Eureka moment. As with all Eureka moments of creativity, they seem very obvious in hindsight. Today in every airport, bus station and shopping mall we see suitcases with wheels. The idea is so glaringly obvious and yet it didn’t happen until about 20 years ago. Before that, we all lugged our cases around.

Dyson was able to come up with a completely new idea because his imagination was fuelled by a flaw.The flaw was the conventional vacuum cleaners lose suction.

Dyson is creative because he can look outside of the box and see a problem from all angles. He can see the big picture and also look at tiny component parts at the same time.He is also creative because he’s curious, he does not necessarily see what he expects to see!

Being Original

A study by Nemeth and Kwan entitled “originality of word associations as a function of majority versus minority influence processes” demonstrated how pattern interruption helps people to be more creative.
In a free association experiment, most people replied sky to the word blue or grass to the word green. In other words, they were fairly prosaic in their choice of associations.
Nemeth spiced up the experiment by showing the group coloured slides while at the same time someone called out an entirely different colour. Suddenly blue became lonely or jeans.


Pattern Interrupt

Pattern interrupt introduces something we are not expecting into the equation, and it spurs us on to thinking a new way because it has jarred our complacency. This enables us to find connections we would not normally have thought of.
Dyson is a connector as well as being an inventor. He connected a sawmill where he saw part of his design with a vacuum cleaner. The solution was about combining two different types of existing technologies!
This is not a new concept Johannes Gutenberg combined the technology used to press grapes to press pages and invented the printing press. As Steve Jobs once said: –
“Creativity is just connecting things.”
Quite often when ideas just pop into your head the gestation period has been a lot longer, and when to converging technologies merge you have a bingo hey presto moment.

Increasing Creativity Needs the Right Conditions

Great creativity needs space, and if you are too focused on the problem, your mind can’t work it out by itself. Sometimes to increase your creativity you have to stand back and relax and let it happen in your brain.
Another environment which fosters this creativity is mastermind groups. Speaking with other entrepreneurs fosters creativity and ideas.
If you have one person thinking about a problem you have one brain. If you have two people talking and discussing the appropriate problem they feed off each other and the results is more than two brains combined. This is exponential five people arguing about a problem will be much stronger than five single brains.

Dyson himself explains during his career he has applied for other 4000 patents and never has he been the first person to apply for the patents.
The difference is all the other people who patented his device didn’t carry through it was nothing more than the Eureka moment. Taking action is important.

The Second Great Breakthrough

Dyson’s real breakthrough came when he left his employers who didn’t believe in the project and started his own business. Rather like Unilever he kept adjusting the Cyclones the size and the shape.
He tested it using fine white powder cloth. In doing this, he began to see a pattern as to what worked even though we had many many prototypes that were failures.
The cyclone has some variables not least of which are the entry and exit, the size of the entry, the length, the angle and the diameter.
This testing led him to realise that the single cyclone could pick up very fine dust, but the problem of hair both pet hair and human hair and pieces of fluff remained.
He created the first dual cyclone. The first got rid of the big clumps such as hair of fluff before the air is pushed into the second cylinder to get rid of the fine dust. He failed 5127 times but in doing so, he began to create the perfect vacuum cleaner.

Combining Study and Practise

Dyson bought two books about cyclones, and one was by the author and academic R G Dorman. During his testing, he discovered that Dorman’s equations predicted that cyclones would only be able to remove by particles of dust to a limit of 20 µm. By the time Dyson had finished testing and changing he could remove particles is fine as those found in cigarette smoke in other words down to 0.3 µm.

This is why I am so in favour of mastermind groups and meet with my peers in the Internet marketing world as often as possible certainly every six weeks.

Promoting High Paying Affiliate Programs

Promoting High Paying Affiliate Programs

Promote High End Products

Believe it or not, it takes no more work to promote a product which pays you $2000 commission than it does to promote the product that pays two dollars commission. Granted you get far more sales from a product that you get to dollars commission for. If you do the maths, it’s not hard to work out that you have to sell 1000 products to get the same return. I know for a fact it’s easier to sell one product returning commission of $2000 than it is to sell 1000 products of someone else’s products.

A lot of people think that it’s only an Internet marketing or the make money at home niche that has high paying affiliate offers. Certainly, there are many in the make money at home or Internet marketing niche. I promote Sarah Staar’s products, and the highest commission possible is $4000. While I don’t make that figure from one sale every month, I regularly do. I also four or five products which return me a commission of $1000 each.

Become An Affiliate for Sarah Staar

If you want to be an affiliate for these high paying commissions from Sarah Staar, then you need to be on her list. Once you are on her list, she will invite you to be one her affiliate partners. There is no other way to do this because the program is by invitation only. Click here to join.

Most affiliate programs just invite you to promote their products. Sarah’s is entirely different the training program will guarantee you success if you take action. Many of her affiliates are earning $5000 plus per day. It’s not a done for you program; you do have to put some work in yourself.

The instructions are a blueprint a step-by-step guide to making massive profits online. The results are rapid; you will make your first sale within the first two weeks. The people following the training program to the letter can expect to earn between $3,000 and $6000 a month within the first three months.

The License Partner Team is the Dream Team

Her License Partner team members have an accumulative income which can only increase. The top earners in the licensed Partner team have a guarantee that they will learn $20,000 within the first six months. If they don’t earn this amount of money, then they will have a personal coach until they do.

This guarantee at the time of writing has never come into play. I can’t imagine it ever being used because why would you wait six months to say you are not earning that amount of money. You will have asked for help way before that stage and given all the assistance you need to be up and running very quickly.

It’s not in Sarah’s interest to do anything else other than training you with the best cutting edge methods. Because when you earn you get 50% commissions but of course there she gets the other 50%. So she is going to bust her got to make sure that you get the best affiliate training available

The great thing about high-end products is that the refund rate is virtually zero. I don’t know whether it’s because it needs more thought to buying a $2000 product or whether it’s because the purchaser has thought it properly through.

Profiting from Ecommerce

One of the big things in the last 12 months is the plethora of e-commerce stores training programs. Most of these training programs, at least the ones that work are over $1000. Most are nearer $2,000. It follows that people who have bought these programs are not short of money.

They need to set up the stores but they also need a method of taking payment and a method of delivery. It’s not enough just to white label products and put them on Amazon this is not where the money is!

You can still work in the make money at home niche and promote e-commerce platforms. The in thing for the last 12 months in Internet marketing has been the creation of Amazon stores. It is a fact that the majority of people who set the stores up can’t set up their own store because they don’t have the technical abilities to do so.

There is a lot of competition now with many different platforms competing in the market both to give the affiliate and the customer the best possible deals on e-commerce. This trend doesn’t look as though it’s going to peak anytime soon. It is an easy market to break into, and this makes it very attractive to new be Internet marketers


Platforms like Shopify pay up to $358 per sale. Another added incentive is they pay 200% plus if you send them high volumes of targeted traffic.

PROS / This platform has unlimited storage and bandwidth.

CONS / You can’t reach out to customer support via live chat.

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce software options available with an easy-to-use platform, the variety of features and unlimited storage. Shopify is an excellent choice for eCommerce software for businesses of all sizes. It offers a variety of useful features to help your online store succeed. It’s easy to build a website using this platform, and your customers will find the checkout process intuitive and easy to use on both a desktop and mobile device.


PROS / This company offers unlimited email accounts and top-notch customer support.

CONS / Bandwidth is limited to 4GB.

Finest Shops

$150 for every referral.

Drop Ship Access

$73 for every subscriber or $173 for enterprise subscribers.


There are too many options to discuss here, and also you negotiate your own rate depending on how much traffic can send.

Template Monster

30% commission


Too many options and variables to list.

Big Commerce

$600 per sale


660$ per sale

DropShip Lifestyle

$300 per sale


20% per sale on a monthly recurring basis, order values range from
$100 per month to $500 per month. Plus a tiered 5% monthly recurring commission per
sale for every affiliate a super affiliate refers.

Once you start promoting high-end products you won’t look back. The barrier for newbies, is that they don’t realize just how easy it is to sell high-end products. Once you try this out for yourself strategy that you will always use in affiliate marketing.



Promoting High Paying Affiliate Programs

The Law of Diminishing Intent

We all know that it’s easy to take action and do something when we are all hyped up. When our emotions are high, and we are vibrating with an energy, it’s easy to do something. If we don’t take action immediately or at least relatively soon, we lose the passion and the energy and somehow another the action never gets done. This is the law of diminishing intent.

Putting into Action Business Knowledge

I used to notice this when I went to seminars with Sarah Staar. At the end of the day after eight hours of listening to people speak, my mind was on a gin and tonic and a break. On the other hand, Sarah was making a master plan. At the end of the day, she was ready to put into action what she had learned that day.

Part of the reason here is the Sarah is teetotal! The other reason is, she knows that to make learning really work it’s not just understanding something it’s also putting into action. She also understands she doesn’t do it therein then, then the chances of her doing it later diminish. Two days later the moment is lost, the passion gone.When I say this to people now they invariably say, “well that was before she was a millionairess”. They are correct of course, it was, but she does the same thing today. The difference is so do I.

Act Now

If you’re motivated to learn how to make some extra money online do it now. What are you waiting for? To be another year older? Or alternatively another year poorer? If you want something, take action now.

If you like the idea of earning more money in your spare time, but don’t do anything that either means you don’t really want it, or you are lazy! When you really want to do something you will find a way and if you don’t you will find an excuse.

The Correlation between Self-Esteem and Discipline

When I was younger self-esteem and discipline were regarded as hand-in-hand bedfellows. Discipline enabled us to harness the power of emotion and translate it into action.

Setting up disciplines allows you to start a whole new life process because it expands your motivation and reach. When we do not connect control with self-esteem, we allow our psyche to be eroded.Small changed become habits in thirty days.

You, and you alone have the choice! The choice to vibrate at your highest frequency, or you can ease up a little bit. When you vibrate at your highest frequency, you attract others with the same energy.

The Law of Diminishing Intent in Practice

If you choose to perform slightly under par not giving your best, you will not attract the same caliber of people. Bingo, your psyche is eroded and your feelings of self-worth diminished.

Achieving your goals requires both the plan and discipline. Single-mindedness will always make you a success. This is because if you decide you are going to do something you will not let anything stand in your way. When you hit challenges or obstacles you will climb above them, tunnel under them, walk around them or fly over them. You will take action to overcome them, and you will learn from your mistakes.

Do the Best You Can

When you perform at less than your best you are cheating yourself. You are diminishing your self-worth. Unfortunately, one neglect is easy it is just a little thing. You can easily say oh I’m tired I’ll do it tomorrow! Sadly, neglect is one of those things that multiplies once you do it once so easy to do it again.
The Law of Diminishing Intent
If you work on your goals, they will repay you by working on you. They will change you and make you feel more respect for yourself.

Change Begins With Choice

Any day we wish to change ourselves we can do so. Change starts with the learning process if you decide you want to make money from home then wealthy affiliates is a good place to start. It’s a free online university where you can learn to build a basic website.

On the other hand, you can do nothing. You can dream of having more money in your pocket, but that’s all it will ever be a dream. In 10 minutes from now if you take one small action and click on the link you can start building a business from home.
Thirty days from now you will have a business.

Bring About Change in Your Life Now

You can start that change at any time. If you start it now, it’s done, but if you put it off, then chances are you won’t do it tomorrow because you will have thought of an excuse.

It’s your choice whether you perform or pretend. If we want to change our lives and we have to do something outside of our comfort zones. Our subconscious doesn’t like change, and it comes up with all sorts of excuses to keep us in our present state.
It will throw up all kinds of reasons why you shouldn’t take action, but again the choice is yours. You can be lazy and do nothing or you can do a small something. That small action acts like a pebble in water. It continues to ripple out and has far-reaching change.

The choices we make our ours. There is no point in cursing the fact that you haven’t got enough money, or you want more money, or you need more money if you do nothing to change anything.

The fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves

All our past choices have contributed to where we are now. We have created our circumstances. We have the ability to make better choices now. If you are in search of a good life or a better life, you don’t need more time to mull this over.

What you need to do is take action and make it happen. You need the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Every choice we make brings either darkness and despair or joy and happiness into our life. Being comfortable and doing nothing will just bring a feeling of being a bigger failure.

Failure is not one massive thing as we said, in the beginning, it is a result of small errors of judgment.

You can do nothing or you can

Set Goals.
Starting now create a new view of your future. By defining your goals, you will be able to identify your master plan and make it happen. If you choose to work hard probably to jobs for the next four months, you will be doing something most people are not prepared to do. On the other hand, after that, you will have a lifestyle that most people will never have because they can’t afford it.

Educate yourself

The knowledge you learn at wealthy affiliates will allow you to rinse and repeat the process again and again. Hang out with people who already a success online people who will help you. The community at wealthy affiliates will go out of their way to help you. Don’t squander this incredible opportunity.

  • You must constantly ask yourself these questions
  • Who am I around?
  • What are they doing to me?
  • What have they got me reading?
  • What have they got me saying?
  • Where do they have me going?
  • What do they have me thinking?

And most important,

  • what do they have me becoming?

Then ask yourself the big question: Is that okay?

At the end of each day, you should play back the tapes of your performance. The results should either applaud you or spur you on to greater efforts.

Learn From Other People’s Mistakes

The Law of Diminishing Intent
Life asks us to make measurable progress in reasonable time. That’s why they make those fourth-grade chairs so small – so you won’t fit in them at age twenty-five!

There are some things you don’t have to know how it works – only that it works. While some people are studying the roots, others are picking the fruit. It just depends on which end of this you want to get in on.

Don’t let the learning from your own experiences take too long. If you have been trying and failing to make money online then now is the time to get the right type of help.

Snapchats – Snapshots of your daily Life

Snapchats – Snapshots of your daily Life


If you have been blogging for any amount of time, you know the importance of social media. Understanding that social media is important and making it work are two very different things in practice. I guess is that you have tried Facebook and Twitter and maybe even Pinterest and Instagram.Probably not Snapchats.

Anatomy of a Successful Media campaign

A really successful social media campaign means being everywhere! Your presence should be found all over the Internet rather like a rash. In a bid to be everywhere many marketers make the mistake of using the sticky policy. This means they throw a lot of mud, at a lot of walls and hope that some of it stick.

To be successful, it also means you have to create your personal brand and then connect the right message with the right channel. This is where many Internet marketers including some of the biggest gurus get stuck.

It’s possible you may never even heard of Snapshot. It’s passed a lot of people by because they dismiss it as a teenage craze. It does allow you to connect with your followers in a very personal and focus way. Don’t dismiss it just because of the photograph you send disappears after a few seconds!

The Power of One to One Marketing

The reason snapshot is so powerful is the fact that it’s one-to-one marketing. You can send someone a picture, but this isn’t visible on anybody’s wall, it doesn’t appear in anybody’s feed. It’s a bit like sending somebody a Whatsapp message.
The power of this one-to-one marketing is the same power available with an email. It allows you to set out your wares and build your tribe.

Snapshot is compelling because it allows your followers to see what’s happening in the moment. When you send a snap, it’s opened immediately. So it’s rather like sending a private message. At the moment statistics are showing that the open rate for snapchats is 90%. That reason alone is sufficient for you not to overlook the platform.

Another factor which sets snapshot apart is that your followers have given permission for you to engage with them. This alone means that they’re less likely to think that your messages are spam.

Snapchats are Personal

It allows you to build your brand and drive sales through either photographs or short videos. Having said this, it shouldn’t be used in isolation, and you need to promote yourself on other channels first. This is because building your tribe one at a time can be rather a slow process.

One way of doing this is to post short videos or photos on Facebook. Tell your fans that they can find more about your personal and professional life by joining Snapchat. Make it clear that the content on Snapchat is unique. If you don’t like Facebook, this is just as easy to do on Youtube. At the end of every video make it clear that you have a Snapchat channel where you post more exclusive content.

One quick way of increasing your Snapchat audience is to team up with another authority figure. Mention each other’s videos and channel and cross promote for each other. It goes without saying that this only works when you are in the same niche and have complementary products. Don’t target the big boys! If they have a big following, they’re not likely to respond to your messages. If you have 1000 followers, then find the people who have round about the same number and cross promote with them.

It’s a bit like building your list and using safe swaps to cross promote your free optins. In the same way that you can build an email list of 10,000 followers in less than six months, you can do the same on Snapchat.

Building Your Sales Funnell

There is no monetising Snapchat, but that does not minimize its importance. It’s an important part of your sales funnel! Because you are connecting on a one-to-one personal level the conversion rates can be astonishingly high.
Snapchat is rather like Whatsapp; you use it from your phone either Android or iPhone. You build your first followers by using your contacts on your phone.

One cool thing about Snapchat is that your profile picture is actually animated. It takes a couple of selfies, which are joined and become a short video. Once you’ve created this video, it’s a good idea to market it through Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Let your existing followers know you are starting your own channel.

When you are building your profile make sure that you edit who can see your post because by default it is “my friends”, but you can extend this to everyone.

CVreating Compelling Stories

Your followers can catch up with you over a period because you can add a photo to your story laying out a complete chapter. Don’t neglect to add the photo to your story, because by doing this everyone can see it.

It’s also possible to send individual snaps and videos by adding one of your followers back. On the surface of it, this is an excellent way to send photographs what this really means is you can send them massively focus content to market yourself.

To make your photos into videos, you need to hold the button down. The maximum length of the video is 10 seconds which is great because it allows you to hone in and focus and do the equivalent of an elevator pitch. By adding them to stories though you can update one event on an hourly basis if you want to.

Jazzing Up Snapchats

There are pros and cons to using Snapchat. The interface is not at all intuitive, and a lot of people miss out on a lot of the features. One of the features you can miss out is the fact you can use filters to change the appearance of your photos. You can add stickers to make your photos amusing. You can also add music by playing the music on your phone in the background as you make the video.

Another fantastic feature of Snapchat is the lenses. When you hold your phone to take a snap you can hold your finger on your face after a couple of seconds you will see an outline of your face and also a selection of lenses. One of my favorites is the common dog’s lens which gives you a dog’s nose and ears. You can warp your face in lots of different ways.

This, of course, is particularly useful if you are in the dog training niche it makes your video stand out and is another powerful factor of building your tribe.

Your friends can choose whether to hang out with you are not in real time. You can message them, and they have the option to watch you join or ignore you. If they join you can both engage but if they watch they can see your videos but you can’t see them. You can reply to other people’s stories by swiping from the bottom.