Top down thinking or Bottom up?

Top down thinking or Bottom up?

Unilever is one of the biggest washing powder manufacturers in the world. You would think that they would also have a massive research and development budget. Like many companies, they will have to make the decision to manufacture by top down thinking or bottom up thinking.

While their sales and PR department may well have developed since the company began, the process in of the production of washing powder has changed little. It’s still a horrible dirty job which involves forcing boiling chemicals through a nozzle with terrific levels of pressure and speed behind it. Once this chemical concoction comes out of the other side, they should naturally disperse into vapour and powder.

In the 1970s Unilever had a massive problem the nozzles just didn’t function efficiently. This may sound like a small problem but in a market that makes sales of 5 billion a year, this is a mega problem.

The company response was predictable. They had the brightest and best physicists and mathematicians, experts in chemical analysis, specialists in the transition from liquid to solid, simply the best of the best.

Starting with Intelligent Design

Today those experts would be called intelligent designers – they could be trusted to come up with an optimal plan.

Top down thinking or Bottom up?So these men sat down and worked out long complicated equations of what happens during the manufacture of washing powder. After a long period of discussion, they came up with a brand-new design.

Guess what happened to this new design?
You’ve got it, it didn’t work. It had the same design faults as the original model. Not every granule powder was the same size and the nozzles themselves blocked frequently causing a break in production.

In desperation, Unilever tried an in-house solution. They commissioned people who knew nothing about physics and even less about fluid dynamics. They commissioned their own biologists.

These biologists have one distinct advantage, they were scientists they understood the difference between failure and success and we used to empirically testing their solutions.

Building failure into the system

They took the nozzle and made ten copies of each one, so they had eleven identical copies of one nozzle. They then made incredibly small measurable changes in each one. Each nozzle was only about 1% different from the original. The nozzles may have been smaller, wider, fatter or thinner; they may have had a bigger borehole or a smaller one.

The biologists  rigorously tested each of these nozzles under working conditions in the plant. They then took the best performing nozzle and created ten more almost identical but 1% different new models.

This whole process was repeated  until they had 50 generations of nozzles. That meant that they had had 499 failures.

In the process, they had created one outstanding nozzle that was a hundred times better than the originals.

The mathematicians approach with top-down thinking they used their best brains and designed it there was no testing and therefore no measure of success or failure. Once it was produced and tested it failed.

On the other hand, the biologists started with one failure and no plan. They didn’t hold meetings; they didn’t understand the equations. This different approach produced the nozzle that had many shapes and thicknesses in its design. It would have been inconceivable any mathematician could devise a shape anything like it.

The biologists’ approach was building from the bottom up. They created the right kind of system. One that was enabling a means of driving progress and a mindset to accept that failure was inevitable that this system to flourish.

Combining Top down thinking or Bottom up

Top down thinking or Bottom up?

There are many examples in the natural world and the world of artificial intelligence that demonstrate systems that can learn from failure have a distinct advantage. It’s not surprising that a team of biologists chose this strategy of slightly adapting each model. It mirrors what happens in nature in the process of evolution whereby the failure test is known as natural selection.

Survival of the fittest reigns supreme. The biologists set out to create failure because they understood that by doing so they could empirically test the result and come up with something outstanding. In this case, the rejected nozzles help to drive progression of the design because they recognise the failures.

Recreating Hamlet

Richard Dawkins in the blind watchmaker mathematically worked out how long it would take a single monkey to type out the following line from Hamlet.
“Me thinks it is like a weasel.”

If the monkey randomly types and there are 27 letters and spaces in that phrase, then he has a one in 27 chance of getting the first letter. Assuming he does that he has the opportunity of getting the second and third letters right at the same odds. Unfortunately, this is where the math comes in. The answer doing that are 1×27 multiplied by 1×27 multiplied by 1×27. Mathematically that would mean to get them all right would be 10,000 million million million million million.

Dawkins, on the other hand, set up a failure mechanism. He programmed a computer to see which of the nonsensical phrases was closer to the target phrase. The computer rejected every other possibility. It takes the phrase which is the closest and randomly varies it. Incredibly it took only 30 generations of very small minute changes to have something that vaguely resembled to the naked eye me thinks it looks like a weasel. By the 43rd generation has got the right phrase.

The Power of Memory

This is because the computer was using memory. The natural world calls this the illusion of design. It looks as though a vast network of intelligence created some animals, but the only force at work was a blind process of testing for failures. The Unilever nozzle looks as though it comes under this category looking at the exquisitely designed not nozzle it looks as though the intelligent design was at work.

As we’ve already seen, there was no design capability at all in its manufacture. The biologists use evolution.
Markets have an ongoing process of trial and error. In businesses is called bankruptcy. In a free market system when a company goes the wall it is revealing that at least one process of price, advertising, management or the product wasn’t working compared with the competition.

The Principals of Evolution and business

This is the way the business weeds out weak performing companies; the market forces send them bankrupt. The companies who thrive and prosper have strategies that are replicated by their competitors. Like the Unilever nozzle, the companies successes are driven by cumulative adaptation. The failure of businesses in a free market is not a defect within the system it is the indispensable aspect of evolution. On the other hand, communist countries which don’t have a free market economy protect companies from failure by subsidising them.

This is the reason why planned economies don’t work then manned by intelligent planners who don’t test their design. Without the benefit of a valid test, any system is plagued by rigidity. In free market bankruptcy lubricates the system. Planners learn from the mistakes within the system which in turn creates new ideas driven forward by testing.

This isn’t to say that free market systems are perfect. They create problems price-fixing, inequalities tells monopolies and in the end companies to large to fail so, they have to be protected by governments. However, these markets work because of business failures not in spite of them.

Testing Your Systems

In Internet marketing many new beers as the same questions. These questions are
does video marketing work better than text
does Google penalised duplicate content
do some themes work better than others
et cetera et cetera

Unfortunately, they often take the trite answers as gospel. They make assumptions because some guru tells them it is correct. What is needed is a mixture top-down reasoning of the sort the mathematicians applied and bottom-up in the innovation of the type the biologists used which fuses knowledge. This type of knowledge reveals potential flaws.

Fortune Favors the Brave

To do this, you have to have the courage of your own convictions and the ability to test early. If you have a squeeze page then from day one, make to squeeze pages but don’t change one more than 2%. Test for a week. Take the best-converting one and change this by 2% and then split test both of them.

Only by this method of testing within your own business can you come to any reasonable conclusion. You have to accept that the majority of your results will be failures. On the other hand your successes will have been empirically tested and in the long run, your profits will increase exponentially.

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Is TSU a Scam? Yes it relies on your desire to make money fast!


Tsu is the new kid on the block this file social media is concerned. It has grown at a fantastic rate, faster than Facebook did its heyday. However, it begs the question Is TSU a Scam? Yes, it is!

Why is it so popular?

Mainly because hundreds of people want to make a living online think they can earn a profit from it! All you have to do is the stuff that you do on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social network. That makes a post and then invite your family and friends to view it. That sounds too good to be true and in my experience when something sounds too good to be true it is.

The reason it’s so popular is that at the moment they are declaring that they are paying for you to do just that. There are declaring that they will give out 90% of their advertising revenue.

Now that is interesting, and someone really should tell Facebook that they can run a network, a social media network on 10% of the profits! Never mind the cost of the servers what about the security they can’t afford to pay for. Maybe it will be renamed Hackers United in a few months time.

YouTube has spent a fortune developing software to check whether any videos you are uploading are copyrighted. If that is the case, then you are not allowed to monetise those videos it’s as simple as that. This clearly is not going to be able to be possible with this new social network because they won’t have the money left over from their 10%.

Use a Legitimate Company

If you want an Internet marketing business, then use a legitimate company to learn how to do keyword research, how to drive traffic and how to make a consistent income.

Most people want to get rich quick they don’t want to put in the effort of doing keyword research, targeting an audience, writing engaging content and reaching out to supply solutions to problems. They just want a quick fix that will give them an income immediately, in other words, an internet marketing scam.


TSU Scam

One of the reasons I think that Tsu is a scam with the fact that they don’t make the terms of their advertising model clear. It seems they intend to pay out 90% of the revenue, which on the surface of it sounds fantastic. However, it is not clear how they are going to split the revenue. One of the things is clear that they want to create a hype and eventually be social media guru will be saying share your content in bucket loads for money.

If they are correct in what they’re saying they will share all their advertising revenue. If in two months time they have 10 million members they will be making $10 million a day and even if they were that’s only one dollar a day per person! So on the face of it, you’re busting a gut to get cents on the dollar!

It screams MLM

I will let you have a look here to see whether it is an MLM scam. The definition of a pyramid scheme is that the money you make it’s rooted in your downline or the people you recruit

If it Looks Like A Pyramid …

If you are not old enough to remember the 50s and the 60s you may not know that pyramid selling is illegal and the reason it is illegal is that the advertising model shaped like a pyramid.

A minuscule number of people at the top i.e. the number of individuals who started the scheme off get rich, as you go down the pyramid more and more people join because it looks inviting and they put all the money in which goes to the people at the top. Eventually, it all goes belly up, and the people at the bottom get nothing. In this case, it looks as though the money goes into the Tsu bank and there doesn’t seem to be any mention as to how you will actually get paid.

The terms of use say payment occurs when you reach their threshold of $100. I will leave you to work out the maths but five cents a day isn’t much.

I will also leave it to you to work out how much money that is on an hour to hour basis. If that is it, it ain’t worth doing. If you don’t hit the hundred dollar price point, I have seen some information that they may offer coupons or money off vouchers with their partners and then again they may not.

Why People Use Social Media

Most people join social media because they want to see what their friends are up to. They don’t join social networks to make money, and this has every sign of becoming a really scummy site very fast. Using social media effectively as a business involves being seen as an authority figure in your niche. You want people to trust you or think that the you invited them to an affiliate scheme that will eventually rip people off, you had better decide the answer to that question before joining that network.

You think it doesn’t rip people off – you can’t actually delete your shares if you choose to leave. When it first started, you couldn’t remove your content. Now you supposedly can, but you can’t remove your content, bkecause your shares can’t be deleted. That means you don’t own your content do you really want to spend hours and hours creating content for somebody else’s site?

How Does Other Socuial Media Stack up

There’s just measure this up against other social network sites. My favorite is Google+ and I, tend to share everything on Google+ partially because it works to generate traffic back to my site. Once you delete an account from Google+, it’s gone! It shoots off into cyberspace taking all your content with it anything that other people have re-shared just becomes a grayed out X. In other words, it’s disappeared.

Is not quite easy to get rid of things on Facebook and they do make you work for it, but you can achieve it. I have read some courses on how to use it from some supposedly serious Internet marketers such as James Renouf, and actually saying it is fun, and new is just lying to you. These people are in fact spamming you to get you into their network, so they get paid a few cents when you upload and share content in Tsu

My advice would be to learn from reputable marketers who practice what they preach. Learn how to build a sustainable income that will keep you for a long time. One such marketer is prepared to put her money where our mouth is and give you a complete course of five free videos which you can get by clicking here.

Top down thinking or Bottom up?

Increase your creativity – Expand Your Consciousness


You Are Not Creatively Dense

It may be hard for you to believe but everyone is creative. Possibly you have not found a way to tap into your natural creativity. That doesn’t mean that your creative juices are not running silently underground.

Perhaps you went to university or college and studied the sciences or law! Nothing wrong with either of these two subjects but they don’t encourage creative thoughts.

It may be that you worked all of your life outside, or in the construction business, or in an industrial plant. Chances are you didn’t even get a single second to become more creative.

You Are Not Alone

The truth is there are millions of people out there who drag themselves out of bed every day to go to a life of drudgery.


They daydream about being somewhere else! Ironically this daydreaming is actually creativity. It usually stunted before it has a chance to grow because many people in dead-end jobs feel that they have not got the opportunity to do what they really want with their life.

Maybe You Feel You Don’t Deserve Anything Better?

Abundant thinking is believing the universe will provide for all of your needs, and limiting thinking is believing you don’t deserve any better. The truth is, everyone deserves to be the best they can be
in this life.

Changing your life requires you to make a change in how you think towards it. If you have struggled with money all of your life then it is difficult to believe that you can have as much money as you want or need.


Take time out! Give yourself two hours to daydream and imagine that you have all the money that you need to pay your bills. Imagine that you also have money over for fun projects.

In other words, you are not driven by your bills to go out and work. You have the liberty and freedom to be able to do whatever you want to do with your time.

Follow Your Passions

Over the next month, keep a journal, write down everything you enjoy doing. This does not have to be earth-shattering things like climbing Everest! It could be something a simple as digging the garden. The only criteria you should think about is what you would like to do if money or time was no object.

Write down what you would like to do, as it comes up. Don’t consider whether you have the talent for it or the money for it. Maybe your art teacher told you at school that you couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler. But, you have always wanted to paint a watercolor. Write it down.

creativityThe object of this exercise is to allow your mind to be free to imagine would really like to do. It may well be you will write down things you hate doing in reality. This is not important allow your mind to be free to wander where it will.

If it is tough to even to imagine what you would like to do. Try and remember things you have seen on your holiday you thought would be fun.

Did you see someone surfboarding and want to do that? Have you seen something on the television in the last week you thought would be fun if only you could do it?

Keep that Journal

Every day over the next month, spend 10 minutes a day asking yourself questions. Those questions will be personal to you, but some ideas might be:-

  • What did I see today that was fun?
  • Could I have done today to make me happier?
  • What would I have liked to do today just for me?
  • How could I have others happier today?
  • What made me smile today?
  • What would increase the joy in my life?

These Ideas are only suggestions

Feel free to add your own ideas here. You will not need to answer every question every day, but you are looking for patterns emerging.

It may be that you want to have your own organic vegetable garden because you love cooking or looking after your family.

Again this is not necessarily earth shattering but something that you personally want to do.

Hopefully, This will develop into a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal will be honestA gratitude journal will be honest, punchy and inspiring. This is your personal record, for your eyes only. You can doodle and draw and dream.

The idea is it will reveal your innermost feelings. Whatever people think is not very important because this is for you.

However, you may find some valuable insights into how other people think of you. Do they come to you as a problem solver or do you inspire People? Do other people see you as an organiser or as a fun loving addition to a party?

This is not the judgemental views of your family and friends this is how the people who love you regard you.

Watch the Patterns Emerge

If you are a problem soIf you are a problem solver then you may well want to pursue software development or continue to do your own bookkeeping when you are self-employed. On the other hand, neither of these pursuits will increase your creativity.If you can’t see those patterns emerging, then ask your family and friends why they value you. They know your skills and weaknesses and the clue to where your passions lie.

Everybody has done something to improve someone else’s life. Maybe you don’t realise you have and have to ask.

Ask yourself what your greatest accomplishment has been. Would this be something you’d want to pursue further?

Look back at the golden time of your life. It doesn’t matter whether you were five or 50, choose a time of your life when you were at your happiest.

Try to isolate what made that year different? What is your favourite memory of that time?


Expand Your Horizons

See the wonder of a flower, even if it’s only a wildflower strongly in the breeze to stay upright.

Go to night school and learn new things. Only by experiencing new things can you work out what you love and what you hate.

This journal should lead to a “someday” list. Make plans for things you can do in the future but make them concrete. Journal a start date write about your plans and also write a completion date.

Over time these exercises should point you to the things that make your heart burst with pleasure and isolate the things that make you constrict and shrivel up and die inside.

As you become braver your life will be filled with things that make you joyous rather than things that weigh you down. Your journey will not end with the journal, but it will have been the beginning. Letting you understand and create your ideal lifestyle.

Time Management for the Self Employed.

Time Management for the Self Employed.

The Obstacle of Time Management

Many people who become self-employed later on in life find that they have problems with time management.

There is a lot of reasons for this; new business owners often find that they have too much work to do. They haven’t the resources or experience to get somebody else to get the work done. Procrastination can also be a big problem you put things off because you can’t tackle things.  Worse still you convince yourself you’re working when in fact you’re doing something inconsequential like checking whether you have made any money online every 15 minutes.

Lack of planning is a serious problem. For planning to be effective, it has to cover every single step of the project. While this might seem a bit daunting knowing every single piece that has to get done means that you have less opportunity to kid yourself you have plenty of time. It’s paramount when you’re self-employed that you deliver what you promised when you promised it!

Get Noticed For The Right Reasons

It’s never good to have a reputation for not completing work on time. Another great reason for having a detailed list of action steps is that it stops you being overwhelmed. If you’re doing a large project, it’s a bit daunting unless you break it down into mini tasks. First of all, divide the project into chunks and allocate how much time you have to do each of those chunks.

It’s never good to have a reputation for not completing work on time. Another great reason for having a detailed list of action steps is that it stops you being overwhelmed. If you’re doing a large project, it’s a bit daunting unless you break it down into mini tasks. First of all, divide the project into chunks and allocate how much time you have to do each of those chunks.

Don’t Con Yourself You have More time Than You Have

While this might seem a bit daunting knowing every single piece that has to get done means that you have less opportunity to kid yourself you have plenty of time. It’s paramount when you’re self-employed that you deliver what you promised when you promised it! It’s never good to have a reputation for not completing work on time. Another great reason for having a detailed list of action steps is that it stops you being overwhelmed. If you’re doing a large project, it’s a bit daunting unless you break it down into mini tasks. First of all, divide the project into chunks and allocate how much time you have to do each of those chunks.

Maintain Quality Control

When you rush work because you haven’t enough time you inevitably have to cut corners, and this always leads to a reduction in quality! When you work for someone else, it’s not that important that you do your best all the time at least in your mind but is imperative if you are self-employed. Sometimes it’s worthwhile having a project manager. If your primary business model is product creation, then it’s worth considering hiring someone to oversee the project.

Outsource the graphics and find three or four good freelance ghostwriters so that they are on hand should you ever need them. Make sure that you have a good copywriter to write your sales copy because this is an important area and even if you write yourself writing sales copy is a specialist job.

Focus on the jobs that you are good at! Get other people to do the menial grind that frees you to do things which are important such as marketing. It’s all about freeing yourself for the most lucrative tasks in the ones you find personally most rewarding.

Cash Flow Problems

Cash Flow Problems there are many reasons for cash flow problems and even the best run businesses have them from time to time because sometimes they happen as a result of something you can’t control such as the current market. Most the time they arise because you do not have good money management skills or there is insufficient marketing or branding. Sometimes the overheads are far too high, and they could be reduced to make them more manageable. When money is tight, inevitably business owner slow productivity which contributes in itself to the cash flow problem.

First of all decide if you have a long-term cash flow problem or a short-term one. In general short-term cash flow problems appear without warning. It may be you lose your biggest customer, or your largest customer goes bankrupt. Often short-term cash flow problems can be alleviated by taking on extra work even if that work is at a reduced profit margin; it’s important to cover your bills.

Long-term cash flow problems also sometimes occur because of industry practices. For instance, some local authorities may not pay you for several months. Sometimes the old-fashioned barter system works well in this sort of situation. If you can’t afford to pay for the solutions you need to barter for those services.

Making the Most Of Your Family

Your friends and family can be your biggest supporters or the most efficient detractors when you are self-employed. Make sure your friends and family understand your work obligations. It is not acceptable to ask you to do run around tasks in the day just because you don’t have a boss!

Make sure that your family and friends don’t interrupt you unless it’s a matter of life or death. Setting boundaries is a good idea it helps to keep productivity flowing. Emergencies do happen, and this is the time you can cross boundaries. It is important to make your family realize you are working even if you are doing so from home.

Your business is a business, and it is not a hobby if you treat it like a hobby then so will other people. Be firm, explain that you have a deadline, and it is necessary for you to work and not be distracted. Make sure that anyone who works with you is aware of their obligations, train them if necessary because if you don’t this will slow down productivity every successful business has systems in place.

The Pros and Cons of EMploying Family

If you employ your family, there are pros and cons to this. When it works well, it works fantastically well, better than any other system because you can trust them and you know them and understand them. However when a family member does not pull their weight, then there may be a problem.

As difficult as this situation is you have to let that person go to protect the family. Don’t forget it’s your responsibility to make your business success – if you don’t, then no one else will. Mindset severely affects business productivity If you have turmoil in your private life, then the chances are this will have an impact on your business. It makes it tough for you to keep on top of the tasks if you are distracted.

One of the biggest obstacles towards productivity is if you think you know it all! That stops you working and looking for faster efficient and less expensive ways of production. Apart from anything else learning encourages personal growth.

Even if you are happy with the way things are running don’t fail to see new opportunities. Everybody has difficulties in life, but it’s not barriers that are the problem. It’s how you are affected by those obstacles. Remain focused and take each obstacle is a time find ways to go over the obstacle, under it, through it or around it. Whatever you do don’t let the obstacle stand in your way.

Time Management for the Self Employed Needs not be an issue

Often it is applying a different mindset. Discipline or rather self-discipline is a lot easier when your business becomes profitable.

Top down thinking or Bottom up?

Choosing a Niche

Choosing a niche is an important decision, but it is not one that you should spend weeks agonizing over it. The reason I say that is because most niches can be profitable!

Not all Niches are Equal

But like animal farm, where not all pigs are equal, niches are the same. In my view you should be looking at the how to make money niche because there are just over 8 billion people on this planet, and let’s say about 6 million of those are adults. 6 billion individuals who want to earn more money. Before you shake your head and say that can’t be correct, ask yourself how many people do you know that think they have enough money!

If you only get 1% of those people interested in the products that you are recommending that is 800,000 people. Do you think you could make a living talking to 800,000 people every week?

Now some niches are great because there is only one problem and one solution an example would be acne. People have acne, and if they cure the acne, there is nothing else you can sell them. In the moneymaking niche on the other hand even if people are satisfied with a method of making money they will always want more money.

Choosing a Sustainable Niche

To build a successful online business it needs to be sustainable, and that means a learning curve. You can learn about your niche as you go. The easiest way to build a business is by following the experts. The experts, in this case, would be the community at wealthy affiliates.They teach you how to blog; that is how to build a blog and also how to write great content. During that learning curve, you can be learning about your niche and if you decide that it doesn’t float your boat and what the heck you change your niche.

Many people will tell you it is important to be interested in your niche. It’s really not that important. I am not saying that you can’t make money out of your hobby. In most cases, you can. Trainspotting or model trains is an excellent and profitable niche.

However, there is more to setting up a profitable niche building site than throwing up a few blog posts, willy-nilly. If you want to have a blog, that makes real money it needs to have a certain amount of planning.

choosig a niche

The world’s Finest Internet marketing training

I can’t be certain that Sarah Staar and Wealthy affiliates have the world’s best Internet marketing training, as I have not personally tried every product out there. However, I have bought a lot I have bought courses up to $10,000 and spent a lot of money on my Internet marketing education.

I still keep coming back to Wealthy Affiliate’s I joined nearly ten years ago and have never left. There teaching is fantastic for choosing a niche and implementing the planning stages of a blog. It is an intense course and leaves nothing out. It is literally a paint by number solution.

However, it relies on organic, or free traffic methods. nothing wrong with that it works, and it is sustainable. There are occasions when you want to kickstart a blog, especially if it is your second niche site. You have gone through the learning curve and you know it will be months before you start to get any meaningful free SEO traffic. You don’t want to have that trickle to start (It will become a river in time) but you want fast results.

Fast track your Profitability

For these occasions, I recommend Sarah’s five FREE videos, her how to be an affiliate marketer course. Sarah Staar is the most profitable Internet marketer in the UK she has an arsenal of her own high-quality products. Her teaching methods are down to earth. She has created in those five free videos a blueprint which if you follow it correctly will be super profitable.

Your launch plan will have to include traffic strategies. If you need to improve your traffic then this free ebook 101 free traffic sources will help you draw up a plan.


Before you create a blog you need to figure out your niche and draw up a launch plan. It’s essential to know what topics you’ll write on and understand where your traffic will come from. It is always useful to learn exactly how you are going to monetize your site when the time comes. Sarah’s training is crucial here, and she also covers how to set up your email list.

Wealthy affiliates has your back as regards the themes, the plugins and the social aspect of your blog. The free account covers the basics of how to set up your blog. It covers the aesthetics, the mechanics of how to get your blog looking just as you want it to.

Monetize Your Blog At the Right Time

What is also an important part of their training is the fact that they will tell you exactly when to monetize your site. There is no point in adding any links to your blog when the site has not been indexed by Google. Being indexed means that Google recognizes that it exists.

If you choose to be an Amazon affiliate in your niche site then there is absolutely no point in monetizing your blog early. If you do not get your first sale in a number of days, then Amazon strips you of your affiliate status. Granted you can reapply later, but that is a hassle you really don’t need.


If you follow Wealthy Affiliate’s training in conjunction with Sarah, you are armed with the knowledge to make an epic blog with exciting, vibrant keyword rich content that will reward you with an income for years.

Your readers will be happy to share your content because you will be an authority figure, the sort of go-to person within your niche, You will have no shortage of things to write about because you will have researched your niche properly. They will love to leave a comment and interact with you. Which is one of the ways you build your tribe?