The Oldenpreneur is forced to Rise Out of the Ashes

The Oldenpreneur is forced to Rise Out of the Ashes

Globally the 50 + generation are having to face new problems, The Oldenpreneur is forced to Rise Out of the Ashes. Despite record number of them becoming property owners, they can't in many cases capitalise on that gain because they still have dependent children. The job market is tough at the moment – and especially tough for the 50+. Many societies are ageist and rising redundancies in the 50+ market meant that a generation of people just kicked their heels and waited out retirement because they had no skills that were valued.

Not anymore scrapping the default retirement laws have meant that many women have to wait another 8 years for their pension in Britain and many more know that when they get to 68 they will have to wait until they are seventy!This means that this group of people have had to reinvent themselves and how!

Forced to work longer and harder and being virtually unemployable has meant that a lot of the 50+ era have to resort to plan b. Plan B in many cases is getting so frustrated with governments and employers that they have decided to take control. Taking control is never a bad idea.

Taking control puts you firmly in the driving seat and for better or worse that is the case. Many 50+ er's have decided to start their own business. Unfortunately in some cases the aging process has already taken its toll. Many people realise that to stand in their own business for hours a day is a no no!

If you have had a physical job all your life, such as a chef, or a barber or hairdresser, the long days of standing will have taken a toll. The oldenpreneurs have to think a little laterally. It has never been cheaper or easier for that matter to make your business online from working at home. At the moment in Europe there are about one in five people over the age of 50 being self employed. Now that figure is a lot higher than in most other groups. Many of these people work from home in an online business, they have been forced to do this because they feel that their pension is not going to enough. They know that governments are pushing the pensioner out. As people live longer the cost to the governments are increasing and of course as a demographic it is easier for governments to squeeze the elderly rather the 20 year olds.



Reasons why the Oldenpreneur Is Forced to Rise out of the Ashes.

Interest rates are ridiculously low and that is not going to change, so there is no incentive for any age to put aside or invest money. That means that the pension pot is smaller.

Reasons why there has been growth in oldenpreneurs

  • The rise in age that state Pensions are being paid 
  • Later retirement
  • Enforced redundancy.
  • Appalligly low interest rates
  • The abandonment of the statutory retirement age, 
  • The end of final-salary lump sum pensions
  • A fashionable desire for lifelong learning
  • A desire to reinvent yourself in another form, preferably one that supplements your state pension.

This growing army of olderpreneurs could potentially add billions to the world'seconomy in the next few years. Although I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliates for eight years I have never seen so many older members, The reason this demographic is changing the face of affiliate marketer, is the tenacity of this age group.


They have been through tough times, they were not a generation who walked away from marriages. So these tough times may have been economic and they could have been emotional. Most of them were a generation that no one asked did they want their first job. No one cared whether they liked their work or even were good at it, it was what was expected of them . In that respect the older generation finding at 55+ they have a choice is very liberating .They can choose where their passions leads them. They have developed life skills that mean they generally find the aspects of running a business easier than their younger counterparts. Have noticed within Wealthy Affiliates that they don't get distracted in their learning curve, they carry on this means that they are more likely to succeed. Less than a third of under thirty start up are still around five years later whilst less than a third of 50+ business affiliate marketers FAIL.

Strangely enough in the UK it is predicted that they will account for a third of the workforce by 2025. Just think about that that is in ten years time. If you were ever thinking of starting your own business for the older marketer, then that time is now. Within Wealthy affiliates, the over 50's as a group share their experience and pain more than the kids do. That means that they tend to learn faster because they are learning from a bigger brain pool. So what kind of businesses are we talking about? They tend to start off small, though many earn over $50,000 per annun a year later. They have mostly cost less than a $100 to set up. They range from how to stretch your pension, or ideas to make your pension go further, to genealogy, heirloom recipes and gardening, self help and self esteem, self help, improving your knowledge about health issues that affect the elderly. Men and women as a group have both been equally successful, and that is not normal in business. Nor do they run predictably across gender lines. Some of the women work with their husbands and they have created lucrative businesses making money from recommending Amazon products.

If you fancy wandering over to WA and having a look at the fantastic community then this is a great place to start. Written by my friend Joseph who has to be one of the most generous men I know in his teaching, this is a great place to start .

Affiliate Marketing For Seniors by Seniors.

Affiliate Marketing For Seniors by Seniors.

Everywhere you hear of people for new markets for the products they want to promote as an affiliates, they are using translate plugins and God alone knows what Gizzmo's to attract new client's in China, and any other relatively untapped market.

Internet marketing for seniors by seniors

They are to some extent missing the point, there is a global market right under their nose — affiliate marketing For Seniors by Seniors. Men and women are having to work for longer hours and in many cases for many more years. The UK has raised its pension threshold to 68 for women, a few years ago it was 60! That means more and more women are opting out of the 9-5 rat race and joining the ranks of the working at home. Many more families find that their senior years are not working out as planned in many cases.

Often their children have left only to return with their children, because they have been squeezed out of the housing market. Because they have responsibilities regarding child care, they are choosing not to trawl the Internet for jobs for senior citizens, instead they are looking they are looking for real opportunities to work from home and that is exactly where Wealthy Affiliates come in.

Wealthy affiliate's is an internet marketing training platform which teaches people how to make real sustainable incomes online. Don't get me wrong it is not a get rich fast scheme, if you follow the training you can get rich, but it is not a magic push button solution. In my experience as a senior myself — I don't think that seniors expect a get rich quick training, we have been around the block enough to know that if it looks too good to be true it generally is. They want a gentle learning environment at their own pace, where they can get rich at their pace.
Seniors now have more available money to spend than most other age groups and they are not afraid to spend it either, they respond to affiliate marketing for seniors by seniors. Kids can't market to seniors, because they don't know what to say. Equally if you join Wealth Affiliates you should not be trying to make a living marketing xbox games, unless of course you know anything about it. if you do go for it!

One things that seniors do understand id the fact that men and women do things differently, they see things differently. They don't think that either are inferior, just different. As a woman what is important to me is not important to my husband, and vice versa.Women like to know what's what, when they are shopping. They take more time ask more questions than men do. They don't want to waste the product and if it is a gift it has to be the right gift, for the right occasion, for the right person at the right price. They are less inclined to go into a shop and grab the nearest thing and hope for the best. Now not all men do this, but most men reading this will recognise what I am talking about.

Both men and women have different styles of communications, women question more than men when it comes to shopping. They do you know – each week I go into the supermarket and there are loads of men on their cell phones asking their partners what to buy in the pizza ice box. These differences affect the purchase outcome. Women want to know how something will make them feel. They investigate more options than men, the simple review and click here purchase button does not appeal to them.

I don't know about kissing and telling (I am not going to let my sisters secrets out of the bag here) but they buy and tell. Their purchase does not end with till receipt, safely tucked into the man's wallet in case it's the wrong size. Women take their purchases home and say to their family – "guess what I bought today" They shout and holler the whole shopping saga from the rooftops.

Internet marketing for seniors by seniors

Women make instant connections that men miss, and the older a woman gets, the easier she makes those connections. And to any man that is currently reading this and saying "what connections" I rest my case.

Women affiliate marketers make those same connections. For instance a woman does not forget any part of the shopping experience, she not only remembers the product the make the type, she also remembers how she was made to feel. This includes the good and the bad and in some cases the downright ugly, if a woman decides not to buy something, it may be that the sales assistant made her feel fat!

That is nonsensical to the male shopper, if he is shopping for clothes even if he is shopping for clothes that he wants to look good in, the shop assistants views will not be taken into consideration.

If you don't believe me here, think of some of the conversations you have had within the family or with friends, or those you have overheard. Women are interested by and large with the minutiae, the whole kit and caboodle, but men are not.

That is why women make such great affiliate marketers, and the seniors do it better. They have the experience of communication, mediation and politics, those subtle differences that have bound a family together for generations.

They can touch and reach other seniors and shout their experience from the rooftops. Even on FB more and more users are seniors, they are the hidden fastest growing group of people buying online. This opportunity will not last forever, like all vacuums it will be filled. If you feel you have got what it takes to make money online then click here to join, the world's largest Internet marketing training. You have the opportunity to join and train without paying, although you do have the option to pay $19 a month if you choose to go premium.

If you are the least bit curious as to whether or not you have what it takes to be good at affiliate marketing for seniors, by seniors now is the time to act before someone does , click here to join now

Wealthy Affiliate Community Rocks- that’s Official

Wealthy Affiliate Community Rocks- that’s Official

As you know, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate’s a community guaranteed to train your properly to make money online. You can read what I have to say about it as much as you like, but today I am going to introduce you to a member of the community Angela. Angela has only been with Wealthy Affiliate’s a month. In that time she has built three websites from scratch, all in cracking niches that will all earn her money. She had zilch experience of making websites before she began.

Here is the story of her journey

My Experience With Wealthy Affiliates

I am an older woman who has made the decision to help my daughter with her two kids. In essence, put my life on hold. My daughter works full time and goes to school full time. I take care of her kids so she can do this to better her life. Unfortunately, it also leaves no time for me to be able to work even part-time to make any money of my own.

I have been searching for awhile for a way to make money from home. Whilst I do some crafts and thought about selling crocheted items. I do enjoy making things, but I felt having to push to make product would make it no fun for me anymore. All my previous work experience was around computers, so I started searching online. It was a very tiresome process, weeding through all the scams.

The Long Search To Make Money Online

I found one woman who claimed she was offering her secret for free. I went ahead and signed up since it wasn’t necessary to put in credit card information. I watched all these videos, a couple of hours worth, and all I learned was how she started and her experience along the way. I hadn’t learned a single thing about what I needed to do to make money. Before I got to that information, I found out I had to pay to see more than her testimonial. Although it was a very nice story, it was frustrating that I had wasted so much time.

I went back to searching. I came across this very short forum post which listed the author’s top 5 picks of work at home opportunities. Of course, I clicked on the first one. The link brought me to a sign-up page for Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up because I didn’t need any credit card information. I clicked on the get started here button, and I was on my way.

The Lessons were Simple

The lessons were super simple to follow. Each lesson is accompanied by a video so you can actually see the steps happening live. This is important to me as I am a visual learner. One critique I would give is in the first lesson. Immediately you are shown how to set up your website and asked to create a name for your website which you won’t be able to change later.

It would be better for the student (you) to skip that lesson and think about what you want your niche (the subject of your website) to be. When you have figured that out, then go back and decide what to call your new business and begin making your website. I rushed a little into my website name, but I  love it now, I have branded it to be mine.

My journey with Wealthy Affiliate is now a little more than a month. I am amazed at how much I have learned. The important thing is a lot of what I learned about building my own website was before I paid any money. Wealthy Affiliate is the first company that I can remember that has ever put its’ money where its’ mouth is. Wealthy Affiliate Community Rocks- that's Official

Start For Free

You actually are able to learn how to build your website and start your online business without paying any money! Before you finish your first set of lessons, though, you will be hooked. I wanted to learn more and more. As soon as I was able, I went ahead and upgraded to a premium membership.

I have had some frustrating moments. It happens when you are learning new things. Here’s another great feature of Wealthy Affiliate: the community. There are 1000’s of people who belong to the Wealthy Affiliate community. The people from all walks of life and having a vast array of knowledge and experience. And here’s the kicker – they all want to help you!

Wealthy Affiliate Community Rocks- that’s Official

There are several different ways you can reach out to others for help. I never have to wait more than a few minutes for an answer. You are really made to feel as if you matter to everyone you come in contact with. They become your friends as well as like family. A family, in which, wants to see and help you become successful. It may even be better than family. If you are looking for an opportunity to make money online, I recommend you give Wealthy Affiliate a try. I promise you won’t regret it. Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get rich quick scheme, and it is NOT multi-level marketing (MLM). It’s FREE to start, remember? What have you got to lose? Time? Since I haven’t been working, I have wasted more time playing games on Facebook. This is definitely time better spent.

So that is Angela’s story, here is an example of one of the three websites she has created. She has taken steps that will make a huge difference to her income if you would like to join us click here

Where to Find Free Legal Images in One Place

Where to Find Free Legal Images in One Place

Many of you may know that all of Wikipedia’s images are in the public domain. You may also know you can take some photographs from Flickr, now I’m going to show you Where to Find Free Legal Images in One Place, so that you don’t have to go jumping all over the web. This will save you time and effort so don’t forget to bookmark the page

Don’t just use the images section of Google there is a more advanced way of researching exactly what you want, it is totally legal and safe. Just click here and then bookmark that page, because you will come back to it time and time again. I am going to show you in the video how to do the legal image search because it is easier to demonstrate that way.

Where to Find Free Legal Images in One PlaceIf you have any questions about how to find free legal images in one place them feel free to drop them in the comments box below and I will get back to you.As you can see from the video, you can find images from the whole of the Internet, you can specify the size and type and even color that image.This is a far more efficient way of searching for the perfect icon for your blog than jumping around to several commercial sites which do offer free icons.

Yesterday my good friend Angela from Moms of Single Moms and she’s having a bit of difficulty placing the image in the correct place in a blog. So Angela the next quick video is for you, do let me know in the comments were you have sorted your problem. And anybody else of course is welcome to ask questions and I will get back to you tomorrow.

Internet Marketing for Seniors

Internet Marketing for Seniors

Because of the global credit crunch, many people are looking for a legitimate way to increase the income. They will search things in Google like " work from home opportunities" " online income opportunities" " jobs for Senior citizens" Like many youngsters as well, they may well buy a program and then find out that it’s useless.

Some Internet Marketing Training Works and Some Don’t

I am not saying all Internet marketing products don't do what they say on the tin, but there’s a lot of crap out there. I apologize in advance for my language, I am a down-to-earth girl who says what she thinks. If you don’t like it I suggest you find another mentor.

These things which people pay for and don’t deliver is generally called an online scam or simply a scam. You get the picture I don’t have to draw a Van Gogh (Phew). Many of these seniors have a rich and varied life experience. Most of them could make a very very successful living working at home within six weeks. Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration a very good living within six weeks, but they could easily turn a good profit.

The Internet is Changing, and so are Internet Marketing Training Programs

It’s a misconception today that Internet marketing is for kids. I work at home and make a fantastic living. That brings freedom. I spend one month in two in Sri Lanka. I can also travel the world to go to the most expensive seminars.

One thing I have noticed in the last 18 months is that the number of kids working from home is getting less. Also, the number of people aged 50+ are getting more. My guess is that people within that age group are waking up to the fact that their government pensions are worthless.

Just have a look at the photograph below that was taken at the Sarah Staar Replace My Day Job, in London in July 2014. How many spring chickens do you see there? Internet marketing for Seniors

I was always independent and the older I get, the more independent I get and the sassier I get when someone tries to think for me. I want the freedom to run my own business from home and so do many more seniors. We have had a lifetime of being bossed around.

Another thing I find as I age, in fact, I want to help people and that's why it's such a privilege to be part of the wealthy affiliate community. Wealthy affiliate's offers Internet marketing training. In fact, community, the community helps each other 24/7. I can honestly say that in the nine years I have been a member, not one single person has failed to make money when they put in the work.

I am not saying that they didn’t have technical challenges,  LOL  even the kids have those, but with the help of people in the community they overcame the obstacles. Today I have spent three hours helping someone get over their technical problems. There is always someone there to help and if in the unlikely event that no one responds and that would be a laugh then you can always message or speak on live chat with the owner.

So for me, wealthy affiliate is not just training program it is a lifetime experience. I have made many new friends some of them have gone on to be the richest people in Internet marketing. Some of them have had less grandiose ideas; they just want to be able to treat the grandkids.

Whatever your objective for more money and however much that money is wealthy affiliate's can help you. Because Karen Carson the two owners know that there are many scams online they offer a free account. You can have a look around the site, see how it runs and access the training.

You are then in a position to make up your mind whether or not Internet marketing is for you.

so done with metrics, SLA's and stupid customer service! I want to provide customer service and benefits to others the way I think is right! Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I got confirmation that my desire would be approachable. I can actually achieve and accomplish my way of living! I like working hard, just not for others!

I am a person with loads of ideas and fantasies but until a couple of months back, I have never thought I could really be someone providing benefits to others! See, I go to work every day, stuck in the damn traffic on my way to work and on my way home. By the time I arrive at work, and then I turn on my PC, and there it is again FRUSTRATION. Having stuff to do I do not want to do, I am not happy with. SInce joining WA, I am actually taking my dreams and fantasies serious. For a couple of weeks I had an idea in my head and today I seriously went a step further. I have contacted one of my best mates this evening, he is a lawyer, European Laws. I told him about my idea and asked him to establish a company with me. Months back, he offered me to start a company with him. It wasn't what I wanted. Today it was my idea, I approached him. He won't have any rights etc in this company. its just for the formation, the awful legal stuff, I am not getting into that now… Well, he agreed. We are going to establish a company, I am going to be a company owner! How cool is that!! I am over the moon and I am glad I did not give up on my dream, being self-employed or a company owner, working for myself, my rules, my ideas, I know I will be successful! I just know it! It is all coming together now. I left Germany for a reason, by accident I picked Ireland and a few years later I called Ireland "Home". I will never ever leave this country, it's my home. We all know about the Celtic Tiger, this country is in a crisis but I can provide a little to help individuals to make a better living! I am excited!