The Five P’s Of Niche Selection And Profitability. Part 2

The Five P’s Of Niche Selection And Profitability, part 1 can be found here .

Practicality in niche selection

Another of the P’s is practicality. You may want to create the world’s best SEO site, but you don’t know anything about SEO. Well, all I can say is you are too old to believe in fairies! I am not saying don’t dream big, if that is your aim, but put it on the back burner.

Get two sites up and running and earning a $100 a day each and then outsource your dream.

However, for the moment let’s get back to the real world. You need to be able to have the interest to research what you need to know. It does not mean that you have to be an authority to start, just enough interest to be able to know where to get the information you need.

If you are not sure, then go here to find out how to become an authority The video is about half an hour, but it is the only research resource you will ever need.

So you need practicality, because if it is not achievable, then you are setting yourself up for failure before you start. If you cannot isolate and engage your target audience, you will never make a sale


The pain in terms of niche selection should not be yours it should be the pain of others. Search through your niches forums, blogs, amazon reviews for information related to your ideal customer.

You’re looking for the lingo they use, common problems, questions, any products/websites they’ve used for help, what their current and long-term problems are.

Find out what their “why” is.

Once you know the problems of your target market you can build a profile of your perfect customer.

This allows you to talk to your customer in a more conversational way. Because you understand their pain and frustrations, they will trust you more and spend money. When you can push their buttons or empathize with them on an emotional level then you’ve made selling to them infinitely easier.

Here you will simply jot down all the pain points, wants, needs, desires, fears,etc… that you found out about your ideal customer while doing your detective work in the previous step.

So as an example if you were in the affiliate marketing niche it could look

something like this:

Tired of working for someone else *

Wants to travel *

Want to stop commuting to work*

Wants to spoil their family *

Want fiscal freedom *

Is afraid of being stuck at a dead-end job for the rest of their life *

Struggling with information overload *

Isn’t sure if this stuff really works *

Afraid of being scammed *


Dig Deep

Use this profile to reflect your understanding of someone’s problems because people almost never buy because they need something, they buy because they want something, or at least think that they do.

Tap into this pain and you have succeeded.

The power of PLR

The final P is are there PLR products in your niche. No, I am not suggesting you use them per se but they are an indication of how profitable and viable the niche is.

PLR means Private Label Rights. If you purchase an original article it may cost you upwards of $20 to pay for one that earns you money. PLR when someone like me writes fifty articles on say peanut allergy and then sells that to a hundred people for less than $10.

There are a lot of people out there who find writing or communication very difficult. PLR is a fantastic way to get together an ebook you can re-brand as a video or other content. Used intelligently it is a fantastic resource or research tool .

If there are already people writing PLR in your niche, then it is a popular niche. However, if they are not then you can write your own PLR and create your own product.

The list below is a list of things I have been asked to write PLR about

  • A lead gen report and auto responder series on College Scholarships
  • A Married Man’s Guide to Getting Good Loving
  • acne
  • AdSense
  • adult dance classes
  • adult education
  • Adwords guide
  • affiliate marketing
  • affiliate marketing program setup (CB, PDC)
  • African mango diet
  • Alcachofa diet
  • Anger
  • Angular cheilitis
  • anonymous surfing or anonymous proxies.
  • Antifungal diet
  • Antique guns
  • Anxiety
  • ATV 4 wheelers
  • Autoresponder
  • Bad Credit
  • Beer of the month club
  • Belly button discharge
  • Beyonce Lemonade Diet
  • bicycle, scooter & related gadgets
  • Bigger butt
  • Bird Watching
  • Blackberry’s, Computers
  • Bocce ball
  • Bone carving
  • Breastfeeding diet
  • Build a greenhouse
  • Butcher Supplies
  • Cabbage soup diet
  • Cake decorating
  • Candle making
  • Cat food
  • chess
  • Chewing Tobacco
  • Children’s Dance Classes
  • Chinese New year/zodiac
  • Chip carving
  • cholesterol
  • Clickbank
  • College Prep
  • Complaining
  • Crafts
  • Cruise tips
  • Dating
  • day trading
  • Depression
  • different electronic products
  • direct mail marketing
    Distance learning
    Diverticulitis diet
    DNA-guided nutritional supplements
    downloadable audiobooks
    dream interpretations/analysis
    Drug Abuse
    Egg decorating
    Email Marketing
    exercises for the butt & thighs
    Fashion/designer clothes
    first wedding dance
    fixing a house
    Flag football
    foot care
    Fructose malabsorption diet
    Gallbladder diet
    Gambling online
    Gerson therapy diet
    Getting Good Backlinks
    Girls Hockey
    Global Warming
    Goat supplies
    Grow taller
    Hair loss prevention and cure
    Hallelujah diet
    Handmade soaps
    Hat making
    health and wellness
    Healthy Drinks
    Heart Attacks
    Hills science diet
    Home business
    home business
    home internet business
    Home refinancing
    Home refinancing
    home security
    Home theater
    Hospital supplies
    How to build a bat house
    How to build a cat tree
    How to build a compost bin
    How to build a dog house
    How to build a drift trike
    How to build an end portal
    How to build a tree house
    How to do Keyword Research
    How to make a bow and arrow
    How to make crab cakes
    How to make fake snow
    How to make rock candy
    How to make slime
    How to Pick Up Girls Without Embarrassing Yourself
    How to upload/FTP the website
    how-tos of video marketing – about You Tube, Tube Mogul, Traffic Geyser to Ustream
    ice road truckers
    injury lawyer
    Interior decorating with candles
    internet marketing productivity
    Internet Safety – parents/kids
    Jadera diet pills
    Jai alai
    Jock itch
    Joint Ventures for profit
    Kamagra tablets and Kamagra Oral Jelly
    kids dance parties 5 for $5
    Lemonade diet
    liquid vitamins and minerals
    list building
    Magic supplies
    male menopause
    Meat of the month club
    memory loss
    mini-trampoline exercise
    Moose hunting
    Nail Biting
    Nasal polyps
    Natural dog food
    natural remedies 4 depression, diabetes, hair loss, acne, stress, insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure, arthritis.
    Network Marketing, MLM, SEO
    Ninja training
    offline marketing. (postcards, yellow page ads, guerrilla tactics)
    Offline small business marketing
    online jobs
    Organic and Baby/Pregnancy
    Organic Beauty
    Osteoarthritis Diet
    Pack Rat
    pain relief
    panic attacks
    Parchment craft
    Parenting Troubled Teens
    Peptic ulcer diet
    picky eaters
    Pietra dura
    plantar fasciitis
    vegetable growing in pots
    plr training
    Poor Money Management
    Producing DVDs for profit
    profiting with private label products
    Progresso soup diet
    RC cars
    Real estate
    Safer sex
    Sand sculpture
    SAT Prep
    Scuba Diving
    security for online shopping
    Selling domain names for profit
    Set up a simple blog or website.
    Sex furniture
    Shoe making
    Single Cup Coffee
    small business
    Smelly feet
    spiritual awareness
    Subway diet
    Sumo wrestling
    Surya Yoga
    swing trading
    texas holdem
    Thrive diet
    Trick photography
    Vertical jump training
    Wall decals
    WEB 2.0
    Web Design
    weight training
    what to write on thank you cards invitations and save the date cards
    Wwe ringside collectibles

So you don’t have to have all five, but if you do you re going to find it a lot easier to stay in the niche and make it profitable, there are ways out if you choose the wrong niche, but it is easier if you can make the right choice before you start.

Good luck and leave Any questions you may have below, and I will answer them for you

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