The Five P’s Of Niche Selection And Profitability. Part 2

The Five P’s Of Niche Selection And Profitability. Part 2

The Five P’s Of Niche Selection And Profitability, part 1 can be found here .

Practicality in niche selection

Another of the P’s is practicality. You may want to create the world’s best SEO site, but you don’t know anything about SEO. Well, all I can say is you are too old to believe in fairies! I am not saying don’t dream big, if that is your aim, but put it on the back burner.

Get two sites up and running and earning a $100 a day each and then outsource your dream.

However, for the moment let’s get back to the real world. You need to be able to have the interest to research what you need to know. It does not mean that you have to be an authority to start, just enough interest to be able to know where to get the information you need.

If you are not sure, then go here to find out how to become an authority The video is about half an hour, but it is the only research resource you will ever need.

So you need practicality, because if it is not achievable, then you are setting yourself up for failure before you start. If you cannot isolate and engage your target audience, you will never make a sale


The pain in terms of niche selection should not be yours it should be the pain of others. Search through your niches forums, blogs, amazon reviews for information related to your ideal customer.

You’re looking for the lingo they use, common problems, questions, any products/websites they’ve used for help, what their current and long-term problems are.

Find out what their “why” is.

Once you know the problems of your target market you can build a profile of your perfect customer.

This allows you to talk to your customer in a more conversational way. Because you understand their pain and frustrations, they will trust you more and spend money. When you can push their buttons or empathize with them on an emotional level then you’ve made selling to them infinitely easier.

Here you will simply jot down all the pain points, wants, needs, desires, fears,etc… that you found out about your ideal customer while doing your detective work in the previous step.

So as an example if you were in the affiliate marketing niche it could look

something like this:

Tired of working for someone else *

Wants to travel *

Want to stop commuting to work*

Wants to spoil their family *

Want fiscal freedom *

Is afraid of being stuck at a dead-end job for the rest of their life *

Struggling with information overload *

Isn’t sure if this stuff really works *

Afraid of being scammed *


Dig Deep

Use this profile to reflect your understanding of someone’s problems because people almost never buy because they need something, they buy because they want something, or at least think that they do.

Tap into this pain and you have succeeded.

The power of PLR

The final P is are there PLR products in your niche. No, I am not suggesting you use them per se but they are an indication of how profitable and viable the niche is.

PLR means Private Label Rights. If you purchase an original article it may cost you upwards of $20 to pay for one that earns you money. PLR when someone like me writes fifty articles on say peanut allergy and then sells that to a hundred people for less than $10.

There are a lot of people out there who find writing or communication very difficult. PLR is a fantastic way to get together an ebook you can re-brand as a video or other content. Used intelligently it is a fantastic resource or research tool .

If there are already people writing PLR in your niche, then it is a popular niche. However, if they are not then you can write your own PLR and create your own product.

The list below is a list of things I have been asked to write PLR about

  • A lead gen report and auto responder series on College Scholarships
  • A Married Man’s Guide to Getting Good Loving
  • acne
  • AdSense
  • adult dance classes
  • adult education
  • Adwords guide
  • affiliate marketing
  • affiliate marketing program setup (CB, PDC)
  • African mango diet
  • Alcachofa diet
  • Anger
  • Angular cheilitis
  • anonymous surfing or anonymous proxies.
  • Antifungal diet
  • Antique guns
  • Anxiety
  • ATV 4 wheelers
  • Autoresponder
  • Bad Credit
  • Beer of the month club
  • Belly button discharge
  • Beyonce Lemonade Diet
  • bicycle, scooter & related gadgets
  • Bigger butt
  • Bird Watching
  • Blackberry’s, Computers
  • Bocce ball
  • Bone carving
  • Breastfeeding diet
  • Build a greenhouse
  • Butcher Supplies
  • Cabbage soup diet
  • Cake decorating
  • Candle making
  • Cat food
  • chess
  • Chewing Tobacco
  • Children’s Dance Classes
  • Chinese New year/zodiac
  • Chip carving
  • cholesterol
  • Clickbank
  • College Prep
  • Complaining
  • Crafts
  • Cruise tips
  • Dating
  • day trading
  • Depression
  • different electronic products
  • direct mail marketing
    Distance learning
    Diverticulitis diet
    DNA-guided nutritional supplements
    downloadable audiobooks
    dream interpretations/analysis
    Drug Abuse
    Egg decorating
    Email Marketing
    exercises for the butt & thighs
    Fashion/designer clothes
    first wedding dance
    fixing a house
    Flag football
    foot care
    Fructose malabsorption diet
    Gallbladder diet
    Gambling online
    Gerson therapy diet
    Getting Good Backlinks
    Girls Hockey
    Global Warming
    Goat supplies
    Grow taller
    Hair loss prevention and cure
    Hallelujah diet
    Handmade soaps
    Hat making
    health and wellness
    Healthy Drinks
    Heart Attacks
    Hills science diet
    Home business
    home business
    home internet business
    Home refinancing
    Home refinancing
    home security
    Home theater
    Hospital supplies
    How to build a bat house
    How to build a cat tree
    How to build a compost bin
    How to build a dog house
    How to build a drift trike
    How to build an end portal
    How to build a tree house
    How to do Keyword Research
    How to make a bow and arrow
    How to make crab cakes
    How to make fake snow
    How to make rock candy
    How to make slime
    How to Pick Up Girls Without Embarrassing Yourself
    How to upload/FTP the website
    how-tos of video marketing – about You Tube, Tube Mogul, Traffic Geyser to Ustream
    ice road truckers
    injury lawyer
    Interior decorating with candles
    internet marketing productivity
    Internet Safety – parents/kids
    Jadera diet pills
    Jai alai
    Jock itch
    Joint Ventures for profit
    Kamagra tablets and Kamagra Oral Jelly
    kids dance parties 5 for $5
    Lemonade diet
    liquid vitamins and minerals
    list building
    Magic supplies
    male menopause
    Meat of the month club
    memory loss
    mini-trampoline exercise
    Moose hunting
    Nail Biting
    Nasal polyps
    Natural dog food
    natural remedies 4 depression, diabetes, hair loss, acne, stress, insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure, arthritis.
    Network Marketing, MLM, SEO
    Ninja training
    offline marketing. (postcards, yellow page ads, guerrilla tactics)
    Offline small business marketing
    online jobs
    Organic and Baby/Pregnancy
    Organic Beauty
    Osteoarthritis Diet
    Pack Rat
    pain relief
    panic attacks
    Parchment craft
    Parenting Troubled Teens
    Peptic ulcer diet
    picky eaters
    Pietra dura
    plantar fasciitis
    vegetable growing in pots
    plr training
    Poor Money Management
    Producing DVDs for profit
    profiting with private label products
    Progresso soup diet
    RC cars
    Real estate
    Safer sex
    Sand sculpture
    SAT Prep
    Scuba Diving
    security for online shopping
    Selling domain names for profit
    Set up a simple blog or website.
    Sex furniture
    Shoe making
    Single Cup Coffee
    small business
    Smelly feet
    spiritual awareness
    Subway diet
    Sumo wrestling
    Surya Yoga
    swing trading
    texas holdem
    Thrive diet
    Trick photography
    Vertical jump training
    Wall decals
    WEB 2.0
    Web Design
    weight training
    what to write on thank you cards invitations and save the date cards
    Wwe ringside collectibles

So you don’t have to have all five, but if you do you re going to find it a lot easier to stay in the niche and make it profitable, there are ways out if you choose the wrong niche, but it is easier if you can make the right choice before you start.

Good luck and leave Any questions you may have below, and I will answer them for you

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The Five P’s Of Niche Selection And Profitability Part 1

The Five P’s Of Niche Selection And Profitability Part 1

To misquote George Orwell, not all niches are created equal. Some are more profitable than others. In the short term, the long term, the holiday period, or in the season. Some are more profitable because the Adwords cost is about $50 and therefore the Adsense potential is very high. The Five P’s Of Niche Selection And Profitability will help you choose a profitable niche.

So Let’s see what the 5 P’s of niche selection are and why you should aim for as many of them as possible.

    • Passion
    • Profit
    • Practical knowledge
    • Pain
    • PLR

What Does Passion mean in the context of affiliate marketing? It means that you are interested in your topic and can find a sustainable amount of subjects to write about to prevent boredom setting in.

Is it imperative?

Yes, it is for me because I found out the hard way what happens when there is no passion. I had a look around at niche marketing and in those days niches were top level domain niches.

I concluded that acne was a profitable niche and there was no real product to sell. Consequently I spent four months researching how acne could be cured by diet alone. I wrote the definitive acne cure diet, as a product. Then I came to write the website content. After five articles I knew that it was not going to go anywhere.

I was bored and tired of the subject. I did get out of it, and it did do me a lot of good, but it was a steep learning curve.

400+ articles

I had to outsource 400+ articles, and I had to get them proofread as well, I could not even face reading them. Now there are people who say that you can’t outsource articles and retain control of your content.

I have never heard so mush tosh in all my life, anyone who thinks that has never outsourced content.  First of all, I did my keyword research diligently, and then I drew up a prototype for each article.I didn’t just jump in and outsource 400 articles to one person.

The prototype I think went something like this. Mention the keyword in the first sentence and then tell them what the article was going to say. Have an introduction of one paragraph with the keyword in. A five or six paragraph article body and an end with the keyword in once, then a summation of about 100- 150 words to recap on what you have just told them.

Don’t try that anymore it no longer works but at the time that was more or less the structure of a good converting article.

I had to Outsource

So the lesson here was I learned to outsource, and I am still an outsource manager today as my Linkedin profile shows. I eventually could no longer maintain the website or even be bothered with it, but I still had a fantastic product. So that was another learning curve, I had to find out to be an affiliate manager. I still do that today, and it taught me how to keep a product in the top ten of the product list for Clickbank for over three years.

So yes without passion you can make a profit but be aware that to be successful you need to outsource.

Most people who make a permanent living online do outsource. There are several reasons for this. Sometimes, something just doesn’t float your boat interest wise. It is cheaper to outsource them than to waste your time doing the work. There is too much to do especially when you have multiple domains.

So yes unless you want to learn to outsource immediately then passion is a definite plus in niche selection. I can tell you because I learned the hard way that it is better to do it yourself and learn exactly the system for your business before you outsource anything!

The second of the P’s Profitability.

To be fair, most niches that exist in the real world also exist online or digitally.Sometimes a target market or demographic are not always conducive to business (If you don’t know the difference between these two read here ) For instance the crochet patterns for teapot covers may not be a great niche, but hey it would not be in the real world.

What you need is a hungry market

The late great Gary Halbert was renowned as one of the best salesman of his time i not ever. When teaching a class one day he asked his students what advantage they would want from him, if the two of them were in competition to make the most hamburger sales. The answers were varies

“superior meat.”
“better price.”
“lower price.” etc

Eventually, Mr. Halbert could stand it no longer, and he burst out that his advantage would bet them all, hands down every time.

His answer was a hungry market!

The Five P's Of Niche Selection

So how do you find out if it is a hungry market?

To have a hungry market it must be an evergreen niche that always has people wanting to solve problems and if Amazon has a book written about it or the Dummies series has a book about it, or is is a magazine on your local new stand then there is already an established market.

Another niche generating method is to look through the categories of the following websites:


Head over to Amazon’s Book Department and scroll down the left side until you see all the different categories to choose from. If you see something that interests you write it down then click on it and on the next page there will be a list of even more related categories that you may be interested in.

While you’re browsing through the categories make sure to take a look at the books associated with what you’re currently looking at. Just reading the titles will give you a good

understanding of the types of problems in that niche.

While you have a category selected type in “how to” in the search box at the top and hit enter. What you’ll find is a bunch of books solving popular problems in that niche. This is also usually where the money is in that niche.

Another good use of this trick is doing it without a category selected. While you’re in the books homepage of Amazon type in “how to” again.
Peruse the vast amount of books solving people’s problems. This will especially help you if you’re having troubles finding a niche you’re interested in.

The Dummies book store is another great website for discovering niches you may not have thought of. It’s pretty much the same process asAmazon – browse the categories along the left side and within each broad category you’ll find more narrow categories.

Now you should have a decent sized list of potential money niches. That covers two of The Five P’s Of Niche Selection, three more tomorrow.

Niche Ideas 2017

Niche Ideas 2017

Now is the time to start thinking about researching niche ideas 2017. I have noticed several trends over the last few months, and these are some of the ideas that I will be implementing in 2017. As many of my regular readers will know, I also work in the health niche.

I am planning as of now to build a new niche site about this product. During 2017, I shall also be incorporating recipes into my other health sites because the term has a great AdSense revenue. As a result of this, my Adsense revenue will increase.

Matcha powder
Matcha powder first came under my radar about three months ago. I was in the Japan Centre in Piccadilly Circus in London. On the shelf was a small green tin which cost over £7.00.

I was intrigued as to what it was. Further research showed it to be a type of green tea. Green tea consumption began in China under the Divine healer Emperor Shen Nung nearly 5000 years ago.

Japan has got one of the highest rates of cigarette smoking in the world and also some of the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease and lung cancer in the world.There is some medical evidence that this dichotomy is down to the large amounts of green tea and matcha green tea that the Japanese consume. As early as the 11th-century green tea was described it as the ultimate mental and medicinal remedy which can make one’s life more full and complete!

Some people have also argued that matcha green tea has a thermogenic effect which means it increases the amount of energy the body burns off. In layman’s terms, it means it aids fat loss! Now if that doesn’t make my brain think of loads of niche ideas, I don’t know what will!

Matcha green tea is different from ordinary green tea in that green tree is grown in full sunlight. The Tea Matcha, on the other hand, is grown in very shady conditions and then ground to a very fine powder. These finely ground leaves are absorbed and dissolved in water, so matcha green tea is not drunk it is ingested, which increases its health benefits.

Matcha green tea has also become very popular in the trend towards juicing especially green vegetable juices. As an ingredient Matcha, green tea is green tea on steroids.


Amongst its many health benefits, matcha…

  • Is packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCg
  • Boosts metabolism and burns calories
  • Detoxifies efficiently and naturally
  • Calms the mind and relaxes the body
  • It’s rich in fiber, chlorophyll, and vitamins
  • Enhances mood and aids in concentration
  • Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, and magnesium
  • Prevents disease
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar

Matcha tea is an easy and straightforward way to add powerful health benefits to your everyday diet.

Matcha Powder trends

niche ideas 2017

Matcha power is not as popular as it was in 2014 but it is still showing a healthy increase in trend. There has been an increase in the number of Matcha products. As well as the tea physical products such as books can be promoted as well.

Matcha Keyword Ideas

niche ideas 2017

These keyword ideas are colour-coded. Green is all steam ahead. It is easy to rank for without much competition, and there is a healthy search term for Matcha powder and Matcha green tea. As a keyword idea, it looks pretty easy to rank for very quickly.

It would be very easy and quick to rank a niche site dedicated to matcha green tea or matcha green powder. It follows it would also be easy to incorporate the keywords into existing recipe sites; cookery utensils sites et cetera.



Matcha Products for Sale On Amazon

There is a healthy number of matcha green tea or matcha green powder products over $20 on Amazon.matcha-products

It’s relatively easy to think outside the box when thinking about products related to the matcha green tea niche. There is a broad range of cookery books which will fill the bill.  Both Japanese and Korean cuisines use matcha powder extensively.

Japanese food is renowned for being amongst the healthiest cuisines in the world.

There are many opportunities to incorporate matcha green tea powder into existing niche sites. Examples would be healthy eating, a healthy diet for kids, cooking to lose weight. Other examples are losing weight for your wedding using matcha green tea powder as a fat buster.

If you look around Amazon, you will find lots of ceramic where that is complimentary to them matcha green tea powder niche. The Japanese are renowned for their tea drinking ceremonies.

They use a lot of specialist ceramic equipment. There are many ideas within an Amazon to incorporate this into your niche. Other ceramic ideas would be Japanese plates which tend to be oblong or square rather than round.

The Japanese also eat with chopsticks, so that’s another opportunity to promote a product. Incorporate matcha green powder into existing sites such as healthy eating, a healthy diet for kids, cooking to lose weight et cetera.

Research recipes and photographs for Matcha green tea.

Matcha Green Tea Lava Cake

120 grams White chocolate
70 grams sugar
80 grams butter
2 medium eggs
50 grams cake flour
17 grams green tea matcha powder


  1. Oil and flour (not count in the above ingredients) the cake pan. I use two 3.5inch cake pan in this recipe. Preheat the oven to 230°C.

    Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler. Add sugar and melted butter, stir it until smooth. Add the eggs, one at a time. Mix well.

  2.  Add the sifted cake flour and green tea matcha powder into the mixture. Stir until powder is dissolved. Do not overmix it. Pour the mixture into the pan. Bake the cake at  230°C for 9 to 10min.
    Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream Is one of the top flavors of ice cream in Southeast Asia. It’s a very popular search term, and it would be a splendid idea to add this ice cream recipe to a niche site about matcha green tea.
Creating Passion and Profit Niches

Creating Passion and Profit Niches

Creating passion and profit niches is both simple and sensible. Anyone can have their own niche website. Thousands of people launch them every day. But very few of them actually succeed. That’s because the majority of marketers who get an idea for a niche site launch it based on things like:

Don’t Be Dumb

Keyword searches traffic volume
The number of products available to promote
A guru claiming he’s making bank in the niche

Smart Niche Selection

Those aren’t reasons to build a site. A better way – one that ensures you’ll wake up every day excited to work – is to base it on your own personal interests and passions so that profits will come naturally.
 creating passion-and-profit-niches-

Everyone is always saying they need guidance about how to make a site that succeeds. You’re about to get an overview – but it’s based on you and your interests and not what other people are into.

Creating passion and profit niche is the sensible thing to do.

The greatest combination you can have when choosing a niche is profits and passion. One doesn’t equal the other, though. You might have a passion for a niche topic, but find it’s a niche where people aren’t willing to pay for information.

Or, you might find a niche that’s ripe with profit potential, but it’s something you have zero interest in. You want a niche that meets both prerequisites. Start by looking for a niche that sustains your long-term interests.


Brainstorm a list of problems – both tangible and information topics – and include everything you like – even if you don’t have experience with it or consider yourself an expert in it yet. You can lead and share information in a niche without being considered the primary authority figure for it.

So here’s an example of what a niche brainstorm list might look like:

Healthy cooking

You can dig down deeper into specific niches within those broad categories later if you like. After you have your list, start going through and seeing what kind of profit potential there is in that niche. For example, let’s take the dog niche as an example. You have tons of profit potential in these areas:

Filling in the dots

Dog health – dog care guides on the web – and tangibles like heartworm medicine on Amazon
Dog training – courses that teach broad and specific training issues, plus collars, clickers, etc. on Amazon
Dog grooming – information about caring for individual breeds, plus dog shampoos, etc.

If you see a good combination of tangibles and information products, it’s a good indication that the niche has profit potential. Make sure the niche you choose is something you feel you could write about day in, day out for years to come.

Never Neglect Keyword Research

Conduct Massive Keyword Research for Future Use

To date, you may have tried appeasing search engines through the use (or overuse in many instances) of keywords and phrases. You want to still keep keywords in the back of your mind when leading your niche, but it’s done in a slightly different way.

Look for keyword phrases – not based on search volume – but based on topics that interest you and that you know would make good blog posts for your target audience.

For instance, if you went based on volume only, then the phrase “anti-aging” might be something you chose to write a blog post about, and you’d make sure you had a nice 3% density of that exact phrase.

Niche Slants

But if you wanted to have a good idea for a blog post, then you might choose a phrase such as “anti-aging for women over 40.” Dig down when you conduct keyword research. Use tools like and give the tool starter phrases such as:

Anti-aging for
Which anti-aging product
How to get rid of wrinkles around

Those phrases get the system searching for keywords that meet those exact requirements. It instantly provides you with a long list of blog topics and ideas for products that you can create.

Keep it handy. Whenever you’re at a loss for a blog topic, reach into that list and have something immediate to write about. If the niche is viable, consider making Squidoo lenses about those topics as well.

Grab a Domain and Install Your Niche Blog

Once you’ve picked a profit and passion-based niche, and you’ve conducted some hefty keyword research, you should invest in a domain name and hosting and proceed to install your niche blog using WordPress.

Your domain should be short and should include commonly used keyword phrases. Don’t be vague and cute, where the searcher can’t tell from looking at your domain what it’s about. Be obvious.

Instead of – which might be about alternative health treatments using tree bark, choose a domain such as, which obviously indicates it’s about dogs.

Mechanics of Buying a Domain

A domain will only cost you about $10 a year. Hosting, provided by a company like Hostgator, will be about $10 or less per month, Use their built in system to install a WordPress blog and then set up the basic SEO options under settings before you begin to attract your audience with good content.

Don’t spend days, weeks or even months worrying so much about SEO. Get the basics down, like a tagline that says what your site is about, and start leading your niche.

All of your content should be personalized – written for human visitors, not search engine bots. Try to write every day, or close to it, and always stay abreast of recent trends and news in your niche that you can share.

Create a Database of Items to Promote That You Believe In

Once you have a domain launched, you’ll want to spend a day gathering information about what you want to promote. Aside from your own products, which you’ll want to begin thinking about for the near future, you need affiliate promotion opportunities.

Look in the following places and start making a database of viable options for you to promote:

Commission Junction
JV Zoo
Warrior Plus

Gather your affiliate links, any promotional tools that you plan to use, and request a copy of the product by the seller (or buy it) so that you can write up a proper affiliate review.

Create an Email Autoresponder Series Designed to Show Value

You want to begin building a list in your niche. Every site should have a squeeze page with an attractive offer. And every blog should have an opt in form in the sidebar as well as below each blog post.

You can create a series that goes out on autopilot to new subscribers, or you can blast out a broadcast email every time you have something new to share.

Think of what your target audience is looking for and turn it into a series. For example, let’s say you’re in the weight loss niche. You could have one of these topics as your opt in series:

7-Day Jumpstart Juicing Plan
2-Week Healthy Snack Guide
52 Weeks of Exercise and Diet Combinations

You want to preferably have the series timed out, and then afterwards you can send them broadcast emails. Most marketers use paid autoresponder tools like Aweber or GetResponse, not freebies like MailChimp because they include their own ads and limit the number of subscribers you can have and emails you can send.

Create Personal Connections By Engaging Your Audience

For the most personal satisfaction and the best profit potential, you need to form a bond with your readers. That means asking them to contact you, responding to comments that they leave on your blog, and replying personally to all emails they send you.

Ask what they need help with and then create blog posts and products that provide the answers they need. If you have several people emailing you in one day asking questions, post a Q&A blog entry that addresses multiple topics.

Have Fun Branding and Social Marketing for Your Site

Social marketing can be a really fun thing to do when it’s a topic that you enjoy. For other marketers who are still chained to topics they dislike, it is a huge burden.

Start by following people interested in the same topics as you. Most of the time, they will reciprocate and follow you back, sharing your links and posts with their own followers who are also like-minded individuals – and conveniently, your target audience, too.

Sign up for sites like Twitter, Google Plus, FaceBook, etc. Read other people’s blogs and start engaging on those as a fan of the competition. Participate in forums and let your enthusiasm shine through.

Don’t try too hard to push your agenda on others – just enjoy sharing your insight and brand your business the way you want to be seen. People will click through on your links to see what else you have to share, and that’s where you can over deliver and become well known in your niche.

All of these simple tips add up to one thing – your happiness with your online business efforts. You’ll soon discover that profits pour in – not because you have to game a system or use a certain strategy before anyone catches on – but because your excitement is contagious.

Niche Ideas 2017

Choosing a Niche

Choosing a niche is an important decision, but it is not one that you should spend weeks agonizing over it. The reason I say that is because most niches can be profitable!

Not all Niches are Equal

But like animal farm, where not all pigs are equal, niches are the same. In my view you should be looking at the how to make money niche because there are just over 8 billion people on this planet, and let’s say about 6 million of those are adults. 6 billion individuals who want to earn more money. Before you shake your head and say that can’t be correct, ask yourself how many people do you know that think they have enough money!

If you only get 1% of those people interested in the products that you are recommending that is 800,000 people. Do you think you could make a living talking to 800,000 people every week?

Now some niches are great because there is only one problem and one solution an example would be acne. People have acne, and if they cure the acne, there is nothing else you can sell them. In the moneymaking niche on the other hand even if people are satisfied with a method of making money they will always want more money.

Choosing a Sustainable Niche

To build a successful online business it needs to be sustainable, and that means a learning curve. You can learn about your niche as you go. The easiest way to build a business is by following the experts. The experts, in this case, would be the community at wealthy affiliates.They teach you how to blog; that is how to build a blog and also how to write great content. During that learning curve, you can be learning about your niche and if you decide that it doesn’t float your boat and what the heck you change your niche.

Many people will tell you it is important to be interested in your niche. It’s really not that important. I am not saying that you can’t make money out of your hobby. In most cases, you can. Trainspotting or model trains is an excellent and profitable niche.

However, there is more to setting up a profitable niche building site than throwing up a few blog posts, willy-nilly. If you want to have a blog, that makes real money it needs to have a certain amount of planning.

choosig a niche

The world’s Finest Internet marketing training

I can’t be certain that Sarah Staar and Wealthy affiliates have the world’s best Internet marketing training, as I have not personally tried every product out there. However, I have bought a lot I have bought courses up to $10,000 and spent a lot of money on my Internet marketing education.

I still keep coming back to Wealthy Affiliate’s I joined nearly ten years ago and have never left. There teaching is fantastic for choosing a niche and implementing the planning stages of a blog. It is an intense course and leaves nothing out. It is literally a paint by number solution.

However, it relies on organic, or free traffic methods. nothing wrong with that it works, and it is sustainable. There are occasions when you want to kickstart a blog, especially if it is your second niche site. You have gone through the learning curve and you know it will be months before you start to get any meaningful free SEO traffic. You don’t want to have that trickle to start (It will become a river in time) but you want fast results.

Fast track your Profitability

For these occasions, I recommend Sarah’s five FREE videos, her how to be an affiliate marketer course. Sarah Staar is the most profitable Internet marketer in the UK she has an arsenal of her own high-quality products. Her teaching methods are down to earth. She has created in those five free videos a blueprint which if you follow it correctly will be super profitable.

Your launch plan will have to include traffic strategies. If you need to improve your traffic then this free ebook 101 free traffic sources will help you draw up a plan.


Before you create a blog you need to figure out your niche and draw up a launch plan. It’s essential to know what topics you’ll write on and understand where your traffic will come from. It is always useful to learn exactly how you are going to monetize your site when the time comes. Sarah’s training is crucial here, and she also covers how to set up your email list.

Wealthy affiliates has your back as regards the themes, the plugins and the social aspect of your blog. The free account covers the basics of how to set up your blog. It covers the aesthetics, the mechanics of how to get your blog looking just as you want it to.

Monetize Your Blog At the Right Time

What is also an important part of their training is the fact that they will tell you exactly when to monetize your site. There is no point in adding any links to your blog when the site has not been indexed by Google. Being indexed means that Google recognizes that it exists.

If you choose to be an Amazon affiliate in your niche site then there is absolutely no point in monetizing your blog early. If you do not get your first sale in a number of days, then Amazon strips you of your affiliate status. Granted you can reapply later, but that is a hassle you really don’t need.


If you follow Wealthy Affiliate’s training in conjunction with Sarah, you are armed with the knowledge to make an epic blog with exciting, vibrant keyword rich content that will reward you with an income for years.

Your readers will be happy to share your content because you will be an authority figure, the sort of go-to person within your niche, You will have no shortage of things to write about because you will have researched your niche properly. They will love to leave a comment and interact with you. Which is one of the ways you build your tribe?