Personalize Your Content- Own it.

If you see the word “personalization”, and you stop breathing, – either because you hate the idea of standing out of your comfort zone or are you paralyzed by analysis. You’re about to feel a lot better about working your own style and voice into your online business efforts. I’m going to show you how toPersonalize Your Content- Own it.

For many people, introverts or not, personalization is something they don’t understand or don’t want to do. After all, isn’t making money online all about being able to stay anonymous and rake in cash?

No, it’s not actually.

The Road to Success

Working from home online is about finding your passion for helping other people, and reaping both monetary rewards and personal satisfaction from your efforts. Personalization elevates you from anonymous, possible scumbag (in the eyes of a wary consumer), to a trustworthy source of valuable information.

Some misguided marketers like to start threads in forums that say something like, “Content is dead” or “Article marketing is no longer viable.” The truth is, the one phrase, “Content is King” will always be correct because the content is what conveys information from an authority figure to the person seeking information.

The Importance of Content

For a marketer, content is how you get found online. Search engines crawl the web with what are known as spiders or bots – and they index these pages like a library catalog.

Whenever a consumer comes along to Google searching for information, they reach into their stores of files and present what they consider to be the possible top matches for the person using their service. Without content on your site, you won’t be one of the options shown.

Define your Content

Content is what informs consumers on a buying decision. Graphics are nice and all, but it’s words that tell a person what a product or service is, why they need it, and how it will change their lives.

It will never become obsolete. No matter how hard you want it to or wish it didn’t have the power that it had, content is crucial to the success of your online business success.

But there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. Sterile, keyword-laden content is the wrong way to do it. Content reliant on spammy backlinks is wrong. Personalized content is right.

Back In the Day

In the past, length was one thing that many marketers focused on. It used to be what you could get away with, a 100 or 200-word flimsy post filled with keywords, and you’d rank high.

Then marketers got spanked by Google and figured it must be the length that got them into trouble, so they stretched their content out to 500 words or more. For awhile, it worked, too!

Keyword density became next on the hit list. Marketers started getting penalized for having too many keywords in their content. Suddenly all those expensive tools they’d invested in, and the long hours spent researching the right words and phrases they could dominate with were all a wash.

Where to put the content became an issue. Google slapped article directories, with a vengeance. All that content people had listed with a strategic call to action were worthless – not ranking anymore.

Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo got beat up. In defense Squidoo, started closing accounts of people who thought their content was perfect. It was unique, just the right length, had keywords, etc.

The Reality Check

Everything people had stressed to you in the past about how to create content that worked online – had now been demolished. It can send you reeling, paralyzed about putting any more effort into your online content creation.

Now was the time to learn how to create a real sustainable business.

The only solution to this is to start writing personalized content. With personalization, length isn’t an issue; keywords aren’t “key.” You can put it anywhere and everywhere and rest assured that Google’s not going to slap it down.

Personalization is the only characteristic that has stood the test of time. It’s what attracts a faithful, loyal audience and what will help you become a leader in your niche with very little effort.

Getting Personalisation wrong

Some people don’t really understand what personalization means. They think it means that they have to spill their deepest, darkest secrets onto the web. That’s not it at all!

It conveys emotions. When you want someone to buy something you’re promoting, you don’t just write about specifications that a product seller or manufacturer can say.

That’s like a friend asking you which doctor you recommend, and you spouting off the credentials of a local MD. Facts don’t tell the actual things that make people want to spend money. It’s emotions.

To Personalize Your Content- Own it.

Learn how to use adjectives when you write and express what you feel when you use or read or learn from something. It’s a simple phrase of, “I felt so ____ when I read that!” It could be:

  • Relieved
  • Stupid
  • Angry
  • Excited.

Remember your blog reader is sitting there nervously reading your product review because they want to learn a strategy so bad, they need you, their trusted leader, to tell them you felt relieved. Once you have done that, then that feeling will flow over to them, and they’ll feel more comfortable buying the recommended item.

Over time this relationship will blossom. Tomorrow we will investigate how to Stand Out From The Crowd, And Your Tribe Will Come

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