How to Become An Expert In Internet Marketing Quickly

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How to become an expert in Internet Marketing is the Perennial Internet Marketing Conundrum

How to become an expert in Internet Marketing quickly
, seems to be an oxymoron, but it really isn’t. Many people are frightened to position themselves as an expert in the market place because many professionals pay for expert advice on a regular basis, everyone knows that right? So what have they to offer?

Yes that is the case, but that may be nothing but the truth, but is it the whole truth?

Lawyers and doctors are professionals, but only in their field are they experts, they may want content for a website, they may want to build a model railway and they need an expert in another field. Outside of their field they are no longer an expert.

So what constitutes an expert and what does it take to become one?  The answer to that question depends where and how you pitch yourself in the market. If for instance you can build a WordPress web site from scratch then you can teach novice Internet marketers how to do it.

That does not mean that you can teach Frank Kern a well-known Internet marketing guru how to make money.

Many people want content for their websites and they think that they can’t write, and then if this is the area of your expertise then you can use it in several ways. You can offer a course on how to start to learn to write, or you can offer tips on certain aspects of writing such as how to do keyword research, or the importance of latent semantic keywords. Again you are not going to sell to Tiffany Dow a well-known Internet marketer, but that does not mean that your skills are devalued.

You can start a blog and give your advice for free, or a Facebook page, to amass a following and get yourself out there and known.

It is easy to make money online as an expert if you don’t punch above your weight.  When you hit a snag on your journey, write about it honestly and don’t forget to tell your readers what actually helped you.
Talk to people honestly and openly to build a trust. This is the first key to online success. Don’t think what can I sell and how much for.

The first thing to think of is “how much value can I impart?
Once you give away valuable information people begin to trust you and trust your judgement. Don’t be afraid to say what did not work for you, and why. Just because something has not worked for you does not mean that it cannot work for others.

Many affiliate marketers have learned the hard way that selling can be extremely difficult. However, a large portion of the art of selling is not in the selling itself but in the art of pre-selling.  The best possible resource for this is free, it is a whopping 170 pages packed with solid information available from Sitesell, click here to download your free copy.

See that trick there, I gave valuable information for free! That is valuable to someone who does not know where to get that information for FREE. I have had that information on my hard drive years, yet I still skim through it every year; it is still very much valid. Yet when I looked at it a few months ago I realized that there is a new free ebook, that has been updated to include social media.

So an expert is someone that knows more than the person they are trying to inform. It is that simple, an expert is not someone who knows everything they need to know on the history of the subject.

How do you gain that knowledge? My first product in 1996 is no longer for sale, but I knew nothing at all about the subject. It all started when I lived in Spain and my niece contracted chickenpox. My brother was panic stricken because she had those spots everywhere and I mean everywhere! He was frightened that she was going to have permanent scars.

So I Googled it.  How to stop a child from scratching chickenpox marks. After she recovered (without any scars), I thought hang on a minute there is a product here. I wrote an ebook called the parent’s guide to surviving chickenpox. All I knew was how to stop a child from scratching!

That ebook sold well. It taught me two things, the first was that expertise did not have to be in the Internet marketing niche, and secondly that desperate people will pay to get the information that they want if they can get it immediately. Sure they could have got that information from their doctor for free, but they could not so that in the middle of the night.

How did I write it, simple –when I Googled it I wrote notes and headings. Then I arranged the heading in a sensible order and rewrote what I had read. That way I was absolutely certain that the content was unique. Though these days I stick it on my website and use Copyscape premium which tells me beyond any shadow of a doubt that the content is unique. It is amazing how easy it is to use the same three words in the same order as another website.

I leveraged the sales of the content by joining a few parenting websites and answered a few questions a month. The important part was the fact that my signature contained the website. The hardest part to become an expert in every field is believing that it is possible.

Don’t start with a massive project start with a small report that you can give away. Use that report to give it away or use it as a bonus to an affiliate product. Or indeed do both.

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How to Become An Expert In Internet Marketing Quickly

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  1. It is such a daunting word authority. It puts many newbies off because they don’t realise that authority is knowing more than the average Joe.

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