Leverage Other People’s Sites to Get Free Traffic and make your efforts more prosperous



  1. Feedly

    Use Feedly which is a RSS reader. Research blogs in your niche and add them to your feed. When new content is added, that you know something, about add a helpful comment which provides further insight and value. Don’t just write something like “great article”, this adds nothing to the discussion if your comments are helpful then the readers of the original blog will be motivated to find yours. The best way to get to know your niche and the problems within it are to find where people with a similar problem are hanging out. This can be forums but it can also be your rivals websites.

  2. Content Aggregation.

    Content aggregation is a way of getting exposure to your blog, it’s a bit like an article directory which lists posts on various topics. Whilst this is a great way of getting more traffic don’t go overboard on this as there are plenty of spam aggregating websites you should steer well clear of. The best is because it allows you to have a do follow link on your content. The downside of this site is that your content has to be top notch because it’s very difficult to get rated but even new websites can get rated 24 hours after applying.

  3. Brag about someone else’s product

    Choose a product you really like and contact the product owner and ask them if you can give them a testimonial, this can be either text or a video. You will be able to include a link back to your site and you can do this with more than one product.

  4. List A book for free on Kindle

    You can either use your own blog content for this or you can write an e-book. Write the book in word and then upload it to Kindle as a free product. That way you use the advertising leverage of Amazon. This can actually lead to further e-books which you can charge for at a later date.

  5. Become a guest blogger

    One of the problems other people have is content creation. Make contact with other relevant bloggers in your niche and ask them if you can write a complimentary article for their site in exchange for a back link to your site. Again this strategy has to be used with relevant compelling content because you will then be perceived as an expert in your field.

  6. Become an expert in your field

    Being an expert doesn’t mean that you know everything about your subject it means that you know more than the average Joe! Take every opportunity to share your knowledge. Again reach out to other bloggers and interview them. This is a great way to start because you can publish the interview which can be done over Skype on your blog. Give the person you have interviewed a copy and the chances are they will use that content as well which will link back to your site.

  7. leverage Other People's Sites to Get Free Traffic
  8. Republish your content

    Don’t get confused with duplicate content here. There are a lot of myths about your content and one of them is that Google doesn’t like it. Google classes content as duplicate when it appears more than once on one blog, publishing or republishing the content is not duplicate content. Take a list of your best content and write a short synopsis and offer that content to other bloggers with a link back to those posts. This is a similar tactic to guest blogging but doesn’t mean you have to write new content.

  9. Get posted on Medium

    Medium is a community of writers and they publish articles on a wide range of topics.

  10. Use other people’s mailing list

    You Will read other people’s mailing list and often they will have a section that includes a synopsis of recent news in a niche a round up if you like of what’s going on. Write that content for them including links to your own content.

  11. Use webinars as a training tool

    When you get more experienced as an interviewer consider doing a webinar with other people in your niche. Create great training and also create affiliate links to helpful products.