Is TSU a Scam? Yes it relies on your desire to make money fast!


Tsu is the new kid on the block this file social media is concerned. It has grown at a fantastic rate, faster than Facebook did its heyday. However, it begs the question Is TSU a Scam? Yes, it is!

Why is it so popular?

Mainly because hundreds of people want to make a living online think they can earn a profit from it! All you have to do is the stuff that you do on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social network. That makes a post and then invite your family and friends to view it. That sounds too good to be true and in my experience when something sounds too good to be true it is.

The reason it’s so popular is that at the moment they are declaring that they are paying for you to do just that. There are declaring that they will give out 90% of their advertising revenue.

Now that is interesting, and someone really should tell Facebook that they can run a network, a social media network on 10% of the profits! Never mind the cost of the servers what about the security they can’t afford to pay for. Maybe it will be renamed Hackers United in a few months time.

YouTube has spent a fortune developing software to check whether any videos you are uploading are copyrighted. If that is the case, then you are not allowed to monetise those videos it’s as simple as that. This clearly is not going to be able to be possible with this new social network because they won’t have the money left over from their 10%.

Use a Legitimate Company

If you want an Internet marketing business, then use a legitimate company to learn how to do keyword research, how to drive traffic and how to make a consistent income.

Most people want to get rich quick they don’t want to put in the effort of doing keyword research, targeting an audience, writing engaging content and reaching out to supply solutions to problems. They just want a quick fix that will give them an income immediately, in other words, an internet marketing scam.


TSU Scam

One of the reasons I think that Tsu is a scam with the fact that they don’t make the terms of their advertising model clear. It seems they intend to pay out 90% of the revenue, which on the surface of it sounds fantastic. However, it is not clear how they are going to split the revenue. One of the things is clear that they want to create a hype and eventually be social media guru will be saying share your content in bucket loads for money.

If they are correct in what they’re saying they will share all their advertising revenue. If in two months time they have 10 million members they will be making $10 million a day and even if they were that’s only one dollar a day per person! So on the face of it, you’re busting a gut to get cents on the dollar!

It screams MLM

I will let you have a look here to see whether it is an MLM scam. The definition of a pyramid scheme is that the money you make it’s rooted in your downline or the people you recruit

If it Looks Like A Pyramid …

If you are not old enough to remember the 50s and the 60s you may not know that pyramid selling is illegal and the reason it is illegal is that the advertising model shaped like a pyramid.

A minuscule number of people at the top i.e. the number of individuals who started the scheme off get rich, as you go down the pyramid more and more people join because it looks inviting and they put all the money in which goes to the people at the top. Eventually, it all goes belly up, and the people at the bottom get nothing. In this case, it looks as though the money goes into the Tsu bank and there doesn’t seem to be any mention as to how you will actually get paid.

The terms of use say payment occurs when you reach their threshold of $100. I will leave you to work out the maths but five cents a day isn’t much.

I will also leave it to you to work out how much money that is on an hour to hour basis. If that is it, it ain’t worth doing. If you don’t hit the hundred dollar price point, I have seen some information that they may offer coupons or money off vouchers with their partners and then again they may not.

Why People Use Social Media

Most people join social media because they want to see what their friends are up to. They don’t join social networks to make money, and this has every sign of becoming a really scummy site very fast. Using social media effectively as a business involves being seen as an authority figure in your niche. You want people to trust you or think that the you invited them to an affiliate scheme that will eventually rip people off, you had better decide the answer to that question before joining that network.

You think it doesn’t rip people off – you can’t actually delete your shares if you choose to leave. When it first started, you couldn’t remove your content. Now you supposedly can, but you can’t remove your content, bkecause your shares can’t be deleted. That means you don’t own your content do you really want to spend hours and hours creating content for somebody else’s site?

How Does Other Socuial Media Stack up

There’s just measure this up against other social network sites. My favorite is Google+ and I, tend to share everything on Google+ partially because it works to generate traffic back to my site. Once you delete an account from Google+, it’s gone! It shoots off into cyberspace taking all your content with it anything that other people have re-shared just becomes a grayed out X. In other words, it’s disappeared.

Is not quite easy to get rid of things on Facebook and they do make you work for it, but you can achieve it. I have read some courses on how to use it from some supposedly serious Internet marketers such as James Renouf, and actually saying it is fun, and new is just lying to you. These people are in fact spamming you to get you into their network, so they get paid a few cents when you upload and share content in Tsu

My advice would be to learn from reputable marketers who practice what they preach. Learn how to build a sustainable income that will keep you for a long time. One such marketer is prepared to put her money where our mouth is and give you a complete course of five free videos which you can get by clicking here.


    1. Just a beware at the moment it is just a new website but loads of people said they have got paid but it turns out they haven’t and when it goes pear shaped you don’t want to be the one tainted by recommending it

  1. Hi, my name is Catherine and I am just looking at your Is TSU a Scam? Yes it relies on your desire to make money fast!

  2. Everybody I have talked to that has start using the Internet eventually asks the question: How can I make money online? And for most people, they never learn what they need to do in order to make a couple hundred to thousands of dollars online. You seem to have cracked the code can you help me a newbie get started?

    1. There are plaenty of legitimate online business models – the main rule ryule would be if it looks Too good to be true, then it probably is!I generally recommend the affiliate marketing model to start because it is one of the easiest to master for people just starting out.The two best ways to learn in my opinion are at the wealthy affiliate’s school for Internet marketing and also Sarah Staar, click here for her free five videos about Internet marketing

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