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How To Research a Blog Post, Rank it Then Track it, is an important skill, and if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, it is one of the first blogging skills you should learn. Bluntly put, smart keyword research puts more money in your pocket because it connects you with more buyers.

As many of you know, I have a system for most things in business, because I believe if you fail to plan, you are setting yourself up with a plan to fail. Sadly a lot of new bloggers don’t plan. They didn’t write a blog post consistently, and they don’t plan the new blog post, they just write aimlessly. Okay I have to say the plunging in a bit, is better than nothing, because in my experience everyone who works at Internet marketing as a business rather than a hobby, gets it right in the end; taking action is the first step.

So let’s jump right in and cover how to research an article, blog post or press release. In Internet marketing, everything starts with keyword research. Yes I can hear your groans, you’ll want to get on making money and keyword research is just a bore; well it does depend on how you think whether you think it’s a bore or not. Certainly, everything you should be doing in Internet marketing is connecting with your potential customers, and I can’t see HOW,  as a beginner how you can connect with your readers unless you know what solution your potential customers are searching for. Getting targeted focused and potential buyers to your website are the first step to making a living working online.

So, let’s start with keyword research. I always use a tool called Jaaxy.

How to Research a Blog Post

So, let’s start with keyword research. I always use a tool called Jaaxy.   I already know in my head  what the general subject matter is going to write about.Today it is about permalinks, so my first step would be to do my keyword research on permalinks.If you wish you can follow my keyword research for free, or you can follow my video at the end of the post.

So I open my Jaaxy account and type in Permalinks

Today in Wealthy Affiliates I noticed that one of the members had the permalinks ( permalinks this is one of the keywords selected – with a red blog)on their blog, incorrectly set.If you are one of these bloggers who thinks permalinks are a type of suspenders then you are in dire need of free WP training.WordPress customization (another keyword selected) is an important skill in your SEO Arsenal.Look at the video below to see me selected keywords and then look at the article I would write below.

What are Permalinks?

Permalinks are short for permanent link, a permalink is a direct link to a single post or page on a WP blog. As a blog is updated with a content that specific page or post will get its own title with a URL that can be used rather than linking to the main URL of the blog.

For instance the permanent for this post will be

You will notice that the article title appears in the URL. You can check this by looking at the URL for this post. Sometimes newbies to Internet marketing don’t realize that this is not the default WP setting and they finish the post with This denotes a page number.

For your SEO and more importantly to link with what your customers are searching for you should have te name of your post after your domain.

<h2>How to customize WordPress Permalinks </h2>

On the left hand tool bar of your dashboard in WordPress click settings

  • Settings
  • Permalinks
  • click on postname
  • save at the bottom.


  1. i think that all newbies are guilty of not understanding the importance of keyword research. It's only after you make you first sale that you start to look at way to rinse and repeat

    1. That’s a very valid point Ann I didn’t understand how crucial it was when I first started. It’s not something you get, you are too busy trying to write to everyone

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