Product Creation made Simple.

Product Creation made Simple. Gain Higher Ground
Gain Higher Ground

Product creation takes up a lot of my working time because it’s the part of affiliate marketing I love best. I enjoy product creation more than any other aspect of Internet marketing. I have been very much behind recently because I changed countries which left me with a broadband connection for three weeks. It should have been ten days but hey that is UK providers for you.

I had my laptop, but I find it tough to focus in public places. My local library was great for research, but for some reason, I couldn’t connect to Gmail so that I couldn’t read my emails.

Now I am sitting in my own leather armchair, quiet as a church mouse, – bliss. I can actually think.


My First Love

Product creation has always been my first love; I love all aspects of product creation. The planning, the research, and the execution. I like the certainty that my products are going to sell even before I start to type or make a video.

Product creation is an excellent way to build a list when I started, I began by selling cheap PLR products and made sure I over delivered. I paid my affiliates one hundred percent of the sales price because my objective was to build not only a list but a list of actual buyers. To be fair I did have an upsell, but even with that, I gave the affiliates eighty percent.

Product creation allows me to add value to my asset, the web page. In turn, this gives me credibility and more traffic; more traffic means that Google is beginning to assess me as an authority figure……………. and the big plus it means more profits for me.


My Smartest move

All in all going into product creation was the smartest move I HAVE EVER MADE, in Internet marketing. Despite all these factors, the best bit is the buzz! The knowledge you are creating something unique and something that is going to be hugely profitable.

My primary motivation for creating products is quite simply because I find it such an enjoyable experience. It is a great feeling to know that you can look at more than the niche, you can look at the solutions to the most commonly asked questions as well. By creating solutions, you are genuinely helpful in your niche. When you make solutions available, you will always guarantee repeat sales. Also, most buyers will fall over themselves to give you feedback. You can always use feedback as testimonials.

If you haven’t created a product, then do consider it. With the right approach there are stacks of “how to” and “resource” type products that you can create pretty quickly without any previous knowledge or expertise in a given area.

You don’t have to start with a massive membership site, but you do have to start with a quality product. The person who gave me the confidence to start was Rob Cornish. He and were talking, about Internet marketing and Rob was telling me about his new idea.

Rob is a brilliant communicator, both of ideas and income streams. He was telling me about this idea to create a WP plugin that would be able to suss out what theme your competitors were using. I was so excited because I could see immediately how useful that would be. I was literally jumping up and down on my seat.

Spybar, the must have icon

Product Creation made Simple.

It’s not Spybar I want to talk about, although I use it most days; it serves only to set the scene. As we carried on talking Rob was telling me about his membership site, although I knew he had one, we had never discussed it. Rob was showing not off, he is not that sort of a guy, he is just about the most unassuming person I have ever met.

Rob was asking me what I was doing these days, and I said that I wanted to create a course about starting a writing business, Rob said: “That’s a superb idea, what’s the problem?”

I replied that I had not got the faintest idea how to go about it. I said that I had started it, but it was turning out to be just about everything I had ever learned in twenty years of being a professional writer.

He said NO, NO THAT WON’T DO you need “Quality high, complexity low products.”

Keeep It Super Simple

Far too may people over complicate products. I’ve done it myself but I can tell you from experience it’s the simple “one problem, one solution” products that sell the best and are quicker and easier to make.

Then he explained that he was building a membership site that teaches about every aspect of Internet marketing, of course, you can have the best product in the world, but without traffic, you are dead in the water. Rob said he would send me an email with the link for his gain higher ground course.

I joined the site, and it is product creation made simple, in fact, it is everything reduced down to bite sized digestible lumps. If you would like to try product creation for yourself, or learn about traffic or building a list click here. It is sold on Clickbank, so you have no risk, there is a thirty-day guarantee, which gives you plenty of time to evaluate, gain higher ground, I promise you-you won’t be disappointed.

If you take an action, you can have your own product up and running in less than a month. Every product Rob has made has been a resounding success. You can learn to research your product under Rob’s expert eye – and know it will sell before you start to create it.


    1. You would be surprised atr the knowledge you have and take for granted that someone else would pay for that knowledge

    1. For a first product, I would suggest that you use They pay the affiliates and take the money 

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