Whom Can You Trust in the Internet marketing World?

Whom Can You Trust in the Internet marketing World?

In my internet marketing classes, I am often asked

“ Whom can you trust in the internet marketing world?”, or

“How do I know if this is a scam?”

That is a very valid question. When you are considering the purchase of a product, you may read in an email that seven hundred sold in the first hour.

That may well be an accurate statement.  But the only logical thing that you can deduce from that is the fact that the vendor has a cracking sales page.
It does not tell you whether the product is good, or whether or not there is a better product, or whether there is a cheaper product equal in quality at half the price. One of the things that you have to remember is the fact that vendors can pay up to tens of thousands of dollars for a good sales page.

It’s also true to say that some people spend five times more to develop a sales page than they do to produce a good product. For every one of these people who churn out crap products on the churn and burn basis, there are more that overdeliver. Some people consistently overdeliver.

The Common Sense Approach

If you are selling a dime product sale on the Warrior forum and it starts at $1.20 you are not going to pay that sort of money for a sales page. But if you are selling a product on Clickbank for around $50.00 and you are going to sell 200,000 copies, then you do the math! It is well worth getting the best copywriter to write you a sales page.

A case in point here is the sales page for the highest converting product ever on Clickbank for weight loss for women. It is a fantastic sales page, but it is also an amazing product, I know because I bought the product. The Venus Factor works on all levels.

It explains clearly and concisely why women find it so hard to lose weight and keep it off. It works I lost over a hundred pounds when I implemented the program. However, in this case, I could only go the sales page when I bought it.

The sales page was obviously clever. When I first saw the project I was amazed at how great it was. In this case, I bought the product trust because my problem was so huge. I needed a solution.

I got a solution – one that allowed me to lose weight and keep it off permanently

.It is so much harder in the Internet marketing world because there is a wider range of problems and an even broader range of solutions.

You can’t trust feedback

As a newbie, you don’t know immediately who belongs to the big cartels. A cartel in the Internet marketing world is a group of people who cross-promote each other’s products.

Years ago they used to be the big five the top five Internet marketers who all played on the same field. These are the people who first launched thousand dollar products over ten years ago.

Recently the basis of the cartels has changed. There are still five or six Internet marketers who clubbed together, but they cross promote smaller ticket items.

Because they are concentrating on just this little pool, they are big fish in small ponds. They can look more important than they are. You think they are a big time Internet marketer but really there small fry.

Whom Can You Trust in the Internet Marketing World?

Buying every product in your niche is not an option. So you have to be sensible and not reinvent the wheel. One of the ways you can carry out your niche research is to filter out and collect the email sequence of the big names in your niche.

Whom Can You Trust in the Internet marketing World?

Whom Can You Trust in the Internet marketing World?

These emails can act as your own personal swipe files. They tell you so much. First and foremost it shows you how other people sell and what they sell. This is particularly useful when you follow  Sarah Staar as she has fantastic conversions in her sales.

You find out how Sarah sells and what she is selling. If you want to follow Sarah the click on the link at the top of my blog post. Those free videos are fantastic training in themselves, but being a member of her list, you can spy on what she is doing. Is this sneaky not at all, she teaches this herself and freely admits that was the method she used to understand how an email sequence worked?

Trust As A Conversion Agent

I have noticed at wealthy affiliate’s that some people are so mistrustful of anything online that they call anything and everything a scam. Sadly they simply do not have sufficient knowledge even to understand what a scam is. They often bypass magnificent products and services because the training is either beyond their current level presented in the format that they do not grasp.

If a person has gone through a buying experience online that ended badly, or just heard horrendous stories from other people or the media, it’s likely that they are going to be a bit paranoiac about trusting anybody.

There are two possible outcomes for this type of person. The first is they will dip their toe in the water very tentatively and very likely get burned because they don’t have the knowledge to be discerning. Even if they have a good quality product, they don’t know how to evaluate it.

The second is you can convert them very slowly as they become more used to your name online. I have some people on my email list who have been on my list for two or three years before they have bought anything.Over the years I have helped a lot of people and my readers have begun to understand that I do give a shit about their success. I’m happy to teach them everything I know. I’m not threatened by that at all it has given me a level of authenticity that is important

In my early days as an Internet marketer, I made a lot of mistakes! Instead of shying away from those errors I used to highlight them and make them a feature. I used to write about your not going to believe what I did today sort of things. It got me a reputation as an honest person.