Pre-Selling Boosts Afilliate sales through the roof

Pre-Selling Boosts Afilliate sales through the roof

One of my difficulties when I first started learning affiliate marketing was understanding the difference between recommending a product and selling a product. I thought that essentially they were one and the same and that was a huge mistake. I failed to understand that pre-Selling boosts affiliate sales, because I couldn’t grasp what preselling was.

The short difference is the fact that it is the job of a sales page to sell. It is not necessary for an affiliate to sell, their job is to recommend. Anything will come across as pushy.

Once you get your head around that simple difference your conversions will improve. It is all about building relationships, you can have the best website in the world, but if you are not engaging with people then you are dead in the water. That is one of the benefits of social media when you engage you get a tangible reaction(even if it is one you did not intend).

Just recommending a product does not cut mustard, mainly because people buy for psychological reasons. Most people don’t buy as a result of need; they buy because they feel that there life would be incomplete without it

Pre-Selling Boosts affiliate sales through the roof

It is the job of the sales page to pull those emotional strings. Just watch a coke advert, especially at Christmas, they are not selling a drink they are selling a dream. They portray the idyllic, the nirvana of a happy and prosperous family without financial worries, having a magical time.

What is your reaction when you read a recommendation or a review and every third sentence there is a hyperlink to buy?

Most people switch off. This reaction to a certain extent is cultural, the Americans are more used to the hard sell than Europeans. Hard sell is not necessary, engaging with your reader’s is much more effective.

It’s a bit like when you go into the department store or your local clothes shop and a pushy aggressive sales person grabs you the second you walk through the door, you just want to run.

We all pre sell every day in our verbal communication.

We use pre sell automatically, to persuade our family and friends to do what we want. It is fairly easy to negotiate verbally. However, a lot of people struggle to put that skill into the written word. One of the reasons for that is the fact that when we are negotiating with people we have a reply from then, which we can react to immediately.

For instance if you want your partner to go out for dinner during the world cup, and your partner is a football fanatic, then you are going to have to offer something in return. Whatever, that thing is does depend on your partner. One of the things for sure is the fact that you are going to have to be interact to get your way and in the end you may have to be proactive. You may have to offer to clean the car or do the ironing, but just saying

“We’re going to go out and that’s that!

You may get you your own way, because your partner loves you, but it also may build resentment. Creating the mood for your message is more productive. Don’t just blurt it out, pave the way for your words. Your readers don’t love you if they feel you can’t feel their pain.

Again talking is easier, some people when writing speak to their readers which comes across as a lecture, rather than a natural discussion. Although you are not necessarily getting a response from your readers in terms of comments, you can three things here:-

1. Think about the questions your readers may be asking as they read your content.
2. Put those questions into your content. Such as “do you think that this would help you overcome……………………?”
3. Encourage your readers to ask any questions in the comments. This can be quite hard to do to start, so ask your own. Log out of your blog as an administrator, and ask a question under another email address.

Remember that most people use a search engine the quickest and easiest way. They don’t use the advanced search which can specify that they want content published in the last year, or in a certain form such as a pdf.

They want a quick and easy answer. Let the search engines know that you have the answer. The search engine bots can’t work intuitively, they can’t work out context in the way that humans can.

If you have ever used a speech to text editor such as dragon you will know that it types what you say. I was using it yesterday, and my cell phone rang. Of course I answered it and spoke to my caller. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn my microphone off on the PC and it typed the whole conversation.

Sometimes we do that when writing we ramble on about things the reader does not want to hear. The search engines pick up on the extraneous and that dilutes your message.

Become a mind reader to Grasp Pre-Selling Boosts affiliate sales through the roof

Understand what your customer is looking for. Today I saw a tee shirt which read
“f*** Google
Ask me!

That is what you want your readers to do.

Go to Amazon browse for books that are relevant to your niche and look at the comments and reviews. You can use this to get a feel for exactly what your potential customers want – what they feel is an indication of what is missing from what’s already out there on the market.

Use forums to understand the pain your readers are feeling and respond to that in your blog posts. You’re not doing all this research to try to take advantage of anyone! You always want to have people’s best interests in mind. Studying your niche allows you do just that! This will help you choose products, create products, and present the best possible options to really help people.

Years ago I read an excellent book by Site Sell and I make a point of reading it every few years. When I looked yesterday I notice that they have updated it to include social media. It is over a hundred pages of great content it is completely free, get it here completely free.