Don't Look Down On Your Customers.

Don’t Look Down On Your Customers.

The Power Of Stories

Don’t ever think you’re too “big” to step down to a beginner’s level to answer questions and engage with your customers and other marketers (who are also your customers). The best way to build your business is to build relationships that are going to be pleasing – both mentally and monetarily. Don’t look down on your customer’s. Nothing is more offputting or more likely to stop them following you.

Building relationships take both time and effort. No matter how hard you try, you can’t circumnavigate the effort and time. It means reaching out to people and being answerable to them.

Try and remember how hard it was for you when you first started Internet marketing. The easiest way to build a relationship is by using social media.

Social Proof

Psychologists have discovered that children who are frightened of dogs can be cured of this phobia in about a month by watching children play with dogs for 20 minutes a day. Interestingly children who watch one child play with a dog will interact with dogs, but those that watch children play interact much quicker and often want a dog themselves. In other words, they are watching social proof in action.

Don't Look Down On Your Customers.

People follow people who think like themselves.

Interestingly enough in the 70s a psychological experiment was carried out in New York. Psychologist left a wallet on the sidewalk with a note in it saying that the wallet had been lost, and then found, and the finder was posting it back.

Inside the wallet was an envelope with a stamp and the note. The note made clear that the wallet was lost by the owner and by the finder. Originally by the owner and secondly by the person who supposedly found it.

In 70% of cases, the wallet was put in the post and returned.

What happens when someone, not the same Loses the wallet

However, there was a secondary note in 50% of the cases. The letter explaining the situation was in grammatically incorrect English.

The native New Yorkers thought the broken English, meant that someone had either just arrived and were dissimilar to them. Or maybe they had been in New York for a while but were still not New Yorkers.

Only 30% of the wallets were posted back to the rightful owner when they had the note enclosed from the foreigner.

This means in modern day New York people follow people who they think like them. Into thirds of the cases, they dismissed the notes from the foreigner because they were not like them.

Build your tribe on social media, and your followers will come.

That means being accessible enough to be on hand to answer your customers’ questions and to converse with them on social networks. It shouldn’t be moments you dread – but, moments you enjoy.

When you have fun with your customers, you’ll help ensure their loyalty and continuing satisfaction with your service and products. Get to know them – not only your present customers but the future ones.

Know what their wish list contains, what attracts them to certain sites and products and what you can do to make them happy. From the very first interaction with your site, your customers should be delighted and feel they’ve learned something or found a treasure.

Build Bridges

There are ways you can please and become closer to your customers and ensure their loyalty. Offer solutions. Don’t simply throw things out there for them to purchase. Offer your clients solutions to problems they may have or teach them a way to achieve a goal.

Even though your customers may not have purchased or signed up for anything yet, you can make tremendous headway into building a relationship if you attempt to solve their problems. That goodwill will go a long way.

Be enthusiastic. Find things about your promotion, product, sites, and ideas to get excited about and find ways to instill that enthusiasm in others. Use warm and personal interaction.

A sense of humor helps, too. Get your messages out and keep your clients satisfied and happy. Bear in mind that your audience likely gets bombarded with tons of information every day. If it’s dry and boring, they probably won’t return.

Develop Your Own Style

Set yourself apart with your own style on social media very quickly. Brand yourself right from day one. If you have a problem with branding, I have a social branding challenge for you to work through. Click here to have access to day one.

Let them get to know you. Sometimes (especially true with beginners), a new person may feel that he or she isn’t up on the scale enough to approach a more successful entrepreneur.

That’s why you need to let them get to know who you are. You have schedules you have to meet, kids to take to school and games and other obstacles that make you human and approachable. Be sure to communicate this to others.

Whether Internet marketers are newbies or seasoned marketers, they will respond better to a human face. Unfortunately when you newbies start they are so stressed with content creation that they forget to put a human face on it.

Imagine you are talking to someone who is sitting at your kitchen table. Suppose you are leaning against the door frame with a cup of coffee in your hand and having a chat.

Be Informal

This is the basis of your blog posts informality. Having an informal chat without being stilted.

This is one reason why people say you should choose a niche you are passionate about. When you are passionate about something chatting about it naturally comes easily.

Even if you think your conversations are stilted your style will improve if you keep writing. Today my writing style it’s much more relaxed and informal than it was when I first started out as an Internet marketer.

Back in the day, I wrote my articles rather like I wrote school essays. Today I write bringing some personality into my work. I appreciate my readers asking me questions and I’m happy to help.

I try not to ignore people. Fortunately, it’s easier for me to put questions of others because I have a strong social network and also a business network built up over the years.

Positive interaction with others who may visit or sign up to your site, blog or social media site can only improve your relationships and result in long-term camaraderie – which will be profitable in the end.

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  1. That’s the point so many Internet marketing gurus look down on their customers, by writing in guru speak not simple English

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