10 Ways To Get More Traffic By Repurposing  Existing Content

10 Ways To Get More Traffic By Repurposing Existing Content

I am old enough to remember going to school and reading only the three “R’s,” which were reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. At Junior school, we did nothing else but study those three basics. A consistent grounding in those three basics allowed me to pass my entrance exam for Oxford University many years later.To get more traffic by repurposing existing content makes sense, don’t let your hard work go to waste.

Today those three “R’s,” are just as important, but they are a different three. In the blogging world in the make money online niche the three hours I used today are: –

  • recycle
  • re-purpose
  • reuse

It’s hard to create content

Make sure that your content is evergreen content. Evergreen content is solutions to problems that are never going to change. Sometimes what appears to be evergreen content isn’t.

For instance how to start a WordPress blog, appears to be an evergreen problem. It is an evergreen problem, in fact, newbies will always have that problem. Unfortunately, the solution is not evergreen.

Every time that WordPress updates something changes. That means that any training that you will do in WordPress will become obsolete within weeks.

1. Quote, Yourself.
You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started to be great!
Catherine Ford 2009.
Get More Traffic By Repurposing Existing Content

I have made a little graphic of a little saying I made up years ago to put on my Skype profile. When this blog post is live, I will then make that the featured image and post it on Pinterest. As you can see, it has my Internet marketing review URL embedded in it.

2. Be A Hollywood Super Star
Write a prequel, or a sequel to your posts. This drives traffic because you link to it from your original post, and anyone interested will go and look for the original post.
Another way you can make this more relevant as you may have noticed in certain blogs at the bottom of the post they have little thumbnails which you can click through to go to adverts. These are posts where they make money. You can use the same principle and put thumbnails linking to the post in the series at the bottom of the post.If you are not sure what I mean by this, you can see an example by clicking on the link.

3. Repost Old Guest Posts.

When I do a guest post, I keep a note of it on a spreadsheet. When that post is a year old, I then update it because a lot of things will have changed. I update it then  I modify the title and then post it on my blogs.No one no one ever makes a guest post without giving it they’re all! It’s a real shame to waste this content, but don’t do it too soon. If you do it immediately, it diminishes your original post.

4. Update Your Old Content

The web changes on a minute by minute basis. Content you wrote six months ago will be outdated. It may have a broken link, or software has been updated. Freshen up your content and make it contemporary and then post to social media. I learned this trick with Kindle books. Every year I relaunch the books and put on the front, second or third edition or whatever. It boosts sales because people think it’s new content, and the same happens with your blogs.

5. Do a Compendium Roundup of Old content 

Do a roundup Robin regarding your old posts. If you have written say ten posts about SEO, then write them all up on one page. Write a synopsis of the paragraph about each one and link to them. It gives your blog depth and also gives newcomers the opportunity to go back over old posts.

6. Promote  Evergreen Content on Social Media

Because Google owns Google+, it’s a great place to get your content ranked. You can promote your evergreen content onto Google+. Another way you can use social media to the best effect is if you have written 15 posts on writing web content all 15 posts about better content writing then starter page on Pinterest. Post all the images up to that page. This works even better if you choose to use infographics. An infographic is an image with a limited amount of text and is a very informative way for people to learn.

7. Create Infographics or a Powerpoint presentation for Your Old Content.

Infographics are a very useful way to repurposed your own content as our PowerPoint presentations. Piktochart and Canva are both free tools to make these powerpoints and presentations. You should be able to quadruple your traffic with this technique because not many people are using it.

8. Update and Re-Post Your Content on Forums

I use paid traffic a lot, especially YouTube and Facebook ads. My favorite form of traffic is always forums. People say it’s free traffic but in my experience, there is no such thing as free traffic you pay with time or you pay with money. Nonetheless, I have always found that Forum traffic is really targeted. I have made tens of thousands in affiliate commissions by using Forum traffic.

9.  Compile Your Best Evergreen Content on a Featured Page
Again this is a roundup sort of thing. I arrange my featured pages and categories and use an image usually thumbnail to drive traffic back to the original post. It has the added advantage of making your navigation simpler.

10. Promote Your Old Content in a Newsletter.
If you send out a  newsletter, use it as a chance to promote popular content. Your newsletter audience is likely different from your Facebook audience, so use it to reach new people and get the word out about your content. A strategy I am going to use in the future is to publish all of my newsletters on one site. I have purchased and before the end of the year, I will put all of my newsletters on this site.


You don’t have to use all of these tactics. Adapt them to your needs. For instance, I don’t use Twitter or Instagram. If you do then use these tactics and those social media platforms. On the other hand, the more tactics you use the more traffic you will drive to your site. To get more traffic By repurposing existing content you need to find a way which works with your own marketing plans, the ideas sletched here are guidelines not written in stone.