Develop a Strong Mindset

Develop a Strong Mindset

It’s clear that life doesn’t divide up all good things evenly among all people. You can tell that just by people watching. Some people are better looking than others. Then there are people who are richer than their peers, some men have more hair than others.

There are people who come from a good background. They have a great education. They’re intelligent, well-liked – and it appears the world is theirs for the taking. Then, there are people who are average in looks. They don’t have all of the money they need, much less all that they want. They come from backgrounds full of various struggles. They may not have attended a prestigious college – or even any college at all.

Yet, so many times, it’s this second group of people who end up far more successful and enjoying more personal satisfaction than the first group. The reason for this is mindset. Remember that someone who seems to have it all doesn’t always stay that way. And what you see on the outside – the nice car, the fancy clothes – doesn’t necessarily reflect inner happiness.

It’s not enough to wake up every day and tell yourself positive things. That’s a great start, but mindset isn’t enough to change your life. You have to have an active role in taking action to leverage mindset into a new existence for you.

How to Develop a Strong Mindset

Understanding Mindset It’s not your lot in life that determines what you can or can’t achieve. Being successful in life is something that can happen to anyone because the key to success in business or in your personal life is having the right state of mind to carry you forward. There are two kinds of mindsets.

One of these appears successful – but in the end, that success will stall out. The other mindset will pave the way to a life full of personal accomplishments, business achievements and deep inner satisfaction. The first mindset is called a fixed mindset. This is what people have who rely on what they know, what they’re born with and what they believe they’re capable of currently to succeed. They believe that they have everything they need within themselves.

That sounds positive, and in some ways – it is, but it is not a strong mindset it is a fixed mindset.   When a fixed mindset  runs into obstacles it falls down, because it can't be creative to deal with the problems. As Albert Einstein famously said you can't deal with problems using the same mindset that created the problem.  

strong mindset

People who have a growth mindset, they believe that anyone can work hard. They don’t have quitter’s attitude toward achieving success. This attitude causes them to strive while others coast by and get stopped by roadblocks. The two differences can be compared to the race between the turtle and the hare This was a race between unequals. If anyone were to bet on success between these two opponents, they would have bet on the hare. From the outside, he had everything. He was faster – because biology guaranteed that. Surely, he would finish the race with success because he started out equipped to win.

But as everyone knows, the story didn’t end up like that. The turtle was the victor because he wasn’t afraid to keep on going – despite the fact that the odds weren’t in his favor. He didn’t have the speed or talent the hare had, but he was willing to stay in the race because he knew what the hare didn’t. He knew that while he didn’t have the ability to run that fast, he had the ability to go at his own pace and cross the finish line. That race all boiled down to mindset. The hare also got complacent and didn’t even try to create a strategy because he, too assumed it was a given that he would win.

Your mindset has three parts that make it work – your IQ, the behavioral patterns you’ve learned, and your abilities. In those with a fixed mindset, they think that they have the talent and behavioral patterns they were given – and it’s set in stone. They believe this guarantees them success because of their talents. And if there ever happens to be something they can’t do, they don’t attempt to push it because they don’t believe they’re capable of doing more than they currently can. Though people with a fixed mindset can achieve some success – and many do – the level of success has a ceiling.

The kind of breakout success that they want always seems to elude them. And it always will, because they keep on doing what they’ve always done – relying on themselves and foregoing any chance to grow so they’ll know how to be the successful person they want to be. But in people who have a growth mindset, it means that they’re highly flexible and  teachable.

You often hear people say that they think out of the box! Usually this means they've heard this expression and they repeat it. The very fact that they see the box indicates that they don't think outside of the box! They are not creative thinkers because creative thinkers don't even see the box.

Creative thinkers are willing to learn what they don’t know. They believe that they might have some natural ability or talent in an area, but that it needs to be cultivated. They realize that they can always improve on what they already know. They’re not afraid to try and fail because they understand it’s a common part of learning and achieving. People with growth mindsets are willing to put whatever effort is needed to achieve success.

They’re willing to take action that will propel them toward their goals and their dreams. Look back on the past three months of your life. Think about whether you’ve had limited self talk that convinces you that you can’t go after something “out of your league.” Have you quit on a project or partnership because you felt it was simply too much for you to handle? That’s a sign that your actions aren’t aligned with the positive mindset you’ve adopted over time.

Letting Go of the Wrong Mindset

If you have a fixed mindset, it doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with it.If you are aware of the negative aspects of your personality you can change your outlook. Let's face it few people are fixed all of the time that would make life such a battle. Every second of every day would be a fight.

Fixed mindsets will always see the dark side before they see the potential, this actually closes doors. Fixed mindsets think I was born a working-class boy, what makes me think I can be an entrepreneur. You want to make a fool of yourself? Open mindsets think Richard Branson made money from nothing so did Alan Sugar, if they can do it I can do it. When they hit obstacles they don't think that's it I have failed, they plough through they go around it, under it, over it anyway they can to smash the barrier.

So how do you stop these limiting beliefs?
The first thing about the strong mindset is that you need to take action. If you're not taking action you are standing still and you are not moving forward.

A success mindset can be harder for those who struggle with self-esteem. Maybe you had someone who told you that you couldn’t do something that you always wanted to do. Maybe you don’t have a strong support system in your life. Or maybe you’re the enemy of your own success. That’s what you are if you tell yourself that you can only accomplish so much and you shy away from bigger goals or dreams. 

You believe those are for others. The others that you’ve convinced yourself deserve it more than you because you think that they’re more talented or smarter. Or you might have the right self talk, the positive mindset, but fear paralyzes you into procrastinating on the actual action of making beneficial life changes. 


strong mindset

You have to plan for your successful outcome. Begin what it is that you want to do – even if every move you make is screaming that it’s not going to end well. You want to do this because when you take action, your beliefs follow. This is what trips up too many people. They think they must believe something before they take action, when it’s the opposite. They need a leap of faith before they start!

Take action, then watch how much you’ll believe in what you can accomplish. Every time you complete a task toward your goal, you gain self confidence in your abilities. This is how you develop a strong success mindset. It’s like working a muscle. Action strengthens the belief. People who have a fixed mindset will often avoid taking action. 

They want to do what they know is safe – what they’re already good at. Because if they take an action step and it doesn’t work out, it will make them feel as if they’ve failed. This is a hard thing for people with a fixed mindset to experience. Some will never take that leap of faith again, while others will keep going because they want it bad enough. It’s action that takes someone with a fixed mindset frees them up to the potential lurking inside of them. 

Using Your Mindset to Define the Action You Need to Take

 Too many people make sweeping statements about what they want their success to look like. They follow this by coming up with goals that are vague and out of their control. For example, if someone were to say, “I want to make a million dollars,” that goal, while one a lot of people have, is too broad. You can’t take action if the success you want is too generic. Making a million dollars would need to be defined by how, when, and what actions you need to take to reach that goal. 

If you were to say, “I want to make a million dollars on the stock market,” then that gives your action a way to focus on the process. You need your actions to be definable in order to develop a strong mindset that takes progress toward success. You would focus making your million dollars by learning all that you could about the stock market. You would study tutorials, read books, and maybe even take classes. 

You would try to find a mentor. Each of these steps moves you toward what you’ve defined as your ultimate goal. You would analyze where you are right now in your life so that you could clearly define the action steps needed. If you want to earn a law degree, but you didn’t finish college, you would define one of your action steps as finishing college before you could apply to law school. 

What helps when defining action is not to look down the road at where you’re going to arrive some day. You have to stay focused on the here and now. By being in the present, it’s easier to continue taking action.

Like the turtle in the race, you focus only on the step directly ahead of you. You don’t focus on how many more weeks or months or years it’s going to take you to reach the success that you’ve defined. The reason that you don’t want to focus on the broader single goal is because that can lead to a fixed mindset. You’re in a constant state of failure until that goal is reached. 

If you’re achieving mini goals on a regular basis, then suddenly the world is wide open to you because you have a growth mindset – you can see evidence of your consistent accomplishments and it reinforces your belief in yourself. 

I made $500 Yesterday by making one Internet marketing sale

I made $500 Yesterday by making one Internet marketing sale

I made $500 Yesterday by making one Internet marketing sale

I used to struggle big-time with the concept of Internet marketing, yet I made $500 yesterday by giving away free product. Eventually you realize that trying to sell a product is not your job. As an affiliate marketer it is your job to recommend, presell if you like, but it is so much easier to give away something for free than it is to sell high price product. So the question you are asking yourself is if I made $500 yesterday how did I do it. I attached myself to the coattails of my friend and mentor, Sarah Staar.

The Secret of Success Is to Follow Successful People

Sarah is one of the most successful Internet marketers in the UK and certainly the most successful woman. She has a no-nonsense teaching style which is a bit gung ho as it's just get on with it just do this.Sarah doesn't waste time wondering why things work! She just tests and tests and make sure that they do. I made $500 Yesterday

It is this no-nonsense style that gets things done. I have known Sarah for years and I have watched her go from strength to strength, because she took action and let nothing stand in her way. Today she is the creator of over thirty top selling Internet marketing products.  Whilst I have made a full-time living online I certainly haven't made the money that she has. However, something has changed in my mindset recently.

Suddenly I had Found my Why

Almost overnight money has become much more important to me. I met my husband on a bus to Tibet 40 years ago and I swore that one day I would start a charity in India. Recently I realised if I have to do this I have to do it now. So all my life in business I have had a Plan B but this year I have dropped the Plan B.

Some of you may feel that is foolish and I have always said if you fail to plan you plan to fail! Recently I have realised that having this backup plan is actually not good it is time in my life to take a leap of faith and metaphorically I have just jumped over that cliff. Incredibly within two months of doing that my earnings have trebled.

I Already had the How

Years ago I had already found out how to become an Internet marketing at Wealthy Affiliate's. Their training is very comprehensive, it covers all aspects of Internet marketing. The beauty of the training as it comes in many formats. Absolutely nothing is left out in step-by-step over the shoulder watch me do it approach. 

The training at Wealthy Affiliate's is very comprehensive, it covers all aspects of Internet marketing. The beauty of the training as it comes in many formats. Absolutely nothing is left out in step-by-step over the shoulder watch me do it approach. Combining what I learnt at wealthy Affiliate's with Sarah's training was the catalyst I needed you can find out how by clicking here for Sarah's training on how to sell high ticket items, or on the top banner on this page.

Don't get me wrong many many people make a full time living, a very good living at Wealthy Affiliate's and the top promoters get an all expenses paid trip to Vegas every year. So if you want to meet me in person in Vegas next year click here. You can make two free websites, which can startb tob make you money immediately. 


I made $500 Yesterday by making one Internet marketing sale

This was not an accident, I can do it again and again. it is a rinse and repeat formula in which the income can only go up and multiply. The actual work involved was less than an hour so what are you waiting for?

Don’t let Internet marketing gurus turn you into a moron

Don’t let Internet marketing gurus turn you into a moron


Stop Being a Slave to Sales Letters

If you are thinking about becoming an Internet marketer the chances are you will have Google the phrase and you will be on somebody's list. That list will eventually try to sell you a product, but don't let Internet marketing gurus turn you into a moron. There are many good products out there, products which will help you work through the minefield of working at home for yourself. Unfortunately, there's lots of crap products out there as well and it's very hard for a newcomer to tell the difference. The reality is that many Internet marketers spend more money on their sales page than they do on creating their product! Maybe you find that hard to believe but a good sales page which guarantees a high conversion rate will cost $10,000 plus. Not many products cost that to create.

Use your Brain

Don't let Internet marketing gurus turn you into a moron


So you're feeling unsure of yourself that you want to learn. That's fair enough but that's no excuse to be lazy and indolent and you need to be aware of the purpose behind these sales letters. Obviously the first purposes a sale but the second purpose is to loan you into a false sense of security because you think that all you got to do is press a magic button. First of all let me tell you there is no magic button. The sales letters that promise you won't have to do a single thing apart from click on a magic button is a load of junk.


There is no Magic Solution

Human beings by nature want to take things easy way and marketers are good at their job they are there to market and they are there to push the buttons that will make you buy! Absolutely nothing about running a business is zero work unless of course you outsource the whole lot to somebody else which is very expensive, but the expression, "push button software" sells products.

Interent Marketing is a Skill, and anyone Can Learn

In my day when I was first taught Internet marketing it was taught as a skill, there were no tools you had to do it the hard way from the ground up. Today it's a good thing that there's many tools to lighten the load, I use many tools on a daily basis but that doesn't mean I make money my sleep without doing anything in begin return. I do make money as I sleep because I sell my own products but it's not without work.

Niche Research the First Hurdle

Niche research is the first hurdle for many newbies, they don't really understand what a niche is, so they decide to rely on niche researching tools. Let me tell you there is nothing more powerful than your brain to discover a niche. Niches are found all around you, if there is a magazine then there is a market. If there is advert on the television there is a market.


The next challenge is building a website and if you trust the gurus the site builders are magic! Inside wealthy-affiliate's there is a site builder, but it is free and it does involve work! You cannot press a magic button and get it to do it for you. It's taken a lot of the stress out of it for you but you still have to do it yourself.



The Importance of Keyword Research

Wealthy-affiliate's is big on keyword research and so it should be because you will be more successful sooner if you do your keyword research. One of the first questions that newbies ask inside wealthy-affiliate's is how long it will take them to make money. Unfortunately this is one of the most difficult questions to ask partially because everyone who comes to wealthy-affiliate's as a different background, different work ethics, different temperaments and different levels of experience.

Inside wealthy-affiliate's there is a free keyword tool. However it is not a magic pushbutton press button anything button tool! You have to type in the keyword that you want to research and then you find out what people are looking for within that problem. You know yourself and your personal experience that when you want to find something on the Internet you type certain phrases in. It's very important for your success that you investigate what these phrases are in your niche. This allows you to hit the ground running and wealthy-affiliate's is great for that.

You will also read sales pages about magic search engine optimisation solutions. Actually I'm not claiming these aren't magic very often they work like magic they get you banned from Google rankings very quickly. The term for that is sandboxed. Unfortunately the penalty for being put in Google sandbox is often permanent which means it may have sent more traffic to you in the short term but in the long term there will be no profit from your site

You have to learn to rely on your own judgement and your own instinct and that is much easier if you make the right decisions in the first place. Within wealthy-affiliate's there is a huge community of people dedicated to your success they are at all levels from complete novice to expert full-time marketers. They are there to point you in the right direction they are not there to sell you anything. There are few rules inside wealthy-affiliate's but one of them is absolutely no advertisements for products. It really is a affiliate link free zone!

One of the mistakes newbies make is to trust what people say. In a business sense that is a really bad decision. You have to test everything for yourself. There is no better thing than running it up the flagpole and see if anybody salutes it. 20 people might say won't work but that doesn't mean you can't make it work equally 20 people might say will work but it doesn't work for you.
Try things out for yourself. If you want to create a free account in wealthy-affiliate then click on the link below and join a community dedicated to your success

What WordPress theme is best?

What WordPress theme is best?

The advantage

.StudioPress Theme of the Month

One of the biggest challenges newbies face when they start to build a blog is what WordPress theme is best? In fact there is no easy answer to that there are literally thousands of free WordPress themes. There are also hundreds of paid themes.One of the best options is to spend some time looking at other blogs. There is a site called what theme is that the you can go to and it will tell you what WordPress theme other bloggers are using. You can also look in the WordPress theme directory.

One aspect the you should consider is the fact that all browsers will display a WordPress theme slightly differently so it's always worth checking that it's compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Internet Explorer is an older browser but some people are still using it. Also in recent years more and more people have been accessing the Internet through their smart phones, so it makes sense to have a theme which is compatible with a mobile phone. There is some evidence that Google is looking for sites which are mobile friendly and giving them a boost in the search engines.Mobile responsive themes automatically adjusts your sites so they viewed one way on your PC or laptop. Another way on a tablet and yet again a third view on a smart phone. Check if your theme is mobile compatible with Google Webmaster tools.

responsive themes will adjust the layout of your site for the device that is viewing it. So your site will look one way on a desktop, another on a tablet and yet another on a phone.facebook-mobile-home-htc-smartphone

I  recommend that you start with a free theme, but as soon as you start to earn affiliate commissions then I would invest some of the profits into a paid theme.. My choice will always be studio press and the Genesis framework. This works a little differently from most themes. To change your WordPress theme normally you just use one theme but the Genesis framework is a parent theme which governs the framework of how your site is optimised and a child theme which governs how it looks.
This blog is actually using the child theme Lifestyle pro, but there are many themes geared toward specific industries. I personally like lifestyle pro because it's good clean simple theme very quick to change things. For instance you will notice that the text on this theme is justified that means it has a straight edge on both sides.
It is often very difficult to change the font and appearance in free WordPress themes although in fairness they are getting better. In many cases it is easier to change a theme than it is to work out how to change the text. It is of course time-consuming to keep changing a theme which is why are you studio press all the time.

The advantages of using the same theme all the time are numerous. I use the same theme and the same plug-ins which means whenever I start a new blog I can import it with the settings already changed. I always use justified test text because I like the clean straight edges. For clarity I also like to use images on the right-hand side and studio press allows me to set this so it does it automatically showing the image on the right rather than me having to state it every time.

I have to say that I use the Genesis theme for convenience and because it’s easy for me but the aesthetics of the site is really not that important. Most beginners obsess about what my site looks like whereas in fact the content is more important than the look and the feel.
It is very important to write consistently unique content which is not found anywhere else. It’s always good to be helpful and answer the questions people are asking in this case it is what WordPress theme is best?

Develop a Strong Mindset

Internet marketing – don’t reinvent the wheel!

Today I wanted to share with you one of the most powerful and game changing statements my Mental Sarah Staar said

” Internet marketing – don’t reinvent the wheel!” ;

follow successful people because they tried and tweaked and tested so you can just copy” It sounds so simple, and yet it is something a lot of people overlook and I’m not quite sure why. Because a lot of people think there’s a special knack or a trip to successful Internet marketing they try and duplicate it and in doing so overcomplicate it because they don’t understand the simplicity of it. All they have to do is copy Someone who is already doing well someone who is already doing well. It’s not complicated so why make it so. The successful person has gone through the heartache of split testing, tweaking and refining so just replicate.

Internet marketing – don't reinvent the wheel!

I don’t know why some people have this lack of confidence that makes them try to look super clever, when really the trick is to make it super simple. I have followed Sarah Staar for many years since we met at an Internet marketing meet up in London. Actually that meter was a disaster only about five people turned up but Sarah had just started affiliate marketing when she was a lady with a mission. I was lucky enough or smart enough to realise that she was a lady going places! Nothing was going to stop Sarah from making a success and today she is probably the most successful female Internet marketer in the UK. Over the years we have become firm friends and I have been to all her workshops. She has a relaxed no-nonsense get it done teaching style. Many years ago I used to say to her I’m a big picture sort of girl and I need to know how this works. She used to be so exasperated me and say just do it it works you don’t need to know how or why it works.

I kicked against this very simple advice for a very long time and for a very long time she rose the top I didn’t and didn’t seem to be able to be successful. Eventually after banging my head against a brick wall for a long time I realised that the reason I wasn’t successful was because I was trying to change things, add things, make things better et cetera et cetera et cetera. The long and the short of it was I was simply muddying the water nothing more nothing less.

For a diver it Took me A Long Time To Learn!

When you are learning to dive, you have to learn to fin pivot, which is staying above the coral by about a foot. The reason you do it is so that when you are swimming over coral you don’t kick it and break it because coral reef is fragile and takes a long time to grow.Because the coral is so fragile they tend to teach of this exercise one foot from the bottom of the ocean. Of course when you’re diving you have these big flippers on and should you kick the bottom of the ocean you soon know about it. The water gets so murky around you can’t see and in a very short time you don’t know which way is up. That was a little bit like my first years of Internet marketing I didn’t know which end was up.

Excuse my language here, but eventually I learnt to stop kicking the shit out of the bottom. I realised that by doing this in Internet marketing I was wasting my time trying to sell hundreds of products with a $10 profit for each one.Eventually the penny dawned that I could actually promote high-end products that would give me roundabout a hundred dollars minimum profit.

Again it was Sarah you taught me how to do this, she quite literally pick me up, shook the dust of the bottom of the ocean to my swimsuit and knock some sense into me.I followed her training programme to the letter. I refuse to be diverted or think I could do it better. She had already proved to me that at the time she was way making well over $10,000 a week. Today she makes much much more than that but at the time that was about accurate.

Once I started putting her strategies into place all of my Internet marketing fell into place. Suddenly I realised that I could play with the big boys it wasn’t an exclusive club that I was excluded from. All I had to do was copy what Sarah did, in  Internet marketing – don’t reinvent the wheel!